Genshin Impact Leak Gives Info About Chiori’s Appearance on Standard Banner

There are more details about Chiori’s possible appearance on the Standard Banner in a new Genshin Impact leak.

There is a system in the game called “gacha” that lets players try their luck and draw different characters that are either five-star or four-star rare.

Genshin Impact’s Limited Character Banner only has a certain set of characters for a short time. The Standard Banner, on the other hand, always has a lineup of playable units.

Right now, this banner has seven different characters. The most recent addition is Dehya, a Pyro Claymore user.

This past couple of weeks, developer HoYoverse confirmed that a new Genshin Impact character named Chiori would be coming. She has already made several appearances in Fontaine’s main story.

A well-known fashion designer from Inazuma, Chiori now lives and works in the newly added Hydro nation.

Chiori may end up joining the Standard Banner, just like Dehya and Tighnari did during the Sumeru arc, according to rumors that have been floating around for a couple of months.

When their run came to an end, both of these characters moved from the Limited Banner to the Standard Banner.

In recent days, hxg_diluc, one of the more reliable leakers in the community, put these rumors to rest by saying that Chiori will not join the Standard Banner, at least not right now.

genshin impact chiori intro Genshin Impact Leak Gives Info About Chiori's Appearance on Standard Banner

Chiori’s Weapon Type and Element in Genshin Impact

One reason for these rumors is that she will be the second Geo user to join the roster soon after Navia, who joined during the Genshin Impact update 4.4.

That was more than two years ago, before Navia came out, HoYoverse had not released a new Geo user. According to rumors, Chiori will be a five-star sword user.

If you don’t count the Traveler, she will be the second character after Albedo to have this weapon and element combination.

When she’s on the field, Chiori should be an offensive Genshin Impact character who can play either support or sub-DPS, since a lot of her kit can stay active even when she’s switched out.

There were no new four-star characters announced by HoYoverse recently. This means that Chiori will be the only new playable unit in the upcoming Genshin Impact version 4.5.

As for fans hoping for good re-runs to make up for the lack of new characters, leaks have suggested that Neuvillette could be on the Limited Banner, even though she was released in 4.1.

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