12 Games Like Teardown

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A sandbox, survival, action-adventure, and first-person shooter video game called Teardown was made by Tuxedo Labs.

In this game, the player has to light bombs and destroy everything in a land that can be destroyed.

Before the alarm goes off and security comes to get him, the player has to finish his goals and destroy everything.

The game also features multiple levels, each of which presents its own unique set of difficulties.

For completing levels, the game gives the player “in-game currency.” Sandbox, Create, and Campaign are just a few of the multiple modes that Teardown offers.

Brilliant visual effects, intricate graphics, and excellent sound are all present.

12. Red Faction: Guerilla

Games Like Teardown

Volition and KAIKO made the destruction, combat, action-adventure, and third-person shooter video game Red Faction: Guerilla.

The player’s main goal in the game is to fight to lose the Defense Force and become independent. The player in this game has to be a fighter.

The game lets the player choose from different vehicles and weapons to use against enemies. A player can freely move around the whole game world because it is an open world game.

The game also has both single-player and multiplayer modes, so a person can play it by themselves or with friends.

11. Besiege

Besiege 12 Games Like Teardown

A strategy, simulation, building, and construction video game called Besiege was made by Spiderling Studios. The world in this game is beautiful, and the player has to build machines and engines.

To create engines and machines, the game gives the player access to various mechanical components. The player must also create various vehicles, including bomber planes, tanks, and cars, in addition to machines and engines.

In the game, the player has to fight the other players. The player must defeat at least one hundred soldiers in the multiple levels of the game.

Also, there is a single-player mode in the game, which means that the player has to play by themselves. Beautiful visual details, simple controls, brilliant mechanics, and fluid game play are all features.

10. Hardspace shipbreaker

Hardspace shipbreaker 12 Games Like Teardown

Blackbird Interactive made the simulation, space, and sci-fi video game Hardspace Shipbreaker.

This game requires the player to take part in salvage ships.

The player has to use the grapple tool to move the salvage around in this game.

The player has to move the salvage and use the laser cutter to cut the metal.

The game offers a variety of larger and smaller ships from which the player can select his preferred ship.

Since it’s an open world game, the player can look around while they play.


BEAMNG.DRIVE 12 Games Like Teardown

BeamNG GmbH created the video game BEAMNG.DRIVE, which combines racing, simulation, and driving. A player in this game has to be a driver and drive a car.

The game offers multiple vehicles for the player to use while playing. The player must choose his favorite vehicle from the available vehicles before beginning the game.

Campaign, Free Roam, and Scenarios are three game modes that this game supports. This game has a lot of different settings, so each player can choose the one they like best.

Players can play the game alone or with friends because it supports both single-player and multiplayer modes. Brilliant visuals and great game settings make BEAMNG.DRIVE a great experience for players.

8. Space Engineers

Space Engineers 12 Games Like Teardown

Action-adventure, shooting, and space video game Space Engineers is made by Keen Software House.

In this game, the player has to land the spaceship on a planet as an astronaut.

The player must build a space station, craft various items, and create his space ship throughout the game.

The player must fight the enemies after making items and building space ships.

For defeating enemies and building space ships, the game offers the player a variety of weapons and tools.

In addition, this game supports two modes, including survival mode and creating mode.

A player explores the game worlds and talks to NPCS while playing the game. Brilliant graphics, engaging game play, and great game mechanics can be found in Space Engineers.

7. Detonate 1.2

Detonate 1.2 12 Games Like Teardown

A simulation, construction, and city-building video game called Detonate 1.2 was made by Wildebeest. The player in this game must create various structures in a world that is destroying itself.

The player has to gather resources, different blocks, and parts throughout the game. The player can get resources and different kinds of blocks, and they can also unlock rare blocks.

The game is open world, so the player can go anywhere in it. Also, the game gives the player grenades that they can use to destroy buildings. For completing tasks, the game rewards the player with a variety of fun prizes.

The graphics in this game are the best, the environment is very detailed, and the controls are great for the players.

6. Art of Destruction

Art of Destruction 12 Games Like Teardown

ZHANG FAN made Art of Destruction, a video game that combines action, simulation, and crafting.

The player must create a dream world throughout this game. The player can demolish buildings after making the world of dreams.

These buildings are demolished by nuclear explosions, tornadoes, black holes, sand storms, and tsunamis.

Additionally, you can destroy the world you created by dropping bombs on it, throwing asteroids at it, or setting it on fire.

The player can explore the game world while playing Art of Destruction because it is an open world game. You cannot play this game with friends because it only supports single player.

5. Concept Destruction

Concept Destruction 12 Games Like Teardown

Thought Destruction is a fighting, racing, and sports video game made by Thinice Games. This game requires the player to take control of a car and drive it.

Throughout the game, the player must collide with and destroy other cars. The game offers multiple cars from which the player can select his favorite.

In this game, players get points for destroying other cars. With these points, the player can unlock new cars for play.

The game also supports a mode called “survival mode,” in which the player must survive waves of dangerous vehicles.

The game supports championship mode, in which the player must battle through mass production, in addition to survival mode.

4. Destruction Time

Destruction Time 12 Games Like Teardown

Dat Cat Studio made the puzzle and simulation video game Destruction Time. The player must construct multiple buildings throughout this game.

The player needs to use different plans to build the buildings. The game also gives the player explosive materials for building.

The player can smash buildings and watch them fall beautifully in addition to creating them.

In the game, players can use catapults and slingshots to smash buildings.

Additionally, the player cannot play this game with his friends because Destruction Time only supports single-player mode.

3. Eggineer

Eggineer 12 Games Like Teardown

Eggineer is a shooting, crafting, action, and casual video game made by AquaStudios.

The player in this game has to design and build vehicles that are both complicated and fully breakable.

To edit your created vehicles, this game supports the vehicle editor. 27 vehicle parts are provided to the player for use in creating vehicles in the game.

The player can destroy enemies’ buildings using the vehicles they have created.

In this game, the player has to protect the egg friend from chickens and cannons and get him to the end of the level.

Besides that, the game has one sandbox level and almost 36 campaign levels.

2. Noita

Noita 1 12 Games Like Teardown

The action-adventure and role-playing video game Noita costs money and was made by Nolla Games. The player of this game must battle multiple monsters and enemies in a 2D world.

The player can freeze the other characters when fighting multiple enemies. The player has to look for strange mysteries while playing the game.

The player must play the game alone because Noita only supports single-player mode. The player can go anywhere in the game world, from wastelands to coal mines, because it’s an open world game.

Also, as the player moves around the game world, they have to find and collect items.

1. From Dust

From Dust 12 Games Like Teardown

Ubisoft made the paid video game From Dust, which is a mix of real-time strategy, management, and building games.

As in Archipelago, this game takes place in a world where the player controls a character that looks like a god. The player must control the game world while they are playing.

To impress the nomadic tribe, the player must primarily utilize the tool sphere.

Besides that, the game has two modes: Story mode and Challenge mode. Stories, levels, and other character traits vary between these two modes.

The player can move around in the game world from a first-person view since it is an open world game.

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