Kingdom Hearts Announced for Steam

In June, Kingdom Hearts will be available on Steam. For a considerable amount of time, gamers have been clamouring for Kingdom Hearts to be available on a variety of platforms.

As technology has advanced, many have started to wonder if some of the most significant releases in the renowned series are still locked on outdated, less powerful systems, like the PS2.

Ahead of the series’ 2022 anniversary, Kingdom Hearts was announced for PC on the Epic Games Store in 2021. Later that year, cloud versions of the series were released for the Switch.

There seems to be plans for the Kingdom Hearts series that could happen very soon. Kingdom Hearts 4, which was officially announced with a trailer in April 2022, has been anticipated by fans since the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2019.

Due to the gameplay shown in the announcement trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4, some fans think the game may be further along in its development cycle than previously thought.

Recently, well-known leaker Daniel Ritchtman revealed that Kingdom Hearts 4 will release in 2025, which has gamers excited.

Through social media, the Kingdom Hearts series for Steam has been announced. Kingdom Hearts 3 and its Re Mind DLC, along with HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX and HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, are all scheduled to release on the well-known gaming platform on June 13.

Since many gamers prefer Steam over the Epic Games Store and have more of their games on Steam, many gamers have been requesting that the series be added to the platform.

With the switch to Steam, Square Enix is taking immediate action towards its declared goal of pursuing a multiplatform strategy with vigour.

While fans are happy to see Kingdom Hearts on new platforms, others are worried about the series’ current status. Updates for Kingdom Hearts 4 have been few since the game’s initial trailer, despite leaks suggesting a release by the following year.

In an attempt to prevent another 14-year wait, some fans have compared this to the previous instance of a break between numbered Kingdom Hearts releases.

Square Enix seems to be changing significantly as a business, even though the status of Kingdom Hearts 4 is unknown.

Kingdom Hearts on Steam Could Indicate Square Enix’s Next Plans

The company appears to be shifting its overall strategy for creating and selling games in light of the news that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and other Square Enix releases have underperformed.

The company’s intention to make safer decisions moving forward is evident from reports highlighting Square Enix’s reorganisation plans and multiplatform strategy.

This suggests that when Kingdom Hearts 4 does finally release, it might be available on even more platforms, like the upcoming Switch replacement.

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