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RedstoneSpecial made the video game Akinator, which is a puzzle and answers game.

The player has to answer some pretty questions in this game. The game can tell you which character you are thinking about by asking you questions. You can show off your creativity and win Aki awards with this app.

The player must select a personality, such as an actor, YouTuber, or musician, before clicking the “Play” button to begin the game.

After choosing a personality, the game will ask you questions that you must answer with “Yes” or “No.”

10. 20 Questions

20 Questions 10 Games Like Akinator

Everyone can play 20 Questions, a game of guessing and answering questions.

In this game, one player must secretly think about something, and the other player must guess what the first player is thinking about.

After that, the first player informs the second player of the category of the object he is thinking about.

The second player must now ask 20 questions to figure out what the first player is thinking after learning the category of the object. For correctly guessing the hidden objects, the game provides the player with points.

The best game to play with friends or with ESL students, according to many.

9. Actorle

Actorle 10 Games Like Akinator

Actorle is a puzzle video game created by Laszio Kiss to test your knowledge of cinema design.

You can test your knowledge by guessing the actors from movies. It’s now available for Windows and mobile platforms.

Your goal is to find the actor of the day by giving your brain a break every morning and then looking for the actor with the fewest possible guesses.

You have to look at the list of movies and try to guess the actor in the game, which is pretty cool.

The game will display a list of movies and the actor’s age if your guess is correct.

The game also displays your age in green, indicating a correct guess. However, yellow indicates a difference of 10 years, and red indicates a difference of more than 10 years.

8. Google Feud

Google Feud 1536x711 1 10 Games Like Akinator

Google Feud is a video game series that combines puzzles, adventures, and trivia. A quiz game where the player has to answer the questions given.

In this game, players must guess quizzes from a variety of categories like names, people, culture, movies, music, and foods.

You must select a quizzes category and begin guessing the questions to play this game.

For correctly guessing the quizzes, the game provides the player with points. Each player has three chances to guess during the game. If a player fails all three times, the game is over.

Furthermore, the game has a leaderboard that shows the scores of all the players.

7. Haunted Chocolatier

Haunted Chocolatier 10 Games Like Akinator

A free simulation and role-playing game called Haunted Chocolatier is being made by Eric Barone.

The player in this game must play the role of a person chocolatier. For the duration of the game, the chocolatier person must reside in a haunted castle.

The player must find rare ingredients, make chocolates, and sell them while playing the game.

In this game, the player can also move from town to town. The player must understand the residents of the new town, advance, and accomplish objectives after moving there.

6. QuizUp

QuizUp 10 Games Like Akinator

Glu Games Inc. made QuizUp, a matching, trivia, and question/answer game. The player must answer multiple-choice questions in this game.

Multiple questions about different topics, including history, sports, and movies, are posed in the game. This game provides points for the correct answer.

The player can compete and play with random players from all over the world throughout the game. One can move up in the rankings and claim the title by beating the other players.

Player can chat and interact with other players as well as compete against random players.

Multiple modes, multiple rounds, and great play mechanics are all features of QuestionUp.

5. Guess who am I Board games

Guess who am I Board games 10 Games Like Akinator

Do you know who I am? Board games is a free video game made by Offs Games that offers board and word guessing fun.

The player must answer all of the questions in this game of questions and answers. The player must guess cartoon characters that are bright and fun in this game.

During the game, the player has to answer questions about how the characters look. You can play this game by yourself or with friends because it has both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Players can hone their tactics and sharpen their reasoning skills by playing this game.

4. One touch Drawing

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Ecapyc Inc. created the video game One Touch Drawing, which is a puzzle, drawing, and single player game.

To draw a picture, you must connect the dots on the screen without repeating the line.

It provides an immersive game play. As soon as you draw a line, the color of the line turns bold.

Each level of the game has a limited amount of time to complete it. Finish your level on time to move on to the next one. Score the most and show your friends, challenging them to beat it.

This game can only be played on Browser and iOS. Get lost in the drawing experience and show off your drawing and connecting skills.

One Touch Drawing is the best game to play and enjoy because it has the best controls, is addictive, and has beautiful graphics.

3. Hanging With Friends

hanging with friends free screenshot 10 Games Like Akinator

Hanging With Friends is a great Puzzle and Challenging game that offers a similar pop and play mechanics to the popular Draw Something that lets you create your own secret words and let your friends guess them.

The game offers a play that is heavily influenced by the groundbreaking Hangman video game, and it lets you impress your friends with all the difficult words you can come up with.

Hanging With Friends lets you use Lifelines whenever you need a hint to solve the word puzzle thanks to a variety of characters, scenes, and other amazing features.

That game Hanging With Friends can also be played on Facebook. Along with an immersive and quite addictive game play, it offers beautifully created visuals, puzzles, fantastic game mechanics, and simple controls.

If you haven’t played this game yet, you should give it a try.

2. Mini Golf MatchUp

hqdefault 1 10 Games Like Akinator

Mini Golf MatchUp is a fun puzzle-based match-up and trivia video game that offers hours of pure fun. For iOS or Android users, Mini Golf MatchUp lets you play mini golf and set challenges for your online family and friends.

You can challenge your friends to get a higher score than you by making and avoiding fun obstacles.

Collect stars to unlock more game levels, enjoy playing golf, and challenge your friends. Mini Golf MatchUp is a beautiful Puzzle video game to play and enjoy with all the beautiful visual details, fantastic and challenging puzzles, fun video sounds, and brilliant mechanics. Consider trying it.

1. SongPop

download 22 10 Games Like Akinator

SongPop by FreshPlanet takes you to a whole new level of challenging gaming and puzzles.

This game offers mechanics very similar to Trivia Crack and Draw Something, allowing you to choose any music category from several options, guess the songs and their singers, lyrics, etc., and then challenge your friends and Random on-line players to guess them.

The game is won by the player who can guess everything in a short amount of time. Several awards, including the Webby Award and the Best Social Gaming Award, have been bestowed upon SongPop, one of Facebook’s most popular games.

SongPop allows you to win some musical challenges, earn experience points and coins, buy upgrades, and enjoy an amazing puzzle and challenging gaming experience.

It also features several music clips from original singers, several cool visuals, and an addictive game-play.

With improved visuals, mechanics, and challenges, SongPop offers a second edition of the game. Do give it a try too.

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