One Piece World Map

One Piece World Map Navigation Explained!

The One Piece World is full of mysteries and adventure.

The Red Line and the Grand Line divide the One Piece world into 4 seas, the 4 Blues: East Blue, West Blue, North Blue and South Blue.

The Red Line

one piece map The Red Line

The Red Line is basically a gigantic red mountain that soars very high up.

It runs perpendicular to the Grand Line all the way across the globe and houses a lot of the major locations of the series.

The Red Line is a giant obstacle and can be crossed either by using the Red Port which is controlled by the World Government or by going through the hole in it which is now the Fishman Island.

Reverse Mountain

One Piece World Map

One of the few entrances to the Grand Line, the Reverse Mountain is one of the narrow creeks of the Red Line.

Waters from all the different blues collectively climbs up to empty into the Grand Line.

Marie Joise or Mary Geoise

Marie Joise

This city houses the Pangaea Castle where the World Government meets and functions and houses the 5 Gorosei and the seat of the ruler of the World and is known as the Domain of Gods which is home to the Celestial Dragons and their slaves.

The Grand Line

The Grand Line

A straight strait that has one of the most turbulent weather conditions and is known as the most difficult sea to navigate.

The cyclones, snowfall are random obviously but the Grand Line also has a lot of phenomena which involves seemingly impossible happenings like the sea splitting into two, giant galleon ship sized rain drops, constant lightning raining down and so on.



The first half of the Grand Line is the sea that is riddled with different kinds of islands.

It is home to islands like Cactus Island, Little Garden, Holliday Island, Drum Island, Alabasta, Jaya, Florian Triangle, Sabaod Archipelago, Momoiro Island, Boin Island, Kuraigana Island, Boyn Island and so many more that remain unexplored.

This half is supposed to be “a paradise” as compared to the New World which starts on the second half of the Grand Line.

This patch starts at the Reverse Mountain and ends at Sabaody Archipelago.

The log pose used to navigate here has only one needle.

New World

New World

The New World of the Grand Line is the second half of it. It is crazy and common sense doesn’t work here at all.

One also has to use a log pose that has three needles since an Island existing and suddenly disappearing due to some reason often happens in this part.

It is the true challenge of the Grand Line and is the place one needs to conquer and navigate to become the Pirate King.

This patch starts with the Sabaody Archipelago and end as Lodestar Island which is the last island of the Grand Line, after which comes Reverse Mountain again.

Calm Belt

Calm Belt

The reason why the Grand Line is so isolated and can’t be entered from anywhere other than Reverse Mountain is due to the existence of the Calm Belts.

These water straits surprisingly never have any wind or waves and any ship that goes into the Calm Belt can often never get out.

These belts serve as breeding grounds for the biggest species of Sea Kings that devour any ship that dare to bother them.

The Calm Belts do have Islands like the Maiden Island Amazon Lily, Ruskaina Island and is the most famous housing the Great Prison Ipel Down.

The 4 Blues

The 4 Blues

The One Piece world has the four seas which is where most people reside.

The East Blue is considered as the weakest Blue due to the lack of a strong nation ruling it and it instead being independent islands like Conomi Island having places like Arlong Park, Cooyashi Village and Gosa Village, Dawn Island having the Goa Kingdom and Yotsuba Islands having Shell Town.

The West Blue is one of the most chaotic places there is.

The now non-existent land of Ohara was located here along with notable places like Thriller Bark that later floated into the Florian Triangle, Illusia Kingdom ruled by Thalassa Lucas who was shown attending the Reverie.

The North Blue’s most significant contribution to the series is the Germa Kingdom.

They are known throughout the world for their advanced scientific technologies and research.

The Rubeck Island along with the neighboring Minion and Swallow Islands were involved in a trade deal regarding the Ope Ope No Mi which is now used by Trafalgar Law.

The most significant contribution that the South Blue has made to the series is the Torino Kingdom or Bird Kingdom.

This Kingdom housed Chopper throughout the timeskip and also helped advance his medical knowledge significantly. It also houses the Baterilla Island where Ace was born.

The Sky Ocean

The Sky Ocean

This is the sea in the ocean, which is made out of clouds. It is also known as the White-White Sea.

This sea has Islands floating in it made out of “Island Clouds” or “Shima-gumo” which is made when Pyrobloin, a compound of Kairoseki or Sea Prism Stone interacts with the clouds.

The Moon:

The One Piece world is speculated to have 6 moons, but we have confirmed information regarding only 1 which Enel refers to as “Fairy Vearth” or “Endless Earth”.

The name indicated that this moon likely has no water body at all. Enel did befriend aliens on this moon who were shown to have wings like the Skypieans.