The Best FINN LMG loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone

Hey Gamers!!! As we all know Call of Duty: Warzone is truly a game that has brought about a revolution in the gaming industry in recent years.

The expansion of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has become incredibly popular among young players.

The Warzone community remains captivated by the regular season changes and updates, which keep them eagerly engaged.

Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone has fulfilled several promises, bringing excitement and satisfaction to players.

The Verdansk War Train makes its way around the map, and the Stadium is now accessible to players.

Season 5 reloaded introduced the FINN LMG, a powerful heavy weapon that is lightweight and fires rapidly.

It has minimal recoil and packs a punch. The Warzone meta is constantly evolving, just like the ever-changing interests of a growing adolescent. So, where does the FINN weapon stand in this ever-evolving landscape?

Call of Duty: Warzone – FINN LMG: Underbarrel Recoil Patterns 

Unlocking the newest weapon in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is by far the easiest task to yet. All you have to do is score a single melee kill with an LMG in seven separate matches.

It’s as simple as that! If you already have the base game, you’ll be able to easily master the FINN in just 10 minutes.Warzone exclusive players may need to exercise some patience, but playing an hour of Plunder should help them achieve their goal.

Once unlocked, players will be eager to level up this gun as quickly as possible to unleash its complete power. While it’s true that this applies to every other gun as well, the unique feature of the FINN is only accessible once you’ve obtained the final attachment.

Players have the exciting ability to transform the FINN into a smaller version of a Mini-Gun. The hip firing beast can be incredibly powerful in specific scenarios. Stay tuned for a detailed analysis of the build in the upcoming article.

Let’s take a closer look at the recoil pattern of the FINN and its underbarrel attachments. Just a reminder, the FINN used in this test always had a Monolithic suppressor and the Factory Adverse barrel attached.

The Mono is a must-have for any Warzone Loadout, and the Adverse barrels are responsible for the impressive fire rate of the FINN. The Factory Adverse provides a boost in fire rate, making it a valuable tool for controlling your shots.

The FINN LMG stands out from other weapons in the game due to its unique recoil pattern that only goes straight up. Other weapons, like the M4, tend to recoil upwards and towards the right.

One fascinating aspect of the FINN is the cluster of bullets that form at the top of its recoil pattern. These bullet holes are from the lower portion of the magazine, which holds around 35-40 bullets.

When the FINN reaches the highest point of its climb, it doesn’t continue to ascend, even if players start moving from side to side. How can that be put into practice in Warzone?

I’m not quite certain. Maybe it will be easier to eliminate approaching vehicles or an entire squad without ever releasing your finger from the trigger.

Is this a bug with the gun or is it meant to function this way? We’ll see what happens when the inevitable nerf hammer comes crashing down.

As demonstrated earlier, the Merc, Ranger, and Operator foregrips all exhibit reduced vertical recoil patterns while maintaining the same horizontal axis.

The Commando and Tactical foregrips are designed to reduce horizontal recoil, making it easier to control your weapon’s aim. So, if you want to make it easier for a child to understand, it’s important to use a foregrip that helps counteract any vertical recoil on a gun that doesn’t naturally kick horizontally.

All three options look quite similar, but the Merc seems to have a slight advantage. It’s a good idea for players to experiment and try different combinations to find what they feel most at ease with.

The Merc offers improved hip-fire accuracy, appealing to those who prefer a more intuitive shooting style. On the other hand, the Ranger excels in providing enhanced range, making it a reliable choice for those who prioritise long-distance engagements.

Finally, the Operator allows players to have improved recoil control while still maintaining a fast Aim Walking Speed. The Loadouts to follow used the Ranger foregrip according to the tester’s preference.

Call of Duty: Warzone – Best Loadouts for the FINN LMG 

FINN LMG – Close/Mid Range

Call of Duty: Warzone


  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • FTAC VC-8 Harrier Adverse Barrel – Increased rate of fire. Increased mobility.
  • Tac Laser


  • Player’s Choice Optic (Would recommend anything with a sold dot such as the VLK 3X)
  • Sleight of Hand – Fast Reload.

This build consists of two components that can be easily switched out. As an illustration, the iron sights on the FINN are visually appealing, so players have the option to replace the Optic with the 100 round mag, specifically the lightweight 5.56 Cased Telescoped rounds.

Unfortunately, this loadout does not include an underbarrel attachment.

Why not? As we mentioned earlier, the recoil pattern of the FINN is straight up. Victories and defeats in close quarters engagements often come down to the horizontal aspect.

When players aim for the chest, they will instinctively recoil upwards towards the head.

Understanding the distinction between life and Gulag hinges more on the ability to reload swiftly rather than mastering vertical recoil control.

Obviously, it’s important for players to avoid reloading their 100 round magazine in the middle of a battle. Players will have a blast combining this set with either a Sniper Rifle or Assault Rifle of their choice.

FINN LMG – Long Range 

09 MW FiNN LMG Unlock Firewall The Best FINN LMG loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone


  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • XRK LongShot Adverse Barrel – Increased Range & Control. Rapid Fire Rate.
  • Tac Laser
  • Vertical Compensating Foregrip (Ranger/Merc/Operator)


  • Player’s choice Optic (see above)

One drawback of the FINN’s rapid-fire feature is that its accuracy decreases significantly when shooting at long distances.

The gun is designed to excel in close to mid-range combat, setting it apart from its predecessor, the Bruen MK9. Of course, there may be instances where players are easily defeated by a skilled opponent from a long distance, but it’s important to remember that it’s the player’s skill, not the weapon’s fault.

Luckily, this Loadout will increase the FINN’s range while also keeping it effective in close quarters combat. The FINN has a hip-fire spread that is naturally tight, making it easier to hit targets without aiming down sights.

Even when players are caught off guard around a corner, they can still effortlessly eliminate their opponent and send them to the Gulag or back to the lobby.

On the other hand, the only part that can be easily changed in this setup is the Optic choice.

Players have the option to choose the lightweight 100 round belt instead of the suppressive fire capabilities that are guaranteed. No need for any fancy tricks with this setup, as the Long Range FINN is best used alongside an SMG or Assault rifle.

FINN LMG ChainSAW Loadouts

finn call of duty warzone 1 The Best FINN LMG loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone


  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • FTAC VC-8 Harrier Adverse (Close Range) OR XRK LongShot Adverse (Long Range)
  • XRK ChainSAW Stock


  • 100 Round Lightweight Mag
  • Tac Laser

At long last, the exciting new addition has arrived. Players will be able to unlock the ChainSAW Stock as the final attachment for the FINN LMG.

This will prevent the use of any underbarrel attachment and also make any optic useless (although players can still attach one). Adjusting the ChainSAW’s aim will reduce the spread when firing from the hip, giving it a rapid-fire effect similar to a mini-gun.

Players have the option to tap into their inner Terminator if they want, but using a mini-gun setup isn’t the most practical choice in Warzone.

While players may appear intimidating, their effectiveness decreases when faced with longer distances. In close quarters, they can be quite formidable, but their accuracy diminishes as the range expands.

Based on the recoil patterns provided, it seems that the variation between barrels is very small. As a result, players would be better off prioritising mobility and choosing the Harrier barrel.

While it is possible for anyone to harm someone who has their back turned, it is important to note that in intense gunfights, players should consider using the traditional aim-down-sights (ADS) technique instead of relying on hip-fire spraying and hoping for the best.

When it comes to navigating through small spaces like buildings or tight areas such as the Boneyard, Storage, or Quarry, the Tac Laser on the ChainSAW can be incredibly helpful. Players are incredibly powerful in those confined areas, capable of wreaking havoc and causing destruction.

On the other hand, when you’re outside, it can be quite challenging to spot the Tac Laser due to the bright sunlight or busy background. So, the ChainSAW is primarily used as an SMG and works best when paired with an Assault Rifle or Sniper.

What is the current position of the FINN in the Call of Duty: Warzone meta? Is it time for players to abandon their M4’s, Graus, and Bruens?

The FINN has earned its place in the upper weapons tier due to its impressive rate of fire, which sets it apart from other options and has led to varying opinions among players.

Nevertheless, experienced players who are adept at using traditional weapons will still present a formidable challenge. The FINN is not as essential to use as the Bruen was. It is incredibly powerful and will easily outperform any competition when used skillfully.

Understanding the intricacies of being a skilled player goes beyond just having good aim. It involves factors like positioning, effective communication, strategic planning, and flawless execution.

What lies ahead for the FINN? Exciting things are in store for the community as they eagerly anticipate future updates and seasons in Call of Duty: Warzone.

We appreciate your time and attention. Please feel free to leave a comment. Thank you.

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