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Habby created Survivor.io, a stylized role-playing and roguelike video game.

Hazardous zombies are attacking the city, which is the story of the game.

The player has to be a warrior and help other survivors save the city in this game.

The player and other survivors must choose weapons and fight the enemies to save the city.

The player must fight and defeat more than 1000 monsters simultaneously while playing the game.

You can play this game without being connected to the internet because it is published.

Additionally, the game has a single-player mode, which means that the player must play it by themselves.

12. Attack Hole


The arcade and fighting video game Attack Hole was made by Homa Games.

This game has a time limit for when the player has to swallow all the arms under the hole.

The player gets weapons when they swallow the arms out of the holes.

The game gives the player strong weapons like bullets, guns, and bombs if he swallows the bigger holes.

All of the holes try to kill the player inside and destroy all of their weapons.

The player can choose his favorite hole design from the available designs before playing this game.

Besides that, the player in this game has to fight enemies and beat them with weapons they’ve collected.

11. Hole.io

hole.io 12 Games Like Survivor.io

Agar.io, a video game, was popular a few years ago due to its simple gameplay and good graphics.

Most users have switched to mobile phones as the trend has changed.

You should play Hole.io if you want to see what this kind of gameplay is like. You play a hole in this Arcade video game rather than a person.

In addition to the hole, your main objective is to engulf people walking on the ground to grow your area and get to the maximum quickly.

Avoid running into any holes that are bigger than your size because they are also free to roam.

After hitting a hole, the game is over.

So, always try to go to smaller holes than you to grow your hole size and keep having fun with other people.

10. Slither.io

slither.io 1 12 Games Like Survivor.io

Do you like playing the video game Slither.io? And if you want to play more games like this, there is a collection of games you love.

The game can be played on phones and tablets running Android and iOS and in your web browser.

You can get into the world where other players from around the world are controlling a lot of big and small snakes by sending in your nickname.

As a snake, you should try to avoid hitting other snakes and stay alive as long as possible.

With an exciting touch of snakes, the game offers a similar feel to Slither.io. By eating orbs, you can reduce your mass and speed up.

9. Worm.is

Worm.is 1 12 Games Like Survivor.io

Oh! There is a different game that is a little different. This game offers similar game play to Agar.io, but the character you control with the mouse is different.

You control a snake in this game and try to accomplish your task.

Start small and grow until you can stay alive.

To begin, stay away from other snakes, eat pellets, and grow.

Start eating other snakes’ colored pellets once you’re big enough to grow quickly. Watch Worm.is on iOS, Android, Windows, Steam, and Mac.

8. Dots Eater Battle Online

Dots Eater Battle Online 1 12 Games Like Survivor.io

For Agar.io fans who want to try some other games like it, Dots Eater Battle Online is an Android video game that combines different compounds like MMO and Puzzle.

Start with a small smiley face, eat dots, and grow bigger and bigger to get big scores and impress your friends.

Your task is not unique in the game; thousands of other people are having the same one.

Start by absorbing other cells to gain more size. At first, avoid big cells.

7. Mitos.is

Mitos 1 12 Games Like Survivor.io

Multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Steam, Windows, and Mac, are supported by Mitos.

It has a huge playing area and thousands of players from all over the country have been added to play.

You take control of a small cell that eats orbs to grow bigger and bigger until it can’t be stopped.

Avoid hitting other cells at the start because you will turn into colored orbs as you approach them, losing all of your progress and having to start over.

6. Agarp.CO

Agarp.CO 1 12 Games Like Survivor.io

It is the second game on the list of games that are like Agar.io. Similar to its idle game Agar.io, Agarp.co features graphics, gameplay, and mechanics.

Numerous people enjoy Agar.io, and we know that you are one of them.

The gameplay is pretty basic, but it’s fun to keep playing.

A player is very interested in the game once he starts playing. Here are some games that are similar to Agar.io.

It’s not just you playing the game. Many players try to grow their cells bigger and bigger all over the world.

To dominate the field, try to attempt your task and grow bigger.

5. Supersnake.io

Supersnake.io 1 12 Games Like Survivor.io

Agar.io’s sister game, Super Snake, offers games that are very similar to Agar.io’s offerings.

It is a little different in both games, such as in Agar.io you control a cell and have to grow it in a simple background while in Supersnake.io you control a small snake and have a task similar to Agar.io to eat orbs and grow bigger and higher to progress.

The cool features are also in the game, which is a plus. By pressing the left mouse button and boosting, you can make your snake move faster and eat more orbs in less time. When using boost features, you lose weight and shrink in size.

Here are some great lists of games offering similar game play to one another. There are fun games like Super Snake.io and Agar.io.

4. Dogar

dogar 1 12 Games Like Survivor.io

Another game offering a similar experience to Agar.io is available. Dogar is for those who love playing Agar.io.

The same task that you perform in agar.io can be used to control your smiley avatar in this game like Agar using a mouse. Start small and grow bigger orbs by passing time and eating time.

When you get stuck, take your time and stay away from big cells that are far away in the game.

The game is easy to play in your browser, and you can show off your skills and strategy to impress someone.

3. Limax.io

Limax.io 1 12 Games Like Survivor.io

For Agar.io lovers, Limax.io is a puzzle game. The game takes place in a wide open environment with numerous large snakes.

Your goal is to start with small snakes and grow bigger and bigger snakes.

To save your life and live longer, avoid other players who are performing a task similar to you and avoid hitting them.

You turn into sparkly orbs and become food for other snakes if you touch any part of them.

To rule the play field, gather orbs and turn into a huge snake.

2. Agar.io

alternative to agar.io 1 12 Games Like Survivor.io

There are some games that you might like if you’re hooked on Agar.io and looking for more games like it.

Agar.io is a puzzle game available on platforms like Android, Online, and. iOS.

The simple game control focuses on a single cell that you can move around using the mouse or arrow keys.

Start as a small cell and grow by eating pellets. Do not eat other massive cells, and when a massive cell eats small, eat colored pellets.

1. Soul Knight 

maxresdefault 8 1 12 Games Like Survivor.io

Soul Knight has some of the best-balanced gameplay in the industry, offering both easy-to-understand controls and difficult challenges that will take some time to complete.

You go into randomly generated dungeons with a gun and a sword and meet aliens and other creatures in dark forests and puzzle-filled dungeons. Fearsome and harmful.

Because there is such a large player base, the game is constantly updated with new skills and weapons, so each battle feels new and unpredictable.

More than 20 unique heroes, from elf archers to rogue heroes, cater to almost every play style, allowing you to have your virtual survival experience however you like.

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