10 Best Minecraft Boats & Ships Mods

There’s nothing quite like living on the waves of the ocean, in which you only have the wind and the sea to guide you and the blue sky as your final destination.

Unfortunately, besides the basic vanilla boats, there are not many choices for how to get into the water in Minecraft.

There’s nothing to see when you’re on the road, either!

There are so many amazing mods dedicated to making life better for Minecraft mariners from all over the world.

If you’re hoping to take pleasure with the romance that is the sea there are a plethora of awesome mods that are worth checking out.

10. Titanic Map

titanic mopd 10 Best Minecraft Boats & Ships Mods

Titanic Map 1.12.2, 1.12 for Minecraft is a map for building developed by SKOLION. 

The Minecraft map recreates one of the world’s most well-known ships in history, the Titanic. 

The model is constructed at a 1:1 scale, making it appear almost exactly like the real one. 

The creator has gathered a lot of sources to make them look as real as possible.

One of these can be found on the Titanic Deckplans site. 

Download the map by clicking the link below and take pleasure in this stunning design.

9. Archimedes Ships Mod

archimedes ship mod 10 Best Minecraft Boats & Ships Mods

Archimedes Ships Mod 1.12.2, 1.11.2 incorporates Minecraft additional blocks which assist players in the construction of their own warships! 

You can explore the oceans of the seven seas using your own custom-built frigate fleet rather than the typical vessel.

Original Minecraft offers players many types of vehicles: a ship like a wooden boat mine carts that travel along the railway, or a stunning horse that can walk for miles without even sweating. 

Transportation is a key element of Minecraft since the world of Minecraft is huge and vast and its Random Generation mechanism never stops providing interesting areas to explore which is why players have to be on the lookout for new adventures.

8. Boat Container Mod

boat container mod 10 Best Minecraft Boats & Ships Mods

Boat Container Mod 1.18.1, 1.17.1 introduces a new method, where players can carry their possessions across the ocean by placing their chests on boats. 

This method of transport allows base moving to be made easier, and from now on, players can swiftly transport all their belongings to the desired location with less effort than they did prior. 

The idea of converting your traditional boat to a container is an easy and straightforward idea however it’s very appealing and opens up a new avenue of transport.

7. Extra Boats

extra boats mod 10 Best Minecraft Boats & Ships Mods

Vanilla Minecraft vessels are fantastic however they could be improved.

There’s no storage available, they’re only able to handle a limited amount of space and don’t move that fast.

Here’s a solution to assist with all that.

Extra Boats introduces three brand new boat models for the boater who is discerning:

It’s the Boat with Chest – a boat with storage space onboard and is only used by one person at one time.

This is the Boat with Furnace – a single-entity vessel that can be powered by charcoal or coal to increase speed.

The large boat is a large-capacity vessel that can accommodate four people and that is less slow than a standard boat.

If you’re looking to incorporate things into your sailing excursions, make sure you test this idea.

The mod can also let you attach banners to your boat to create a beautiful sail, bringing a whole new dimension of customization to an already flexible game.

6. Islands

islands mod 10 Best Minecraft Boats & Ships Mods

“Islands” is a simple mod that adds a different World Generation type.

It is a particular case with the oceans, which have islands of different dimensions!

Although it isn’t directly connected to boats, his mod can be the perfect complement to any of the common boat mods that are listed on this list, since the one thing you don’t want to do after you’ve invested in your new vessel is to continue getting hit by the ground!

The mod keeps the diversity of Minecraft’s vanilla biomes.

With every island surrounded by endless oceans, it is necessary to sail more often to locate the most difficult sources.

5. Just a Raft

just a raft mod 10 Best Minecraft Boats & Ships Mods

The large, fancy ships are fantastic, and they are all.

What happens if you’re trying to play a role as an insignificant castaway on an island?

If you like the modern look that some pieces of wood joined to form a floating object offer?

What if you wanted a raft?

As the name implies the mod adds six rafts of the basic type for Minecraft (one for each type of vanilla wood).

Each of them can be easily created by combining three pieces of wood with string.

It doesn’t matter if you want to follow the steps of Tom Hanks’ Cast Away, or if you’re just not a fan of being a part of your own boat Just A Raft has everything covered.

4. Pirates Mod

pirates mod 10 Best Minecraft Boats & Ships Mods

Pirates are possibly one of the easiest mod titles I’ve seen.

Mods that add ghost pirates and pirates as ghosts into the game, and also an assortment of items with pirate themes.

While regular pirates can be seen all the time on their vessels, ghost pirates solely go out at night on their semi-transparent ghost boats.

The two types should not be crossed lightly, you’ll need to fight hard for their treasure!

The items added to the block include ship-related components like wooden rails as well as climbable ratlines (rigging) as well as movable bells for ships, cannons, customized telescopes, as well as barrels of rum as well as the boat sling, which can pull rowboats from the water to allow simple board.

This mod is suitable for Davinci’s vessels and offers new exciting methods to build your own vessel.

3. Small Ships

small ship mod 10 Best Minecraft Boats & Ships Mods

Contrary to the title, Small Ships is a mod with big goals.

This brings 7 craftable, mobile vessels from the Age of Sail.

It ranges from a 2-person rowboat that is an elegant alternative to the traditional Minecraft boat and all the way into the sixteen-entry War Galley.

You’ll also find ships such as the Cog as well as the normal Galley, Drakkar, Brig, and Dhow.

The addition of a huge 22-entity three-masted bark is scheduled for future editions of the mod (as of the time of writing).

Additionally, it allows players to have to customize their experience in addition to ships now able of flying custom flags with banners.

All ships can be built with any vanilla wood type and Small Ships also offers support for wood types created by other mods, specifically Biomes of LotsEnvironmental, and Lord of the Rings Mod: Refreshed.

2. Pirates & Looters Mod

pirates and looter mod 10 Best Minecraft Boats & Ships Mods

Oh, scurvy dogs.

You’ve probably got your dream new boat sitting on the shoreline. 

With this mod, you’ll have to face the toughest challenges the ocean has to bring!

Pirates & Looters adds new features to Minecraft’s oceans including pirate ships as well as desert islands, populated with new and more aggressive types of skeleton and villager mobs.

The new additions are, among them, the Castaway, Pirate Gunner, and Skeleton Bomber varieties, along with the hated Captain Agmair, the pirate lord, who has 250 health and can deal 19 points of damage for each hit.

It is possible that we will require certain combat modifications to aid us here…

However, Pirates & Looters also add the frightening Kraken creature. It is a massive tentacled boss that appears only in storms that hit the ocean.

Best of luck!

1. Davinci’s Vessels

davinci mod 10 Best Minecraft Boats & Ships Mods

Have you ever built the largest static ship you could in Minecraft and you wished that you could actually take it sailing around?

With Davinci’s Vessels, can!

This mod allows you to transform static blocks into real riding entities.

It’s important to note that this mod is the spiritual successor of the famous Archimedes Mod Ships.

It also introduces a new Helm block that is able to transform any static block-based ship into a fully controlled vessel.

It is easy to steer with the w-a-s-d keys.

This mod also includes balloon blocks that allow you to transform your normal ocean-going vessel into a real airship! In the event that you get tired of navigating through the Minecraft oceans, obviously.

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