Netflix is Streaming Dandadan TV Anime

The Netflix Anime X (formerly Twitter) account shared on Sunday that the television anime adaptation of Yukinobu Tatsu’s Dandadan “paranormal mystery battle & romantic comedy” manga will be available for streaming on Netflix worldwide in October.

The show is set to debut in October.

Dandadan: Cast

Shion Wakayama portrays Momo Ayase

Natsuki Hanae plays the role of Okarun, while Mayumi Tanaka portrays Turbo-Granny

Cast: Kazuya Nakai as Alien Serpo

Fūga Yamashiro is directing the anime at Science SARU, with Hiroshi Seko supervising and writing the series scripts.

Kensuke Ushio, known for scoring music for projects like Chainsaw Man, DEVILMAN crybaby, and Liz and the Blue Bird, is composing the music.

Naoyuki Onda, known for his work on Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway and Berserk: The Golden Age Arc, is in charge of character design.

Yoshimichi Kameda, who worked on Mob Psycho 100, is handling the design of aliens and supernatural entities.

Dandadan: Plot

Here’s a tale about Momo, a high school student with a lineage of spirit mediums, and her peer Okarun, who is obsessed with the occult. Following Momo’s intervention in saving Okarun from bullies, they engage in conversation.

However, a disagreement arises between them, as Momo believes in ghosts while denying the existence of aliens, and Okarun believes in aliens while denying the existence of ghosts.

Both Momo and Okarun set out to explore places that challenge their beliefs: an abandoned hospital with reported UFO sightings and a haunted tunnel.

Surprisingly, they experience intense paranormal events that are beyond understanding.

During these challenging situations, Momo discovers her latent abilities, while Okarun acquires a cursed power to confront these fresh threats! Does their love story begin as well!?

Get ready for an exciting tale of supernatural warfare and coming of age!

Tatsu serializes the manga on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ service, and the 13th volume was published on January 4.

The 14th volume of Dandadan will be shipped on April 4th.

On April 9, Viz Media will release the seventh volume of the manga in English.

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