25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

Are you in search of the most effective Sims 4 body mods to make your Sims experience more enjoyable?

Then you’re in right spot!

You don’t have to spend your time searching the internet for ideas since I’ve already made that decision for you.

In this post I’ve compiled an extensive list of the most innovative and interesting body modifications you can make for your Sims.

However, before you do that, you might consider reading the Mega Guide to Mods and Custom Content to The Sims 4 to get a comprehensive guide to be aware of The Sims 4 Mods and Custom Content.

Modifications to the body are intended to alter the look of your Sims body for example an enlarged body or the appearance of a baby bump.

It is important to note that the Sims 4 is constantly updated with new features and content.

One reason to install them is to give your Sims look like you.

There are many body modifications and ccs available, it is easy to find something that fits your style.

The following are must-have body modifications for Sims 4.

Sims 4 – from skins to hair sets, eye piercings, eyes and much more.


25. New Skins For Your Sims And Alien Set

This list starts with a fantastic skins pack to look through!

The brand new skins available for your Sims as well as Aliens Set is a useful mod for those who love different and exceptional skin tones.

Kitty259’s mod includes 54 brand new skin tones that can be used by all kind of Sims or aliens teenager or older.

With over 250,000 downloads for the mod on Mod The Sims, the new skins you can download are available for both the Sims as well as Alien Sets are among the most requested mods available for The Sims 4 in this area.

It certainly deserves your attention.

24. Whisper Eyes Package

tumblr 2667608a57326f8c90a1291b18599a00 f700b2bd 1280 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

Let’s move on to an even more realistic mod that is the Whisper Eyes package.

The mod was created by Kellyhb5 and is definitely one you must check out.

It is awe-inspiringly cute eyes for any type of Sim that includes children.

It’s nothing more than the basic game, therefore you don’t require any additional DLCs to play it.

They are available in three versions: default, non default , and contacts.

23. Piercings Set

MTS necrodog 1486139 piercings all 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

This set is designed perfect for you who aren’t able to get enough gorgeous accessory sets for urban Sims.

For those who are looking for something unique, you should consider the Piercings Set designed by Necrodog is certainly one you must consider considering as it comes with several cool tattoos and piercings.

They’re all male-specific and look stunning in game.

You must take a look!

We also suggest that you look into various Sim nose and piercings here.

22. Bigger Chest Set Body Mod For The Sims 4

MTS linkster123 1809011 11 18 18 1 20 30AM 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

Do you want to have a more athletic Sim?

Take the look at this mod and make modifications to the body parts of your character!

The Bigger Chest Set is a beneficial addition for you since it lets you make your Sim appear as Arnold Schwarzenegger and show off their muscles.

Linkster123’s Bigger Chest Set adds a set of muscle sets that have been modified specifically designed for male Sims.

It will change the way your male Sims appear more real, particularly the ones who are interested in sports.

21. Hair For Toddlers Package

MTS Birksche 1671926 curlszus 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

An opportunity to expand the hairstyle options for toddlers is something that was never present in The Sims 4.

This is a full set of hairstyles for toddlers that you’ll love.

From messy hairstyles to cute and short ones.

This kit includes everything you need to make your child unique!

Don’t be afraid to test it!

20. Skintones in Sims 4 Body Mod Set

MTS Kitty259 1714325 ThumbnailOfficial 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

I’m living with a truth that I will never forget that there aren’t enough skins available in Sims 4!

This is why I’m not able to resist recommending you the six Skintones in Sims 4 Body Mod Set from Kitty259.

The pack includes a number of brand new skin tones in the gaming.

There are soft tones and hard tones.

It’s your choice to select the right tone to suit your Sim.

19 Simlish Clubmaster Glasses Set

MTS tamo 1644461 tamo TS4 CM 001 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

For all the geeky female gamers, the Simlish Clubmaster Glasses Set from Tamo offers cool eyeglasses suitable for everyone of all age groups and genders.

It’s also one of the best body modifications on Sims 4 that I’ve ever installed for myself.

This pack comes with a lot of fashionable eyeglasses that you can use with your Sims.

There are regular glasses that you can wear for casual occasions.

There are many options for customizations of sunglasses.

There are brown, black, blue, red, and many more colours for glasses.

It’s awesome!

Don’t forget to turn on CC in the game settings.

18. Thong Underwear Set

MTS KisaFayd 1496477 a 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

In the case of undergarments, the Sims 4 has almost no options for customization.

It’s impossible to wear our Sims underwear the way we’d like, but CC can aid us.

This gorgeous Thong underwear Set from KisaFayd is an excellent illustration of this!

It is a customized thong that comes in a variety of variations and shades.

You can select the one that is most appropriate for your Sims.

17. Smooth Hair Set in Sims 4 Body Mod

MTS Xalder 1585248 SmoothASF MTSPreview 1 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

We can confidently say that Electronic Arts have not put enough effort into hair choices in the basic game of male Sims.

They’re not excellent.

The best way to remedy it, is by downloading this top premium custom content!

Its Smooth Hair Set adds an amazing and attractive haircut for male Sims in the games.

It adds character for our Sims and also makes them appear more attractive.

It’s available in a variety of colours , so you’ll discover the perfect one that suits your needs.

16. Dark Elf Skintones Set

MTS Notegain 1478228 main 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

Now let’s get to something more amazing.

It gives you additional options when it comes to the shop to make fantastical creatures.

The Dark Elf Skintones Set is an excellent addition to all fantasy enthusiasts that are around.

This mod comes with nine skin tones designed for elves and various other creatures of the imagination.

The skin tones appear very well in the game and look very natural on the Sims.

Do not be afraid to test these out!

15. Plumbots From TS3 Set

MTS Esmeralda 1526906 4xlaurentop4xsaratop 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

If you’re a fan of sci-fi, you’ll definitely enjoy this body-like alien preset.

It’s a set of robots for our Sims.

It basically turns the Sim into a robot but with tons of personalization.

You can, for instance, select the shape of your robot head.

Also, you can choose the form for your body’s upper part.

You can also pick colours for each part of your body.

Overall, the pack is an excellent body mod if you’re looking to try out CC on Sims 4 and it comes with a variety of colours and textures to pick from.

14. Sims 4 Body Hair Set Mod

MTS castor 1811087 ingame1 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

Have you ever thought about how you can make your Sim appear more masculine?

If so you’re in the right place.

Body Hair Set is the best option for you.

The mod was created by Castor.

It adds body hairs to the male Sims.

There are a variety of options to add body hair based on how hairy your male Sims is.

You can choose to add some body hair or even an entire love carpet.

The option is yours!

13. Afterglow Skin Mod

MTS kellyhb5 1713968 MTSAfterglowSkin3 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

The Afterglow Skin mod by Kellyhb5 will add a fresh and cool energy in your Sim.

It’s a far more realistic skin choice to the Sims and I highly recommend this mod.

It’s compatible with any Sim you make, particularly if you do not use any other skin body mods to your Sims 4.

The good thing is that it can be used on any kind of body to choose from, be it for your teenage or older Sims.

Therefore, if you’re looking to have a full body-covering it is the one to buy.

You may also look over it out on Afterglow Skin on YouTube prior to downloading it.

12. Strawberry Blonde’ Hair Color Mod

16495366372 e2875a48d7 c 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

It’s the Strawberry Blonde’ Hair Color Mod by Kellyhb5 which provides one of the most stunning hair shades in Sims 4.

This is not just the most delicate shade that looks stunning on screen, but it is a distinct shade that townies and NPCs don’t have.

Strawberry hair is an interesting mix between blonde and pink.

I am in love with it!

Use the link below to look it up in full detail and then make the download.

11. Glass Wings For All Ages Mod

MTS Esmeralda 1479823 CASx9solid 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

Who wouldn’t love to have a pair or butterfly wings, right?

At this point, Sims 4 hasn’t added anything like the Sims games and there’s certainly no wings to choose from and that’s not even for fantasy races.

So the Esmeralda’s Glass Wings for all Ages Mod offers recolourable glass wings that are suitable for males as well as females from toddlers up to senior citizens.

Glass wings can vary in form and style as well, making them enjoyable to play with.

10. Dreamy Eyes Mod

MTS kellyhb5 1688994 HeterochromiaDreamyV2MTS 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

The eyes are a disappointing feature in the menu for CAS of Sims 4.

In simple terms, we cannot make the ideal eyes to match the game’s Sims without mods or custom content.

Therefore, I strongly suggest installing Dreamy Eyes mod by Kellyhb5.

In addition to the obvious enhancement in the quality of the appearance of your eyes, you’ll be able to have eyes that are heterochromia with this mod.

This means you can choose different colours for your Sims eyes.


We recommend using flawless lipstick mods for this.

9. Curly Ponytail For Girls Mod

a94868d0409b8287ff7f54648afe36bf 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

It’s true that there will not be enough hairstyles for our Sims!

Here’s an excellent example of how a single hairstyle can completely alter the appearance of your Sim.

This adorable curly ponytail makes an excellent hairstyle for female Sims regardless of whether they’re kids or adults.

It’s soft, cute and adorable!

8. 3D Eyelashes in Sims Body Mod

ruby and sapphire 3d lashes 1160x653 1 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

There are numerous mods and eyelashes for Sims 4 already on the internet.

What makes this CC pack unique is the fact that the eyelashes appear actually made in 3D!

The 3D eyelashes appear more real.

They’ve improved the appearance in every Sim I’ve made using them, which is why I would highly recommend using it!

7. Sweet Bod Preset

a4fa2eb81a2e230b73a1e1435b916bac 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

If you’re not a fan of body-shaming, I would highly recommend downloading the realistic mods for your body.

It’s a real-life body style for female Sims and can truly enhance their physical appearance.

Instead of making slim and big Sims using CAS, this set of presets can provide you with something in-between that looks stunning.

The installation process is simple.

6. Height Slider in Sims 4 Body Mod

c9874fe15b19322499c2dc0860b710f8 the sims sims 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

We’re always looking for body sliders and now we have the option of height adjustment.

This option wasn’t available for Sims 4 since the start of the game.

However, thanks to this amazing mod for CAS by Lumia, players are now able to modify their Sims longer or taller.

To make use of it, just click and drag your Sim’s neck while in CAS mode in order to alter the height.

5. Face Slider in Sims 4 Body Mod

fdpfcf1sq2n41 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

Another essential Body Mods Slider is The best face slider available for Sims 4!

This is a great extension that lets you create realistic-looking faces using the CAS.

It’s basically a method to personalize the appearance of your Sim’s face by moving with your cursor left or right.

I’m sure you’ll find this program to be extremely useful.

4. Breast Slider in Sims 4 Body Mod

MTS CmarNYC 1774103 BreastSeparationSlider 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

the breast slider is another essential body modification for Sims 4.

It lets you move your sim’s body upwards or downwards and then set them in the correct position on their body.

You can also alter the size of your sim’s breasts.

This mod lets you alter the size and shape of your Sims chests in Sims 4!

3. Shoulder Slider in Sims 4 Body Mod

MTS Hellfrozeover 1774204 shoulderslide 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

It’s a similar tool to the other sliders in Sims 4 and it focuses exclusively on shoulders.

It lets you move your Sims shoulders left or right, up or down, in order to either increase them or decrease them or place them in the right place.

It’s a must to use this mod by an avid slider player!

2. Pointed Ears in Sims 4 Body Mod

MTS CmarNYC 1701006 Ears1 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

We have the pointed-ear slider which is one of the most enjoyable tools I’ve used in the game.

It’s an application that allows users to move their pointed ears upwards, downwards to the left, right or left.

This allows you to create an extremely attractive elf with the Sims 4 so, I absolutely recommend it!

1. Butt Slider in Sims 4 Body Mod

tumblr be60fb3124c115703e122ab76a9aa099 bd550946 1280 25 Best Sims 4 Body Mods

slider for the butt is another indispensable device to use in Sims 4.

It is a great option to change in the dimensions of our Sims butts.

Additionally, it allows us to alter the shape of their body, so it’s an ideal device for games!

I would recommend this mod if you’re looking to emphasize your sim’s waistline and add a bit of authenticity for your gaming.

The Final Words

One of the latest features added to the game is that you can alter your character while they’re being developed.

Players are able to select different body types that can be modified to ensure they are more corresponding to their physical shape using sliders.

You can also pick the colour for skin tone you wish your character to wear as well as hairstyles and the colour of your eyes, hair colour and shape, nose size, etc.

We have compiled a guide to the best body mods available for Sims 4!

We hope you enjoyed it.

Make sure to look through related content to see more incredible Mods to the Sims 4.

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