12 Games Like Satisfactory

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Paid strategy, adventure, and simulation video game Satisfactory was made by Coffee Stain Studios. The player has to be an engineer throughout the game.

To build a factory, the player is sent to space stations. The player can use the numerous valuable resources in the game for a variety of purposes.

Trains and trucks are available in this game so that players can easily get to the stations. Furthermore, it gives players maps that help them find different objectives in places like the Northern Forest, the Grasslands, the Rocky Desert, and the Dune Desert.

Thanks to being an open world game, Satisfactory lets players freely explore the whole world. Amazing textures, HD graphics, and stunning music tracks for players.

12. Automation

Games Like Satisfactory

A paid simulation, strategy, building, and racing video game made by Camshaft Software is called Automation. In the game, which takes place in a 3D world, the player has to run the Cars Company as CEO.

Creating and designing new and amazing cars is the player’s main job. The player can do more than just design and make Cars. They can also hire staff and train them.

The player also needs to sell more cars to make more cash. The player can buy compatible models and open new factories with this money.

This game has many levels, and each level has its own set of goals. The player is given points as a reward for meeting these goals.

11. Mindustry

Mindustry 800x445 1 12 Games Like Satisfactory

AnukenDev created the paid strategy, building, and construction video game Mindustry. The player in this game must protect the towers from attackers while also constructing structures using various tools.

The game supports four modes of play, including Attack, Sandbox, and Survival. The player must construct factories in attack mode and survive as long as possible in survival mode.

In the game’s PVP mode, two players can also compete against each other. The player can make a map using almost 75 different tools in the map editor that is provided.

Players can play Mindustry by themselves or with their friends because it supports both single-player and multiplayer modes.

10. Kubifaktorium

kubifaktorium 12 Games Like Satisfactory

Paid adventure, simulation, and management video game Kubifaktorium was made by Mirko Seithe. The player in this game is a builder who has to coordinate and create buildings in colonies.

The player must manage a complicated transport system while playing the game and collect multiple resources.

The player can also explore multiple biomes in addition to gathering resources and maintaining the transport system.

To play the game, you must select your favorite colonist from the multiple colonists available. Each of these colonists has a set of skills, and they will perform their duties by them.

9. Automation empire

automation empire 800x500 4 12 Games Like Satisfactory

DOG HOGGLER made the paid simulation, construction, action, and strategy video game Automation Empire. The player in this game must play an engineer whose job it is to build more industrial factories.

The player has nothing at the beginning of the game, but as he succeeds, his experience and tools grow.

The player can not only build more factories, but they can also learn more about the technologies, management systems, and place.

Additionally, this game lets the player work with and get metals and ores from the ground, such as gold, coal, and iron. The player must play this game alone because Automation Empire only supports single-player mode.

8. Factorio

factorio 12 Games Like Satisfactory

Wube Software Ware Ltd. created Factorio, a paid action, survival, management, and real-time strategy video game. The story of the game is about a spaceman who crashed and ended up on an orbiting planet.

This game requires the player to create a rocket to get back home. The people who live on the planet try to keep their environment safe from the damage and pollution that the players cause.

For transportation, this game gives players almost three options, such as tanks, trains, and cars. The game is open world, so the player can look around and explore it from above.

Additionally, the game gives players a variety of weapons to use against enemies. Factorio has superb visuals, play mechanics, impressive game play, and excellent controls for the players.

7. Factory Town

Factory Town Free Download Torrent Repack Games 12 Games Like Satisfactory

A paid simulation, building, and strategy video game called Factory Town was made by Erik Asmussen.

The game takes place in a world that is generated by a computer program, and the player has to be its leader.

The player’s job is to oversee all the residents and workers so that the community can grow. Open-world games let players freely explore the whole world of the game.

In addition to exploring the world of the game, players can also gather resources. You can unlock automated equipment that facilitates transport by using these resources.

Conveyor belts, minecrafts, and vehicles are just a few of the multiple optimization tools in the game. You can make your levels in Factory Town using the map editor.

6. Frostpunk

ss 28db92509d505c855b07d480d749119fc147c84c.1920x1080 12 Games Like Satisfactory

11 Bit Studios created the paid video game Frostpunk, which combines action, adventure, and strategy with video survival.

The player in this game is a ruler, whose job it is to oversee the inhabitants and the infrastructure.

The game takes place in a frozen world, and the player has to fight the cold by making technology better.

The player must also take care of the inhabitants and fight off the cold, gather resources, and explore the land from a third-person view.

To complete objectives, players can build their team army in this real-time strategy game. The player must play this game by themselves because it only supports single-player mode.

5. Fortresscraft Evolved

Fortresscraft Evolved 12 Games Like Satisfactory

Developer ProjectorGames made the paid adventure, building, survival, and crafting video game Fortresscraft Evolved. There are a few machines in the game’s unique voxel-based landscapes.

The game begins with the player landing in a strange world full of aliens. The player in this game must gather valuable resources, fight off aliens, and keep an eye on the factory.

The player can select their favorite character from a selection of multiple characters in this game. As a first-person shooter, the player can freely explore the game’s open world.

Additionally, the player in this game can create weapons using which they can easily fight and defeat enemies.

4. Vintage Story

vintage story 2 12 Games Like Satisfactory

Anego Studios made Vintage Story, a paid survival, crafting, and simulation sport video game. A tall blue humanoid character is what the player has to control in this game.

By interacting with the game world, you can create a variety of items in this game. The players must perform tasks like farming, building, and looking for ores and minerals in addition to creating items.

Because it’s an open world game, it’s easy for players to explore the different biomes in the world.

Players can play Vintage Story by themselves or with friends because it supports both single player and multiplayer modes. Also, the game is easy to control, has great mechanics, and has great graphics.

3. Infinifactory

infinifactory 12 Games Like Satisfactory

According to Zachtronics, Infinifactory is a paid puzzle, construction, and building video game. The sandbox world of this game allows the player to play puzzle games.

The story of the game is about a character who is taken by an alien and has to build his city. The goal of the game is for the player to survive as long as possible while playing.

Nearly six different game worlds are included, and each one has a unique puzzle to solve. Based on the first-person view, Infinifactory is an open-world game where the player can go wherever they want. The player must play this game by themselves because it supports a single-player mode.

2. Autonauts

Autonauts 12 Games Like Satisfactory

Automobiles is a paid simulation, sandbox, casual, and crafting video game made by Denki. The player must explore the role of a female explorer in this game, which is set in a sandbox-themed world.

To explore the game world from an isometric perspective, the player must set out on a journey. It’s up to the player to collect stones and wood to start colonization while playing the game.

In addition, the player can control designing, building, cooking, tailoring, and crafting in this game. The player is given in-game currency as a reward for completing these war tasks.

The player will enjoy Autonauts’ smooth controls, fantastic mechanics, and detailed graphics.

1. Good Company

egs goodcompany chasingcarrots s1 2560x1440 33c8efeaa2bb 12 Games Like Satisfactory

Chasing Carrots made Good Company, a strategy, casual, simulation, and single-player video game for Windows. During the game, the player takes on the role of a businessman who runs a robot factory, and the game is over.

By growing the business world, the player needs to become well-known. As a businessman, the player can play the game from an isometric angle.

To run the business more successfully, the player can hire the best employee team while playing the game.

The player needs to investigate new technologies and offers various types of robots that can work similarly to humans.

Workers in the factory will work harder, which will increase the factory’s output, and the player will earn more.

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