Luffy vs Kaido

One Piece Anime Reveals Luffy vs Kaido’s Result

One Piece dropped its biggest episode of the Wano Country arc to date earlier today, and it’s safe to say that the fans were blown away by it, just like Luffy himself.

The previous episode saw Monkey D. Luffy and Kaido begin their fight, and we got to see the two clash intensely.

With Luffy having beaten Kaido to a pulp, it was inevitable for Kaido to respond. We got to see Kaido hit back in this week’s episode, and Luffy was simply blown away.

One Piece Episode 915 – Luffy vs Kaido Result

The episode made some interesting additions to the story, such as Luffy hitting Kaido with a King Kong Gun as well.

The Yonko didn’t even budge from Luffy’s strongest attack, which just goes to show that a Yonko is truly in a league of its own.

Nonetheless, in Luffy vs. Kaido, the episode was fantastic and surpassed last week’s episode by quite a decent margin.

We got to see an interesting fight between the two, and comparing it with the manga, it is clear that the anime was much more explosive and dynamic.

We’re looking forward to the next One Piece episode, which will likely see Luffy being thrown into prison and Wano Country Act 1 coming to a conclusion. We can’t wait for it!

Here’s the synopsis for One Piece: Luffy vs Kaido

One Piece is a manga by Eiichiro Oda, a famous mangaka from Japan. The manga began serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in 1997, and an anime adaptation began in 1999, two years later.

One Piece follows the story of Monkey D Luffy, a boy who aims to become the King of the Pirates.

Luffy accidentally eats a Devil Fruit that grants him a rubbery body in exchange for his ability to swim. Ten years later, Luffy sets off to sea to find his own crew and find the legendary treasure of the former Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, known as the One Piece.

How can Luffy beat Kaido?

In my opinion, two things will need to happen for Luffy to defeat Kaido:

Luffy vs Kaido

Devil’s Fruit Awakening

First If Luffy’s devil fruit awakens, he will quickly rise to the level of the Yonko. As strong as Kaido, even with gear four and Devil Fruit awakening?

I hardly believe it. If Kaido is stronger than Shanks, but Shanks is stronger than Big Mom, I believe in Luffy vs. Kaido. Luffy would be somewhere in strength between Big Mom and Kaido if his devil fruit awakened.

Secondly, what does gum gum-fruit awaken look like? It’s hard to say, but I think we can use Katakuri as the best example since his mochi mochi-fruit is certainly the closest to Luffy’s devil fruit abilities we’ve seen.

That said, turning the area around him into rubber probably accomplishes two important things that Luffy has had to overcome as a rubber human without it: first, being able to bounce around and use his inertia.

In Luffy vs. Kaid Luffy’s use of the natural environment has a significant drawback in that while he is rubber, he has to adjust his velocity to match the environment, which means he can’t fly into a wall at full speed without taking any damage (even if he takes very little), which would be completely negated should he be able to turn it into rubber.

As well as able to force himself further and faster in a bouncy environment, and since Luffy’s strength comes from being able to bend and stretch himself, it would exponentially increase the value and efficiency should he be able to control the environment to that effect as well.

Second, he had an uncanny ability to control his opponents. While the mochi mochi-fruit is sticky, its main benefit is that it can be relatively fluid.

The gum fruit would likely not turn things into a relatively pure liquid (or something edible, which is how Luffy was able to escape from the mochi fruit) in Luffy vs. Kaido.

Likewise, since Luffy can harden his rubber or change its consistency even without Haki, it seems like it would be a perfect defense and offense for Luffy to combat opponents he can’t defeat hand-to-hand.

What I mean by that is that Luffy will soon be able to punch someone into a wall that is much harder than stone, or punch them into a wall that slingshots them back to Luffy with increased force and into an unending cycle of hitting Luffy’s fists or feet with increasing momentum.

Furthermore, in Luffy vs. Kaido, if he simply must subdue his opponents, he will soon be able to build a rubber prison that can shrink and expand only at his will.

I think that will be essential to defeating Kaido, whose strength will not be able to overcome Luffy’s in traditional combat alone—Luffy will need to disarm Kaido, which building a rubber prison would accomplish.


If Luffy plans to take on Kaido, even with his devil fruit awoken, he won’t, in a million years, be able to defeat him without the op op-fruit. Why? Even if he could subdue or disarm Kaido, he would run out of stamina before he was able to beat Kaido.

Luffy’s stamina and strength seem to know no limit, while we’ve seen many times that Kaido’s strength seems to know no limit.

If he can subdue Kaido, Law will be able to upend him with his room and take his heart.

I wonder if Kaido needs to be killed in Luffy vs. Kaido. Kaido is an extremely powerful force, and even his generals are some of the most powerful characters in the One Piece universe. For Kaido to lose his heart would be enough.

I feel he would ultimately bow down to the one who can kill him because he has been unable to do it to himself thusly.

The law could simply give Kaido the ability to kill himself in exchange for him stepping down as a Yonko and giving up the pirate life.

He wouldn’t necessarily need to be arrested, just that he could end up living a normal life in Wano County, making amends for the harm he has caused.

I see this as a likely scenario because, while Kaido is brutally vicious, he doesn’t undervalue life.

This is something common among the Yonko. Even Big Mom, who is (aside from Blackbeard) the most nefarious of all the Yonko, wants to build a kingdom without discrimination.

I think if Kaido is ultimately defeated, he will come off his power trip and be willing to live as a normal human, making amends with those he has harmed.

After this, Luffy will simply need to beat up Big Mom and Shanks to have defeated all the Yonko.

Shanks seems to present the biggest challenge because I personally doubt even Law would be able to use his room effectively against him.

Shanks, like Whitebeard, is a very honorable and benevolent pirate who wouldn’t care to harm someone weaker than himself, who, even against Sakazuki, didn’t need to attack so much as simply stop his magma fruit with his haki-hardened sword.

It seems he would have easily been able to take down Akainu, who is generally agreed to have the most powerful devil fruit.

Beyond those two, Blackbeard presents Luffy’s greatest challenge, as he is able to negate Devil Fruit’s powers.

Blackbeard’s strength alone is very underwhelming, but his strength with two of the strongest devil fruit in the series makes him quite the adversary.

I imagine it will not be Luffy to defeat Blackbeard but either Sabo or Marco (Sabo, who has Ace’s will, or Marco, who has the biggest reason to seek revenge for his fallen captain), with the help of the Straw Hat Pirates.

As far as when this will happen, I feel it is probably within the next few hundred chapters.

Oda has been pretty fervent in presenting the Road Poneglyphs, as the Straw Hats were introduced to two of the four within 50 or so chapters, while the first Poneglyph was introduced within the first 202 chapters.

So the story is certainly progressing at a speed that seems to be increasing. The Yonko saga is likely the penultimate saga, with a final Raftel saga that ends the series.

As far as a timeline goes, it will definitely be more than five years, but I find it very hard to believe it will be another ten years.

At the most, I would imagine One Piece approaching but not exceeding 1500 chapters or 150 volumes.

Right now we are on the respective 94th volume and 948th chapter (as of July 12, 2019), so another 550 chapters would be 11/12 years, and I hardly believe Oda has any intention of extending One Piece that far, even if it’s close.

Further, and again, considering the pace of the story has been a lot more consolidated into addressing the bigger issues (unlike the pre-time skip, which only saw true relevance to the bigger story at Enie’s Lobby, Impel Down, and Marineford, save introducing the Straw Hats), the post-time-skip has already pinned Luffy against an admiral, a Shichibukai, and two Yonko, who are all, respectively (and aside from Mihawk, Doflamingo was certainly the strongest of the Shichibukai), the linchpins in Luffy’s voyage to Raftel.

I don’t think Elbaf or finding the final Road Poneglyph will take up as much volume in the overall story as say, defeating Shanks or Blackbeard will, but I definitely believe Shanks will come before Blackbeard but will come after Big Mom is defeated.

Luffy will need to awaken his devil fruit and work with Law to defeat Kaido. After that, I believe another 450 chapters exist in the One Piece series between Kaido’s defeat and Luffy reaching Raftel and finding One Piece.