15 Best Melee Weapons in Valheim

Any genuine Viking warrior knows that death is not the end, and Valheim exemplifies this.

It can be difficult to survive in the Norse wilderness while fighting against chaos monsters, and to do so, you’ll need to get your hands on the greatest weapons for defeating your foes.

The majority of weaponry needs to be made, and doing so enables you to fight more powerful adversaries.

A wide variety of weapons are available for any playstyle in the punishing block and parrying combat system.

You must be prepared to fight monsters because summoning ancient and hazardous bosses is the main way to advance in the game.

15. Blackmetal Sword

Valheim sword 2 15 Best Melee Weapons in Valheim

The Blackmetal Sword currently possesses Valheim’s highest base slash damage of any weapon.

It is undoubtedly a good weapon that can do respectable damage to all adversaries.

But no mobs are currently vulnerable to slashing damage.

While the Blackmetal Sword will serve you well enough, the following two choices are necessary for maximum effectiveness.

14. Blackmetal Atgeir

blackmetal atgeir 15 Best Melee Weapons in Valheim

Excellent for players who are aggressive and don’t want to waste time parrying to save HP.

The Blackmetal Atgeir excels at taking out groups of adversaries and has the highest base damage of any weapon in the game.

All foes in your near vicinity will take a significant amount of damage from its big swipe when you use its middle-click ability.

It is less popular among players because it is two-handed and grants a 10% movement speed advantage.

13. A flint knife

Flint Skinning Knife 1 15 Best Melee Weapons in Valheim

The flint knife may be incredibly deadly in the early phases of the Valheim because all blades in that world have a 10x backstab multiplier.

This weapon’s primary attacks each deal 60 slash damage and 60 pierce damage when used properly.

12. The bronze sword

bronze weapons welcome 15 Best Melee Weapons in Valheim

The Bronze sword, as you might have guessed, is fashioned of bronze, taking you back to the Bronze Age.

You will need a forge and several resources to make this sword. Before you may make the Bronze sword, you must collect 2 pieces of wood, 15 pieces of copper, and 4 tin.

Swords are the lightest weapons and have the lowest stamina requirements.

This, along with the fact that they don’t slow you down while you run, makes them a fantastic choice for a character who moves around a lot.

Sadly, this results in less effective blocking and parrying abilities. Slashes from the Bronze sword do 35 damage and have a 200 durability rating.

11. Bronze Mace

valheim weapon hero 15 Best Melee Weapons in Valheim

The Bronze Mace is a blunt weapon that, when used to effectively parry an opposing blow, increases stagger damage. You’ll need to preheat the forge to create this mace.

To make the Metal Mace, you must place 3 pieces of leather, 4 pieces of wood, and 8 pieces of bronze in it.

This “headache on a stick” has a 200 durability, and in addition to its increased knockback, it is also capable of inflicting 35 damage.

The Bronze Mace’s drawback is that it reduces your movement speed by 5% while in your possession. The advantage is that a mace is an ideal weapon for hitting someone in the face.

10. Iron Sledge

iron sledge 15 Best Melee Weapons in Valheim

Heavy crafting requirements; it’ll undoubtedly take some time for you to create an Iron Sledge.

Such a sizable knock-back boost is ideal for dealing with hordes of bothersome hordes like Draugr and Filings.

I urge you to get this weapon before engaging Bone mass.

The boss summons Blobs to battle alongside him and is vulnerable to blunt damage.

The Blobs will be dispatched quickly, and Bonemass will also receive some great damage from an Iron Sledge.

9. Fang Spear

FANG SPEAR 15 Best Melee Weapons in Valheim

The finest spear in the game right now, and it costs relatively little to make and improve.

Additionally, this weapon can be thrown, has a good range, and requires little stamina to use.

It is a flexible weapon that can be used as your primary weapon for a while or to finish off fleeing foes.

8. Battleaxe

Valheim best weapons blackmetal crafting 600x337 1 15 Best Melee Weapons in Valheim

It’s certainly not too difficult to guess where the term “Skullsplitter”—another affectionate moniker for the Battleaxe—came from. It is a two-handed weapon designed specifically to slay Greydwarves and fallen trees.

You will need a forge, along with 30 pieces of ancient bark, 35 pieces of iron, and 4 pieces of scrap leather to make this axe.

The Skullspliter can perform a variety of attacks, including a sweeping strike that hits all foes from all sides, a swift backhand strike, an overhead smash, and lastly a swift forward stab.

It has 200 durability and provides different amounts of damage depending on your attack strategy.

7. Iron Longsword

valheim weapons best hammer 15 Best Melee Weapons in Valheim

A more advanced variant of the bronze longsword, the iron longsword may have Valheim’s coolest caption.

The caption reads, “The edge of this sword runs along the straight line between life and death.”

If you’re not satisfied with that level of metal, you could be thrilled by the 55 damage this blade can inflict.

You’ll need a forge, along with 2 wood, 20 iron, and 20 leather scraps, to make the Iron longsword.

The bronze sword and won’t slow you down while you run, similarly. Additionally, as the Iron Longsword is a one-handed weapon, carrying a shield is an option when engaging in combat.

6. Stagbreaker

Valheim best weapons Black Forest enemies 600x337 1 15 Best Melee Weapons in Valheim

The Stagbreaker is a huge two-handed hammer with the ability to instantly deal AoE damage.

This makes it very appealing for eliminating many adversaries at once. The Stagbreaker is thought to be Valheim’s top early-game weapon.

After beating Eikthyr and upgrading to a level 2 workshop, it becomes available. 20 Core Wood, 5 Deer Trophies, and 2 Leather Scraps were used in its construction.

Getting your hands on Stagbreaker is quite crucial because there aren’t many weapons that cause AoE damage.

With this in your hands, deer from every corner of the globe will run away from you more quickly than light!

5. The Blackmetal Knife

BLACKMETAL KNIFE 15 Best Melee Weapons in Valheim

Daggers in Valheim are ideal for stealth users because they have a low stamina cost per attack, a significant backstab benefit, and a quick strike speed.

With this knife, your initial attack will deal 420 bases backstab damage!

If the opening attack was a backstab, a full combo can do up to 546 damage and takes roughly 1.5 seconds to complete.

Of course, alternative weapons will be for you if you don’t enjoy being sneaky or dislike daggers’ naturally short range.

4. Silver Sword

SILVER SWORD 15 Best Melee Weapons in Valheim

Being that the Spirit Sword only affects undead monsters, it is excellent for fighting against them but deals extra Spirit damage.

You should use different weapons to combat undead mobs. Other than that, the Spirit Sword is the best tool in the game for taking on zombie monsters and hordes of enemies.

The asking price for a fully improved sword is extremely high—160 total Silver.

But who can predict what zombie enemies will be included in the future? Putting the Silver Sword in the battle condition is definitely worth the entire investment of the silver.

3. Blackmetal axe

BATTALMETAL 15 Best Melee Weapons in Valheim

The player can build the Blackmetal axe, the fourth axe available to them, at a level 4 forge, just like the Blackmetal knife. You will require 6 fine wood, 20 black metal bars, and 5 linen thread to make this axe.

The Blackmetal axe has 60 knockbacks and deals 95 damage. Axes have a slower windup and swing speed than swords or knives, but in exchange, you have a better chance of parrying and a stronger block.

It is well worth the effort to preserve this axe in good condition because it has 175 durability.

2. Porcupine

PORCUPINE 15 Best Melee Weapons in Valheim

The Porcupine is a lethal mace made of iron with devilish spikes that is just as prickly as the animal it is named after. It is made with 5 fine wood, 20 iron, 5 needles, and 10 linen thread at a level 4 forge.

The Porcupine is unique because it has 150 durability and deals both blunt and piercing damage.

The porcupine also possesses a 20-block power, 90 knockbacks, and a 2x parry bonus.

You must go to the plains biome and engage some Deathsquitos in a deathmatch before you may remove their needles from their faces to manufacture this.

With this wicked pointy mace, stick it back to them, or simply bash their heads in.

1. Frostner

FROSTNER 15 Best Melee Weapons in Valheim

A potent two-handed silver hammer with the ability to deal spirit, frost, and brutal damage is called the Frostner.

Before you may create this hammer, you must have a level 3 workbench, 10 old bark, 30 silver, 5 Ymir flesh, and 5 freeze glands.

You must kill some Drakes in the mountains to obtain Frostner. Haldor, a dealer who appears at random in the Black Forest, sells Ymir’s flesh.

This weapon has improved blocking, parrying, and knockback as a two-handed hammer.

Even while Frostner isn’t Mjolnir, it still makes a good friend and lethal weapon.

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