Although Grand Theft Auto Online was intended to connect players together for a variety of activities, including missions, heists, and other activities, some players choose to play the game on their own.

Is GTA 5 Cross Platform 1 GTA Online guide: ALL ABOUT PRIVATE SESSION

Create a private session for gamers who want to enter Grand Theft Auto Online without being disturbed. This is an additional method for players to fully immerse themselves in the game.

We will walk you through the process of enabling a private session in Grand Theft Auto Online in this guide.

IN GTA Online, what exactly is a private session?

Through the use of a private session in Grand Theft Auto Online, you are able to play the game by yourself or invite only your friends, allowing you to enjoy it without being interrupted by other random gamers online.

The creation of a private session in Grand Theft Auto Online is extremely important since it enables you to exercise control over who joins your game and permits only your friends to participate.

Through the use of vehicles such as the Oppressor MK II, you will be able to avoid annoying other players that disturb other players’ gameplay.


There are three different ways to enable the private session in Grand Theft Auto Online, which will allow you to play the game in complete privacy: Choose the “Invite Only Session,” participate in the “Closed Friend Session” private session, or pause and resume the GTA5.exe process using Resource Monitor. Both of these options are available.

  1. The specifics of each approach are as follows here:
  • To begin, choose the “Invite Only Session” option.
  • By selecting the “Invite Only Session” option while you are in the story mode of Grand Theft Auto 5, you can begin the process of creating your very own private session immediately.
  • Under the idling mode of Grand Theft Auto 5, press the “ESC” button, and then pick the Online option.
  • Go to the “Play GTA Online” option.
  • First, select “Invite Only Session,” and then press the “Enter” button.
  • When you reach the next window, press the “Enter” button, and you will be sent to your private session.
  • Be aware that you will not be able to access this option unless you are playing Grand Theft Auto 5 in story mode.
  • In addition, you are the only person participating in this session, unless you issue invitations to your friends and ask them to enroll as well.

Participate in the “Closed Friend Session”

Along the same lines as the previous example, you have the option of playing the game by yourself or with your friends by employing the same strategy but picking the “Closed Friend Session” option respectively.

In the event that you do not have any friends on your list, you will be sent to a private session automatically. On the other hand, in this scenario, your friends are free to participate in your session without being invited.

The next step is to pause and resume the GTA5.exe process using the resource monitor.

In order to enable a private session, you will need to suspend and resume the GTA5.exe using the Resource Monitor.

In conclusion, this solution enables you to switch to a private session even when you are participating in Grand Theft Auto Online. It can be done as follows:

  • You can launch the Task Manager by simultaneously pressing the “CTRL + Alt + Delete” keys on your keyboard.
  • First, pick “Performance” (1), then select “See More” (2), and last, select “Resource Monitor” (3) that appears.
  • GTA5.exe should be located in the Resource Monitor window (3). Right-click on it, and then pick “Suspend Process” (4) from the context menu.
  • After a minimum of five seconds have passed, right-click on the GTA5.exe file once more and pick the “Resume Process” option.
  • You are now in the private session as soon as you return to Grand Theft Auto Online.
  • In order to verify that these approaches have been successful, you can access the complete map by pressing the “ESC” button.

You have successfully created a private session if you observe that there are no active symbols moving about in the lobby session. These icons normally represent other players who are participating in the lobby session.

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