Plus-Sized Elf Anime Unveils More Cast Members

The anime is set to premiere this year. Ayasa Itō portrays the character Elfuda in the anime ‘Plus-Sized Elf.’

It debuted on Wani Books’ Comic Gum website in December 2016, with the seventh compiled book volume hitting the shelves in October 2020.

The manga took a break for about six months, starting in May 2021, to switch publishers to Akita Shoten.

It later returned to Akita Shoten’s Dokodemo Young Champion magazine in October 2021 and concluded shortly after.

Akita Shoten then released the eighth volume of the series in November 2021.

Akita Shoten started re-releasing the initial seven volumes of the original manga in June 2022.

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Plus-Sized Elf describes the story:

Naoe-kun, a massage therapist, is ready to call it a day when he’s unexpectedly assigned a unique patient.

This enchanting woman possesses emerald eyes and pointy ears and was raised in the forest; everything about her exudes an elf-like aura, except for one striking feature: her stunning physique. She discovered a new world, but her love for junk food has become a problem.

Can Naoe-kun assist this adorable elf girl in achieving her weight loss goals and maintaining them?

In addition, the company is launching fresh editions of the manga featuring brand new covers.

Synecdoche released Plus-Sized Elf: Second Helping (Shin Plus-Sized Elf) on LINE Manga in November 2021 as a continuation of the original Plus-Sized Elf manga.

On January 26, Akita Shoten released the third volume of the manga’s compiled book.

The English release of the manga is also being published by Seven Seas.

Source: Twitter account of the Plus-Sized Elf anime

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