How to Change Your Name Color in Modern Warfare 2?

The latest installment in the renowned series, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, was released worldwide on October 28th for players to try.

The game has wonderful graphics and realistic combat that make the experience very immersive for players. However, Modern Warfare 2 has encountered its fair share of issues since its worldwide release, including server connection errors, game crashes, and audio problems.

A lot of players who bought the game also complained about not being able to access it, and some of them were wrongfully banned from the game in just three days.

Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 has new features to offer, including a way to tune weapons and unlock camo in the game.

Certain players have colorful names in the lobby, which is one of the most obvious features you must have noticed.

You can also change the way your name looks in Modern Warfare 2, but it’s not a cheat or a hack.

Customizing player name color in Modern Warfare 2

The player should start by going to the settings menu and finding their account level in the far right corner. Here, players can change their clan tags, emblem, and calling card.

Clan tags are a fun way for a group of players to show their support for a team or enemies when they are teamed up.

Changing the color of the player name is still a way for players who don’t need a clan tag to use it. A number from zero to nine can be entered to select a color by using the up arrow () function.

Here are all the colors players can change their names to and the code they need:

All MW2 clan tag color codes

  • Black = ^0
  • Red = ^1
  • Green = ^2
  • Yellow = ^3
  • Dark Blue = ^4
  • Light Blue = ^5
  • Pink = ^6
  • White = ^7
  • Skye Blue = ^8
  • Dark Red = ^9

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