Fortnite Reveals More Skins Coming in Chapter 5 Season 3

Through key art that came out on May 23, Fortnite has shown off more skins. Starting May 24, Chapter 5 Season 3 of Fortnite will get a big update. The overall theme of the new season seems to be a post-apocalyptic world like Mad Max.

Monster Jam and Fortnite recently collaborated on a promotional project, revealing a teaser trailer for the next season.

In the trailer, an island is hit by a sandstorm that brings chaos and vehicles from Mad Max that look like jaws.

There seems to be a huge boat with a red light shining through the sandstorm in Fortnite. The light blinks in “no hope” morse code. It has been there since the May 16 live event.

A new piece of key art for Fortnite was posted on Twitter. It shows a bunch of new skins that might be coming in the next season.

They have a new Bright Bomber skin, a skin that looks like a peapod, Magneto, and a few other skins with armour that looks like it belongs in Mad Max.

The key art also features a battle bus that can be driven, revealing its return to the game. Magneto’s reveal backs up a leak from Hypex on Twitter that more Marvel-themed collaborations will be added to Fortnite.

Fortnite Reveals Several New Skins in Key Art

It’s called Wrecked and has a dusty post-apocalyptic theme. The vice president of Epic Games tweeted about the theme when asked to describe it.The word “Nitro” was used.

Later, some people who made Fortnite got toy cars with registration plates that said “EAT NTRO,” which was similar to what the vice president said. Also confirmed for the game are vehicles that can carry weapons.

Following the planned downtime at 2 AM Eastern Time on May 24, 2024, the new Fortnite season is expected to begin. About 1:30 AM Eastern Time on May 24, 2024, matchmaking will stop.

After this time, players won’t be able to take part in online play, so Fortnite fans should try to finish their Battle Passes.

After the Fortnite Twitter account hinted at the T-60 Power Armour coming to the game, the update is expected to include a collaboration with Fallout.

Mount Olympus, Ruined Reels, Fencing Fields, and The Underworld are some of the POIs in Fortnite that are expected to be taken away.

The reason these areas will disappear from the island is still unknown. It may have something to do with the upcoming sandstorm, though.

The sneak peek for Fallout 4 shows that sand seems to be changing the POI Snooty Stepps. This is one of many places that the update seems to be changing.

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