9 Best Burial Gifts In Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 character creation includes burial gifts.

They add fire damage, Firebombs, or HP and are usually very few. Depending on your goals, choose from these goods.

Burial Gifts are sometimes overlooked, yet they can enhance your playthrough even in tiny ways. Here is the list of all 9 burial gifts.

9. Young White Branch

02 young white branch dark souls 3 9 Best Burial Gifts In Dark Souls 3

The Young White Branch is a nice tool that lets you blend in and hide from foes.

They help you through difficult terrain with many adversaries. It works like Chameleon sorcery, so you can select between it and the Branches.

Talk to the giant who shoots spears at the white tree in the Undead Settlement to acquire extra Young White Branches, even though they are a Burial Gift.

Before receiving more branches from the giant, clear your inventory.

Young White Branch strengths:

  1. Affordable.
  2. Can blend in
  3. Easily attained in-game

8. Rusted Gold Coin

maxresdefault 7 9 Best Burial Gifts In Dark Souls 3

The Rusted Gold Coin Burial Gift boosts Item Discovery for 60 seconds.

It stacks with the Symbol of Avarice and grants 100 Item Discovery.

The Rusted Gold Coin is ideal for farming low-drop chance goods quickly.

Rusted Gold Coin advantages:

  1. Finding power increases
  2. Combines with similar things.
  3. Good for farming

7. Sovereignless Soul

06 sovereignless soul dark souls 3 9 Best Burial Gifts In Dark Souls 3

Players who seek a head start can use the Sovereignless Soul, which offers 2000 souls. The Soul of a Nameless Soldier also has the same effect.

The Sovereignless Soul’s strengths:

  1. Early start
  2. Starts with a level-up.

6. Cracked red-eye orb

09 cracked red eye orb dark souls 3 2 9 Best Burial Gifts In Dark Souls 3

This Burial Gift lets you infiltrate co-op games with other phantoms in PvP mode. Be a menace.

Solo players can be invaded. After use, the item is gone, but the game has more.

PvP is excellent, and every Souls player should try it with the Cracked Red Eye Orb.

Cracked Red Eye Orb benefits:

  1. User-friendly
  2. PvP-enabled
  3. The game has several.

5. Hidden blessing

08 hidden blessing dark souls 3 1 9 Best Burial Gifts In Dark Souls 3

Pyromancers, clerics, and sorcerers can utilize the Hidden Blessing to entirely recover their FP. After finding the Dreamchaser’s Ashes, this item is another good emergency item to have.

The Hidden Blessing’s greatness:

  1. Restores FP
  2. Cheap after receiving Dreamchaser’s Ashes
  3. Emergency use.

4. Divine Favor

07 divine blessing dark souls 3 screenshot 1 9 Best Burial Gifts In Dark Souls 3

The Hidden Blessing’s counterpart, the Divine Blessing, fully restores HP and removes Frostbite, Poison, and Toxic status effects and build-up. In a pinch, this item’s HP increase and status effect cure make it useful.

Divine Blessing’s greatness:

  1. Restores HP
  2. Removes status effects.
  3. Buyable in-game
  4. For emergencies.

3. Black firebomb

04 black firebombs dark souls 3 1 9 Best Burial Gifts In Dark Souls 3

The Black Firebomb is useful early in the game against fire-weak adversaries like Iudex Gundyr’s second phase.

Firebombs simplify combat. Unbreakable Patches sells cheap Strength and Dexterity-scaled ones.

Black Firebomb’s strengths:

  1. Fire Destruction
  2. Early game access
  3. Unbreakable Patches sells them cheaply.
  4. Fire Clutch Ring buffs it.

2. Fire gem

01 fire gem branch dark souls 3 9 Best Burial Gifts In Dark Souls 3

Only this Burial Gift alters weapon damage. Infusing a weapon removes stat scaling and adds fire damage, which can be boosted with the Fire Clutch Ring.

Pyromancers, who have a certain build and purpose, will benefit from this item.

Fire Gem advantages:

  1. Fire-damage weapon
  2. Can be enhanced by Fire Clutch Rings.
  3. Staggering some enemies
  4. Increases shield elemental damage.

1. Life ring

05 life ring dark souls 3 9 Best Burial Gifts In Dark Souls 3

The final and most popular entry is the Life Ring. This Burial Gift increases your maximum HP, starting at 7% and scaling up to 10% at +3. It’s fantastic for the beginning of the game when you need aid in surviving the initial monsters before you can construct.

Life Ring’s advantages:

  1. Increases maximum HP by 7%, 8%, 9%, and 10%.
  2. Perfect for early-game survival.
  3. Buyable afterward.

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