Guide To Use Remove Buff Cheat in The Sims 4

Unfortunately, we have some disappointing news for you if you’re seeking to remove buff cheats from your sims.

In 2018, EA made the decision to disable the cheat code due to concerns about its potential to cause irreparable damage to the game.

We have some alternative methods for debuffing your sims that we would like to share with you. So, please continue reading!

There are several reasons why you might consider removing buffs from your sims, especially the ones that have a negative impact.

Perhaps you’re facing a situation where your sim is not in the best mood to perform a specific task. Perhaps you’re attempting to set up screenshots and the atmosphere feels a bit off.

Or, like games often do, you’ve encountered a bug and your sim is stuck with a buff that should have disappeared a long time ago.

Regrettably, resetting a sim will not resolve these buffs, so we must explore alternative solutions.

In-Game Workaround To Remove Buff Cheat

There is no longer a method to eliminate all buffs from your sims as before, but the game now provides a simple way to effortlessly get rid of all negative buffs!

In the Rewards Store, you’ll find a potion called the Moodlet Solver.

It’s priced at 500 Satisfaction Points and has the amazing ability to cure all negative moodlets your sim may be experiencing.

It’s a real game-changer! And, well, it’s safe to say that the majority of players who want to get rid of buffs are likely aiming to get rid of those pesky negative buffs.

If you need a boost in Satisfaction Points, we’ve got you covered! Once you’ve activated TestingCheats, you can enter the following cheat code:

Sims.give_satisfaction_points 500

If you’re looking to increase your points, consider adjusting the number to a higher value. Just a heads up, you have the option to enter a negative number if you’d like to deduct Satisfaction Points.

Mods To Completely Remove Buffs

remove buff cheat 2 Guide To Use Remove Buff Cheat in The Sims 4

If the Moodlet Solver doesn’t meet your needs, there are mods available that enable you to utilize the Remove Buffs cheat.

Before we continue, it’s important to remember that there were valid reasons for removing this cheat.

By using it, there is a chance that your game could be negatively affected. Just a friendly heads up, it’s important to do some research before diving into the world of CC mods.

We want to ensure you’re aware of the potential risks involved.

Allcheats By Twistedmexi

This mod not only brings back the Remove Buff Cheat, but also introduces several other helpful cheat codes to enhance your gameplay. You’ll be able to use cheats like resetsim or sims.add_buff once again. In addition, the mod redirects all output to the cheat console. It’s great to have such a helpful feature that allows you to troubleshoot issues with cheats that may not be working.

The cheat to remove buffs that reactivates with the AllCheats mod installed is:

UI Extension By Weerbesu

remove buff cheat ui Guide To Use Remove Buff Cheat in The Sims 4

The UI Extension mod is a convenient tool that offers enhanced control over various aspects of the game, making it easy for users to navigate and utilize.

To remove buffs, simply right-click on them and watch as they disappear in an instant.

There are numerous other activities you can engage in with this mod, and it has gained immense popularity for a good reason!

Final Words

Balancing the mood of a sim can be easily achieved with some basic knowledge and a straightforward solution.

Whether you uplift your sims with a mood-enhancing drink or seek assistance from mods, a few simple actions are all it takes to bring comfort to your characters and continue enjoying the game.

It would be great if humans had that ability as well!

Fortunately, we have the Sims 4 to turn to when we’re in need of a mood boost.

Enjoy the company of your newly uplifted sims!

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