Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail Pre-Orders Are An Absolute Mess

This is the biggest Final Fantasy 14 fandom ever, so it makes sense that millions of people rushed to the Square Enix website to pre-order Dawntrail before it came out on July 2.

Unfortunately, those of you who have previously interacted with the Square Enix website probably knew things weren’t going to be that easy, and pre-orders for Dawntrail have been a complete mess.

As fans were understandably trying to pay for the expansion pre-order with their cards, it first began with failed card payments. Only then did they encounter problems.

Only for the site’s checkout process to fail as well after Square Enix recommended that fans use PayPal for a smoother experience.

It was then suggested that fans who wanted to purchase the Collector’s Editions log out of their accounts and use the guest checkout instead, but make sure to use the same email address as their account to ensure they received their Square Enix member points.

The Square Enix Store itself couldn’t handle the crowds, which made all of these problems even worse.

Before they even mention the card payment issues, you can find countless fans online lamenting bad gateways, 404 errors, crashes, and pretty much anything else that can go wrong with a website.

The Square Enix Store still won’t let me log in at the time of this writing.

If you thought you were smart by pre-ordering through Steam instead of the Square Enix store, you were wrong.

Square Enix had to reach out to Valve to get the issue codes sorted after several users reported not receiving their Dawntrail registration codes when making purchases through Steam shortly after pre-orders went live.

The Final Fantasy 14 Twitter account recently announced that there is now a known issue with pre-order code delivery for those who managed to do their business through the Square Enix Store, just as it appeared that problems were starting to be sorted out.

Due to the large number of pre-orders, Square Enix has warned that it may take “several hours” for codes to make their way to buyers “sequentially.”

Presently, many issues are unclear; individuals are still struggling to log in, not receiving codes, and generally having a tough time. Make sure you’re not logged in to Final Fantasy 14 to get your pre-order bonuses and avoid any issues if you’re a console player.

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