List of Pokémon Ash Has Caught in Order

Welcome, fellow Pokémon trainers!

Whether you’re a long-time fan of the series or just starting your Pokémon journey, there’s one name that resonates with us all—Ash Ketchum.

For over two decades, Ash has captivated our hearts and inspired us to embark on our own thrilling adventures.

In this article, we proudly present to you a comprehensive list of Pokémon that Ash has caught throughout his extraordinary journey.

Join us as we relive the excitement, the triumphs, and the cherished friendships that Ash has formed with these incredible creatures.

From the humble beginnings of Pallet Town to the grandest arenas, let’s dive into the captivating tale of Ash Ketchum’s Pokémon captures, all in their rightful order.

Get ready to be filled with nostalgia and admiration for this legendary trainer who never gives up and talk about List of Pokémon Ash Has Caught in Order.

List of Ash’s Pokemon

List of Pokémon Ash Has Caught in Order

Kanto and Orange Islands

  • Pikachu – Given. Not caught.
  • Caterpie – Caught. Released as a Butterfree.
  • Pidgeotto – Caught. Left in the wild as a Pidgeot
  • Bulbasaur – Caught.
  • Charmander – Caught. Joined Ash of his own will. Left to train. Rejoined and with Oak now.
  • Squirtle – Caught. Released back to the Squirtle Squad.
  • Krabby- Caught. With Prof. Oak as a Kingler
  • Raticate – Traded for Butterfree. Got back
  • Haunter – Joined Ash for fun. Left for Sabrina.
  • Primeape – Caught. Left for Fighting trainer.
  • Muk – Caught in the power plant.
  • Tauros – Caught in Safari Zone.
  • Lapras – Caught. Released with family.
  • Snorlax – Caught on Orange Island.


  • Heracross – Caught.
  • Chikorita – Caught. With Oak as a Bayleef
  • Cyndaquil – Caught. With Oak as a Quilava
  • Totodile – Caught
  • Shiny Noctowl – Caught
  • Beedrill – Caught in Bug Catching Contest. Released to Casey.
  • Phanpy – Hatched.. With Oak as a Donphan
  • Larvitar – Hatched. Released

Hoenn and Battle Frontier

  • Tailow – Caught. With Oak as a Swellow
  • Treecko – Caught. With Oak as Sceptile
  • Corphish – Caught
  • Torkoal – Caught
  • Snorunt – Caught. With Oak as a Glalie
  • Aipom – Caught. Traded to Dawn


  • Starly – Caught. With Oak as a Staraptor
  • Turtwig – Caught. With Oak as a Torterra
  • Chimchar – Caught. With Oak as an Infernape. Left Paul to join Ash, like Charmander
  • Buizel – Traded. From Dawn
  • Gligar – Caught. With Oak as a Gliscor
  • Gible – Caught


  • Pidove – Caught. With Oak as a Unfezant
  • Sewaddle – Caught. With Oak as a Leavanny
  • Roggenrola – Caught. With Oak as a Boldore
  • Palpitoad – Caught. With Oak
  • Scraggy- Hatched. With Oak
  • Oshawott – Given by Juniper. With Oak
  • Tepig – Another fire starter left by a trainer. Caught. With Oak as a Pignite.
  • Snivy – Caught! With Oak
  • Krokorok – Caught. With Oak as a Krookodile


  • Froakie – Caught. Released. With Squishy and Z2
  • Fletchling – Caught. With Oak as a Talonflame
  • Goomy – Caught. Left in the Wetlands
  • Noibat – Hatched. With Oak as a Noivern
  • Hawlucha – Caught. With Oak


  • Rowlet – Caught! Ash has caught his first pokemon in Alola.
  • Rockruff – Caught! In Alola as Lycanroc
  • Litten – Caught! in Alola as Incineroar.
  • Poipole – Caught! In ultra space. Came back as Naganadel for Pokémon league
  • Meltan. Caught! In Alola as Melmetal.


  • Dragonite – Caught! With Ash in various regions.
  • Gengar – Caught! With Ash in various regions
  • Riolu – Hatched! Given to Ash by Nurse Joy.
  • Farfetch’d – Caught! With Ash in various regions:

As we reach the end of our journey through the remarkable Pokémon captures of Ash Ketchum, we can’t help but feel a sense of awe and admiration for this extraordinary trainer.

From his very first Pokémon, Pikachu, to the countless species he has encountered along the way, Ash’s determination, bravery, and unwavering spirit have propelled him to new heights.

Through victories and defeats, Ash has taught us invaluable lessons about friendship, perseverance, and the power of never giving up on our dreams.

Each Pokémon he has caught represents a unique bond formed, a connection that transcends mere trainer and Pokémon.

As we bid farewell to this chronological list of Ash’s Pokémon catches, let us carry the memories of his incredible journey in our hearts.

Let us be inspired to embark on our own quests, capturing not only Pokémon but also unforgettable moments and experiences.

For the world of Pokémon is vast and ever-evolving, and our own adventures await.

So, fellow trainers, may your paths be filled with thrilling encounters, deep bonds, and the joy of exploration.

And remember, just like Ash Ketchum, with passion, determination, and the support of friends, you too can become a Pokémon Master. The journey begins now—let’s go catch ’em all!


How many Pokémon has Ash caught in total?

Ash has caught a total of 80 unique Pokémon throughout his journey as a Pokémon Trainer.

Which Pokémon was the first one Ash caught on his journey?

Ash’s very first Pokémon catch was a Pikachu. This iconic Electric-type Pokémon has been his loyal partner and best friend ever since.

Did Ash ever release or give away any of his caught Pokémon?

Yes, Ash has released or given away a few of his caught Pokémon over the course of his adventures. Some notable examples include releasing Butterfree to start a family with a pink Butterfree and giving away his Primeape to a Trainer who needed its help.

Were there any Legendary or Mythical Pokémon that Ash managed to catch?

While Ash has encountered numerous Legendary and Mythical Pokémon throughout his journeys, he has not captured any of them. These special Pokémon often have their own roles in the Pokémon world and are not typically caught by Trainers.

How did Ash’s Pokémon captures contribute to his progress as a Pokémon Trainer?

Ash’s Pokémon captures have played a crucial role in his growth as a Trainer. Each new Pokémon he catches brings unique abilities and strengths to his team, helping him overcome challenges and strategize in battles. Additionally, the bonds he forms with his Pokémon deepen his understanding of their individual personalities and strengths, enabling him to become a more skilled and compassionate Trainer.

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