20 Games Like Slither.io

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Enjoy playing the video game Slither.io? And wants to play more games like this, there is a group of games you love.

The game works on both Android and iOS, and you can play Slither.io in your browser.

By giving your nickname, you can get into a world where other players from around the world are controlling a lot of big and small snakes.

Try your best not to hit other snakes and stay alive as long as you can. With an exciting touch of snakes, the game offers a similar feeling to Slither.io.

When you eat orbs, your speed goes up and your mass goes down.

20. Slither worm vs Venom snake


Free action-adventure, multi-player, and single-player game called Slither Worm vs.

Venom Snake was created by 2DT Games. Multiple snakes fight in this game, and the goal of each snake is to get as long as possible.

You must feed a snake multiple colors of food in order to grow the biggest snake.

Because of its simple touch screen controls, this game is playable by players of all ages.

They can speed up their snakes to attack other snakes more quickly.

In addition, this game lets players change the look of their snakes by choosing different skins for them.

By staying away from other venomous snakes and worms, players must survive as long as they can.

There is an online mode where players can pick which snakes they want to fight.

19. Snake Rivals: Fun Snake Game

Snake Rivals New Snake Games in 3D 20 Games Like Slither.io

A free action-adventure and 3D multi player snake video game called Snake Rivals: Fun Snake Game was made by Supersolid.

Players begin the game as a small slither, and their objective is to become the longest snake.

If you eat the apples in the game field, the Slither gets longer and turns into a snake.

Slither must be moved toward Apples in order to be the longest snake.

To play this game, you can invite your friends and other players from around the world.

If your snake’s head touches another snake, the game will end.

Also, you need to be connected to the internet to play this snake game.

18. Slither Worms io: Slither Game

Slither Worms io 20 Games Like Slither.io

Slither Worms io: Slither Game is a free adventure, casual, multiplayer, and single-player video game create by Edbie Studio.

Snakes are the player in this game, and they must fight other snakes to become the longest.

There are a lot of little color dots that you need to feed your snake to help it grow.

You can choose to eat the color dots more quickly to speed up your snake.

You have to stay alive as long as possible to win this game.

Additionally, this game lets players change the look of their snakes by choosing different skins.

You can rival your friends and players from all over the world.

17. Snake Worms Zone 2 io

Snake Worms Zone 20 Games Like Slither.io

Fire Tech Games made Snake Worms Zone 2 io, a free casual, adventure, multiplayer, and single-player video game. Like other snake games, the goal of the player is to grow larger.

This game can be played by people of all ages because it has easy-to-understand touch controls.

In this game, the player can change the snakes’ skins.

If your snake’s head touches another snake, the game will end.

In single-player mode, players fight bot worms, while in multiplayer mode, they have to stand up to strangers online.

The players are given a leaderboard that shows the scores of all the other players.

16. Slither Battle

Slither Battle 20 Games Like Slither.io

Music Avengers made Slither Battle, a free party, adventure, multiplayer, and single-player video game.

There are snakes in this game, and the goal is for players to stay alive and pick out the best worms.

Because danger can come out of nowhere, the players need to be on the lookout. If the heads of your snakes touch the other snakes, the game will end.

The player’s snake will kill any other snakes that touch it, making the game easier for them.

Along with that, this game lets players change how their snakes look by choosing different skins for them.

All of the players’ scores are shown on a board called a “leaderboard.” There are players from all over the world and your friends who you can invite and play against.

15. Snake Run Race – 3D Running Game

Snake Run Race・3D Running Game 20 Games Like Slither.io

Freeplay Inc. made the arcade and racing video game Snake Run Race 3D Running Game.

The player in this game has to slither his way out of tricky traps.

The player can pick a snake from among the multiple slithering snakes in this game.

In this game, the player has to stay away from his enemies and make it through each level without getting hurt.

The game also features multiple 3D levels that are colorful and full of challenges.

Snakes can stay alive longer if players in this game eat other snakes.

Bright visuals, exciting game play, and player-quality graphics are all present.

14. Shilter wom master io

Shilter wom master io 20 Games Like Slither.io

Esdev created Shilter Wom Master Io, a free adventure, arcade, multiplayer, and single player video game.

The main objective of this game is for the player to grow larger and become a threat to other players.

By swiping your finger across the screen, you can easily control the game and make the snake move.

You must move your finger more quickly to eliminate enemies quickly and increase the snake’s speed.

Snake has to cross the path of the biggest snakes without touching them in order to get food.

No music or sounds are used in this game. It has cartoon graphics that make it fun for people of all ages.

This game can be found on social media, and you can ask your friends and other players to join you.

13. Wormate.io

wormate io 20 Games Like Slither.io

Online multiplayer video game Wormate.io can be played in your browser. Similar to Slither.io and Worm.io, it offers similar Game Play.

You have to control a size of small worm and try to eat different things, like pancakes, pastries, and power-ups, just like in similar games.

Your worm’s size will gradually increase as you consume more things.

Avoid colliding with other people while roaming the land because they may hurt or consume you.

Anyways, hitting other snakes ends the game, so you should keep moving to eat things and connect with snakes that are smaller than you.

12. Snake Hunting Online IO

Snake Hunting Online IO 20 Games Like Slither.io

Free strategy, multi-player, and single-player video game called Snake Hunting Online IO was created by Fantasy Game Box.

The object of this game is for each player to become the longest snake possible.

By using the touch control or joystick, players can move their small snake around the game field.

Players can play online with their friends and other players from around the world because it has an online mode.

The players are given a leaderboard that shows the scores of all the other players.

If your snake’s head touches another snake, the game will end.

The player must feed the small snake with the colorful dots on the game field in order for it to grow.

You can also speed up your snake by pushing mass forward and backward.

11. Superhero Slither Combat 3D Game

superhero slither combat 3d game 121148 1 20 Games Like Slither.io

The Silver Sword company made the free adventure, multiplayer, and single-player video game Superhero Slither Combat 3D Game.

To win this game, players take on the role of snakes and try to eat all the other snakes to become the champion snake.

Spider, iron, and superhero captain skins are available for players to choose for their snakes.

To give your snake a unique appearance, you can also choose skins that look like pork, cats, or dogs.

People of all ages can play this game because of its simple and user-friendly interface.

Click on the turbo speed button on the screen to make your snake move faster.

Each player is given a table that shows the scores of all the other players.

10. Dots Eater Battle Online

Dots Eater Battle Online 20 Games Like Slither.io

Dots Eater Battle Online is a fantastic new MMO Action and Puzzle game that offers new features and mechanics inspired by Agar.IO.

The game lets you play as a Dot and gives you the task of absorbing all the smaller Dots to get bigger.

When you get big enough, you can attack and absorb Dots that were bigger than you.

You’ll be taken to the next level of the game when you reach the limit.

In the MMO part of the game, you can eat all of the other players’ Dots, face some tough and potentially deadly obstacles, and get some cool upgrades and rewards when you finish a level.

Dots Eater Battle Online has beautiful visuals, sounds, and other features that make it a lot of fun to play and enjoy.

9. Limax.io

Limax.io 20 Games Like Slither.io

Limax.io is an Amazing, Action, Browser-based, Massively Multiplayer Online, and Single-player video game.

It is another fun-engaging multiplayer snake game and inspired by Agar.io. In the game, you can control a snake and you are able to select its color as you want and get into the game world where you must eat multicolored orbs in order to grow bigger and longer in size.

You must avoid other snakes if you hit your head with any snake you’ll lose the game and have to star from the beginning point. Move around to feed and grow in size.

Once you become bigger in size then you can defeat other snakes who are smaller in size from you.

You can control your snake with the mouse. In the game, your goal is to survive as long as possible to enjoy endless-action and compete against other players to make the highest scores.

You are able to change the game themed, color, mode, and your snakeskin.

The game includes various features that you’ll really enjoy.

With addictive gameplay, Limax.io is the best game to play and enjoy.

8. Worm Nom Nom

worm nom nom 20 Games Like Slither.io

Worm Nom Nom is a fun, addicting, single player video game that you can play on your Windows Phone.

The game offers a variety of challenging levels with tasty fruits and other items.

The worm named Nom Nom Worm, which is hungry, can be controlled.

To get the highest score, you must navigate the level, collect tasty candies and sweets to feed the worm, and finish all of the challenging levels.

It’s a puzzle game that offers a similar experience to the old classic snake game.

To survive as long as possible, guide the good worm using touch controls, eat food, and avoid obstacles.

Record your high score and challenge your friends to beat it.

The game gets more challenging as you advance, and you can play at three different levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, and Hard.

The game’s most important features are Tilt Controls, Score the Highest Points, Online Leaderboards, and more. It will be fun for you to try it.

7. Agar.io

alternative to agar.io 20 Games Like Slither.io

If you can’t stop playing Agar.io and want to find other games that are like it, here are some favorites.

Play Agar.io, a puzzle game, on platforms like Android, Online, and. iOS.

The simple game play focuses on a cell that you can control with the mouse or arrow keys.

Start as a small cell and grow larger by eating pellets.

Massive cells should stay away from other massive cells and eat colored pellets when they eat small.

6. Dogar

dogar 20 Games Like Slither.io

Another game offers quite similar play to Agar.io. You’ll love Dogar if you like to play Agar.io.

The same task that you perform in agar.io can be used to control your smiley avatar in this game, like Agar, using a mouse.

Start out small and get bigger by passing time and eating orbs.

When you get stuck, take your time and stay away from big cells that are far away in the game.

With a simple sign-up process, you can play the game in your browser and impress someone with your skill and strategy.

5. Supersnake.io

Supersnake.io 20 Games Like Slither.io

Agar.io’s sister game, Supersnake.io, offers games that are very similar to those found on Agar.

In Agar.io, you control a small cell that must grow bigger and bigger in a simple background.

In Supersnake.io, you control a small snake that must eat orbs to advance.

Also, the game has some cool features that make it even better.

To increase your snake speed and consume more orbs in a shorter period of time, use the booster button on your mouse.

When using boost features, you lose mass and shrink in size, which is a lack.

Here are some great lists of games that offer similar game play to one another.

4. Agarp.CO

Agarp.CO 20 Games Like Slither.io

It is the second game on the list of games that are like Agar.io.

Similar to its idle game Agar.io, Agarp.co features graphics, gameplay, and mechanics.

Numerous people enjoy Agar.io, and we know that you are one of them.

The game is simple to play but very addicting. As soon as the player starts, he is fully involved in the game.

These games offer similar feelings to Agar.io.

It’s not just you playing the game. Many players try to grow their cells bigger and bigger all over the world.

3. Mitos.is

Mitos 20 Games Like Slither.io

Multiple platforms, including Android, Steam, Windows, Mac, and iOS, are supported by Mitos.

It has a massive player field and thousands of players from all over the country have been invited to try.

You take control of a small cell and grow higher and higher by eating orbs, until you can no longer be stopped.

Avoid hitting other cells at first because doing so causes you to turn into colored orbs, lose all of your progress, and have to start over.

2. Worm.is

Worm.is 20 Games Like Slither.io

Oh! There is a different game that is a little different. If you’re looking for games like Agar.io, I suggest this one because it has a similar gameplay but a different character that you control with the mouse.

You control a snake in this game as you try to complete your task. Start small and grow until you can stay alive.

To begin, stay away from other snakes, eat pellets, and grow.

Once you get big enough, start eating the colored pellets of other snakes and hit them to grow quickly.

1. New Snake Zone Worm:io

New Snake Zone Worm 20 Games Like Slither.io

Free adventure, single-player, and multiplayer video game New Snake Zone Worm:io was created by Aksa Studio.

Players in this game take on the role of snakes, and their goal is to eat dots to grow longer.

When players first start the game, they are small worms.

As they eat dots and gain experience, they change into a snake.

People from all over the world can easily play this game because of its easy to use interface.

You don’t need to be connected to the internet to play this game because it’s an offline game.

The players are given a leaderboard that shows the scores of all the other players.

The task is made easy for the player by the accelerator key provided by this game.

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