Pokemon GO February 2024 Ditto Disguises

In Pokemon GO, players can catch a Ditto or a Shiny Ditto in the wild, but it’s very difficult to do so. Ditto’s powerful imitation ability lets it copy others’ appearances and attacks. Because of its unique ability, the Normal-type Pokemon is one of the most sought-after creatures.

Ditto is hard to find in the wild, but a few thin gs can help make it easier. The number of monsters Ditto can copy has been set by Pokemon GO developer. Players can use the restrictions to their advantage and only hunt for the right Pokemon, but they won’t know if it’s a Ditto until they beat the monster.

It’s also important to know that Niantic changes the lineup of Ditto disguises from time to time, so staying updated is recommended. This guide, then, looks at all the Pokemon that Ditto can change into in February 2024.

Every Ditto Disguise In Pokemon GO (February 2024)

ditto disguises and shiny ditto disguises in pokemon go Pokemon GO February 2024 Ditto Disguises

The Ditto disguises are occasionally changed by Niantic developers. Numerous monsters are available for Ditto to copy in February 2024.

Lucky Pokemon GO trainers might also encounter a Shiny Ditto, though there is no way to be sure. To catch up with its Shiny odds, players must encounter numerous Ditto. All of the possible options are listed below.

Ditto Disguises

One should be on the lookout for these spawns. If players get an “Oh?” prompt after catching it, the monster is a Ditto in disguise.

Pokemon GO: How To Increase The Odds Of Catching Ditto

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Players can increase their chances of catching a Ditto by encountering as many pocket monsters as possible, though catching one already has a 50/50 chance. Using Pokemon GO Lure Modules or an Incense in a PokeStop or Gym is the most effective way to accomplish this.

These items increase the number of Pokemon that appear on the world map, which results in more encounters and opportunities to find a Ditto.

In-game items like Incense and the Weather Boost function can also be used. Due to a higher spawn rate in partly cloudy weather, connect a Lure Module to a Pokemon GO PokeStop or Gym that has that weather, light an incense, and walk around that area.

Additionally, it is recommended to use the Daily Adventure Incense, an item that is given once a day and attracts Pokemon that aren’t normally seen in the wild. It works for 15 minutes.

Pokemon will continue to spawn for 15 minutes as long as the player in Pokemon GO keeps moving, which can lead to some rare catches.

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