How To Add More Traits Slots In Sims 4?

The process of creating a Sim within the menu CAS will always follow the same set of steps. 

We make the appearances and label our Sims with a name and identify them with attributes.

 While there are some amazing traits to be found within The Sims 4, many users feel they’re not enough. 

Particularly, simmers have problems with not being able to utilize all the traits they’d like. 

How do you get more traits slots for Sims 4?

We’re going to talk about it in this article!

In the beginning, there may be a myriad of reasons to increase the number of trait slots. 

This is particularly the case when you’re acquiring extra attributes from mods online and then discover that you’re not able to utilize the entire set. 

For us, there is a fix for this issue!

You can also add additional features to Sims 4 with this mod?

This is precisely the reason! By using this modification, you’ll get more slots and be able to utilize more characteristics for each Sim.

Let’s discuss the places one can get it and how to utilize it!

An Overview of the Sims 4 More Trait Slots Mod

The Sims 4 additional trait slots mod we’re talking about in this article can be described as more traits in the CAS

It was created by Thepancake1 as well as MizoreYukii the mod creators which we regularly feature on MOW.

Their More Traits mod is available only through the Patreon page, but is open to everyone!

Here is the link to download 2021 of the traits slots modification for The Sims 4!

If you’re struggling to locate the download buttons, simply scroll to the bottom of the main page. You’ll download these two files:



All you have to do is click them to begin the download!

How Does this Mod work?

It’s a simple process. Once you’re in the mode of CAS after you’ve installed this modification, you’ll find the addition of slots with traits. 

There are different age groups that will have different numbers of slots. These are the slots for all age categories!

  • Toddlers – 2 trait slots
  • Children – 3 trait slots
  • Teens – 4 trait slots
  • Young Adults – 5 trait slots
  • Adults – 5 trait slots
  • Elders – 5 trait slots

It is evident that adult Sims are now able to have up to five traits! This is amazing since it can improve a lot of aspects of the game.

You can make a scientist Sim who also enjoys music and is a lover of dogs. 

When in the standard game, you have to limit your choices to logic and the like, which often renders your Sim’s an uninteresting persona. This is how your Sims are more real!

Also, remember the fact that you don’t need to experience all five trait slots in this modification

If you decide to go with it one, you’ll only have to choose four traits for your Sim and just leave them alone. 

The game will not add an unrelated one automatically for you.

This is the benefit you’ll get by using this update! 

The best aspect is that it’s compatible with the base game and it doesn’t require specific software to use it. 

It’s also compatible with the majority of other trait extensions available We highly recommend it.

This is all you need to know about this mod that will add more trait slots to Sims 4!

Final Words

As you will see, the option to play with five trait slots instead of just three will have a significant influence on the way your Sims will behave within the game. 

It’s just to the good! 

It’s a massive improvement and we appreciate what these two genius creators have created in this regard. 

Thanks to their efforts the Sims now have a complete personality!

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