Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player Finds Bizarre Way to Pitfall Themselves

After crossing a river, a player of Animal Crossing: New Horizons discovered an odd way to pitfall. The series has always used traps, but this Animal Crossing: New Horizons clip shows a unique possibility.

Players could dig holes and hide Pitfall Seeds for Villagers who weren’t looking since the first Animal Crossing game on the GameCube.

Besides making fun of the people who live in a village, players could also use these on each other to make each other react in a surprising way.

With Pitfalls contributing to some hilarious Animal Crossing: New Horizons moments, this theme has been present in every title in the series.

It’s common for players to dig holes that they plan to fill with fruit or other items later on. A gamer found a unique way to use these holes against visitors who might not know about a key possibility.

A recent clip posted by Reddit user Olive-pearl shows their custom Villager pole vaulting into a hole in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Between a river and a cherry blossom tree, the player holds a Vaulting Pole at the start of the clip. They then aim at four holes on the other side of the river and press the A button to jump over the water.

When their character gets to the ground, they fall into the nearest hole, which makes the Pitfall Seed animation go crazy.

The Villager touches the hole and floats above it for a moment, as if they had stepped on a Pitfall Seed that marked the spot.

Afterward, they thrash around for a short time before flipping out of the hole and standing on the new ground.

Can Other Villagers Fall Into These Holes?

Although this animation has always been possible, players rarely find it by pole vaulting across a river. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pitfall Seed seems to be linked to the animation of the Villager falling into the hole.

Both the character floating in place before falling and the button-mashing mini-game needed to get out of the hole show this.

Since Villagers can’t fall into these holes without a Vaulting Pole, a visitor may use the tool in the same way without realizing it. Players who jump across narrow passages with holes at the other end may notice the same problem.

Although this hole mistake has been possible since New Horizons came out, some players still haven’t seen it happen.

This animation may not be changed before the game’s successor comes out because Nintendo no longer frequently updates Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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