Concord Reveals Monetization Details

Firewalk Studios, the company that is developing the upcoming team-based shooter Concord, has recently come forward to address the monetization of the game.

They have stated that all paid content is purely cosmetic and does not have any impact whatsoever on the gameplay.

At the time of launch, this indicates that all players of Concord will have access to the same core content, and they will also have the option to purchase cosmetics through digital transactions.

The upcoming hero-based shooter Concord pits teams of five against each other as a roster of various different “freegunners” with unique abilities.

The game is expected to be released in the near future. The game has been seen compared to other hero shooters like Overwatch; however, despite the fact that it appears to include microtransactions, the game is being released with a price tag of $40 rather than going the route of being free to play.

In a recent interview with Video Games Chronicle, Firewalk confirmed that the game will have a monetization structure that is comparable to that of Overwatch.

Specifically, the game will provide players with the opportunity to purchase skins and other cosmetic items at an additional cost.

Nevertheless, the director of Concord IP, Kim Kreines, has provided players with reassurance that the game will be feature-complete for all players at the time of launch.

He has directly confirmed that there will be sixteen characters, twelve maps, and six modes, with additional modes coming in the future at no additional cost.

Concord Will Have Microtransactions

Kreines also took the opportunity to discuss the contentious response to the announcement of the game, which failed to impress many fans due to the fact that the market for hero shooters that already exist is already extremely saturated.

Concord still has a lot of content that fans have not yet seen, which has reportedly been in the works for years, and the company is hopeful that it will help the game stand on its own against competitors like Valorant and Marvel Rivals.

The director of the game has disclosed that this content has been in the works for years.

Concord has a few unique features that help to set it apart from the competition, despite comparisons to Overwatch and even Guardians of the Galaxy due to its sci-fi aesthetic, roster of heroes, and 5v5 team composition.

For example, while characters have unique abilities, “ultimate” abilities appear to not exist at all, and players are able to construct buildings and structures that can be used for cover or traversal, in a manner that is somewhat comparable to Fortnite’s building mechanics.

Players will be able to carry over the class bonus of their previous character before respawning, which allows for a variety of possible builds and movesets to play around with.

Additionally, character switching is a little bit different as well. Rather than simply levelling up or purchasing new heroes, players in Concord unlock new heroes by rescuing them in-game, which adds them to their roster.

This is a new method of unlocking playable heroes, which is another new feature of the game.

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