My Time at Sandrock Updates February 2024

My Time at Sandrock’s latest hotfix, version, was released in February 2024, and Pathea Games has released the patch notes for it.

The latest patch for the Switch version of the life simulator was released, and this update is intended to fix a number of issues that have come up since then. This includes a problem with one of My Time at Sandrock’s romance options.

A January update for the Switch version of My Time at Sandrock added new quests, upgrades for the workshop, and other game features. Numerous bugs were fixed, and quality of life improvements were made, with the patch.

Including everything that had been released for the game up until December 2023, the update brought the Switch version of the game up to date with the PC version.

The latest hotfix for My Time at Sandrock’s patch notes were released by Pathea Games on Reddit today. Logan’s “True Love’s Treasure” quest, which would cause the game to freeze, was one of the main issues that has been fixed.

Gust and gathering points would float in the air during the “Eagle and the Storm” quest in My Time at Sandrock, but this problem has been fixed. It’s now windy and the resources are where they should be.

In the My Time at Sandrock patch, some other bugs were fixed. This includes a bug that made Unsuur look bald whenever he wore the Deputy Cap and a problem that made Matilda’s house disappear.

Finally, the issue with the social relationship UI has been fixed, and players can now scroll down to see all of My Time at Sandrock’s characters. Folks who own the Switch version of the game should enjoy it more as they build a life in Sandrock thanks to these fixes.

Players in My Time at Sandrock, the follow-up to the life simulation My Time at Portia, see themselves moving to the desert town of Sandrock as a new resident.

The game takes place after something terrible happened that destroyed society and left the survivors to rebuild it. When playing My Time at Sandrock, players will spend their days crafting, gathering resources, farming, and doing many other things.

Additionally, gamers will be able to explore the deserts surrounding the town and fight a variety of enemies in fluid battles.

Aside from that, there are 21 love interests to pursue. Each one has a number of quests that can be completed to advance their relationship standing. Additionally, players can present these characters with gifts and plan dates with them to strengthen their relationship.

The game will soon have a number of new features, including the ability to play cooperatively with other players. Many gamers are establishing a life for themselves in the desert thanks to the success of My Time at Sandrock.

My Time at Sandrock Patch Notes for Switch

  • Fixed the issue that caused players using the “True Love’s Treasure” quest to experience a game freeze. Now that Logan is in the quest, players can move forward and see the treasure!
  • Troubleshooted the “Eagle and the Storm” quest where Gust would float in the air and gathering points were up in the sky. It is now possible to interact with gust and resources, which were previously blocking it.
  • Fixed the bug that made Matilda’s house disappear, which in turn made it harder to complete the main quest.
  • Players can now scroll down to see all characters thanks to a fix to the social relationship UI problem.
  • Unsuur’s bald appearance as a result of a bug was fixed while wearing the Deputy Cap. This is how the charming Deputy of the Civil Corp normally looks now.

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