20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

Picking out a crib is one of the most exciting things for expecting parents. 

It’s almost as important to pick a name as it is to pick out a crib.

Cribs are likely to stay with the family for a long time. 

The crib will likely be passed down from sibling to sibling if it’s firstborn.

It will be featured in photos, stories, and most importantly, your children’s memories of it for many years to come. 

It will be as important to their childhoods and their lives as their favourite pets or their best friends from school.

Sims is far more relaxed than choosing a crib to house your virtual baby.

If you’re as meticulous and organized as I am, you probably obsess over Sim crib selections as a parent would.

Here are some CC options for your newest family member.


baby crib sims mod 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

Severinka_ is a stunning set that will solve all your nursery problems. A Laura nursery includes a variety of furniture options in different patterns and colours.

The set also includes clothes, accessories and wallpaper. You will need to download the mod to make the crib work.

However, it’s worth it when the look is so beautiful!

19. Acnassy Nursery Deco Crib

acnassy nursery sims mod 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

Jomsim‘s Acnassy Nursery crib is perfect for babies who enjoy a good lullaby.

The item has a rustic look with a woven exterior and soft, cuddly touches of polka dots inside.

To add an extra touch, you can get the lace canopy. This crib has 138000 downloads.

18. Acnassy Nursery Deco Part II Crib

acnassy nursery deco sims mod 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

This addition follows Jomsim’s previous style and focuses more on the canopy than the crib.

This allows lace details to be added to any cribs that you may already own, making it a great complement to rooms lacking the perfect touch.

17. Aura Crib Canopy

aura crib canopy 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

Sometimes sweet dreams need to feel safe.

This adorable canopy from Nynaeve will allow your baby to feel the love around them.

You can apply this item to any other crib if you wish and it comes in a variety of colours.

16. Aura Crib Bumper

aura crib bumper 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

The crib’s beautiful animal-print bumpers are a great way to make comfort a priority.

This set will not only be comfortable but it is adorable and sure to delight even the pickiest children! 

15. Acnassy Nursery-Needs Mod For Crib

acnassy nursery needs sims mod 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

Jomsims is pleased to offer a complete Acnassy collection for those who love teddy bears or soft colours.

This pack is the ultimate one-stop shop to create a gorgeous baby room. 

This pack includes plenty of storage, a gorgeous crib with a canopy (don’t forget to get the mod), seating for parents, and friends and even an adorable little rug.

14. Sleepi Crib

sleepi crib sims mod 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

Onyxium has a new crib, which is part of the Sleepi Nursery interior line.

It features a modern design that takes the traditional crib design.

13. Sydney Baby Crib

sydney baby crib sims mod 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

This crib from the QoAct Design Workshop looks elegant, cosy and dark.

This design combines functionality and looks with storage space.

It has been downloaded 115000 times.


hearts kids room sims mod 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

Another fantastic pack! The Severinka_ heart kids room is simply amazing. It features a mix of colourful and white-trimmed items.

This room is very well tied together with smart furniture choices, such as a teatime table set, crib (which requires a mod to function) and even a toddler bed.

11. Sleepi Cushions For Crib

sleepi nursery cushions sims mod 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

This adorable set of pillows features prints by Onyxium.

10. Animal Fantasy Crib

animal fantasy crib sims mod 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

While some babies enjoy city life, others prefer the wild and free lifestyle.

This cute crib from SimFabulous has 88000 downloads. It’s the perfect addition to a wild bedroom.

9. Crib for Heart Kids’ Room

hearts kid room crib sims mod 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

The heart is an obvious symbol of love and even a newborn baby can probably identify what it represents.

Let’s not forget to make this the first thing Simfant (Simfant) sees. It’s a thing? Sees?

Severinka’s heart Kids’ Room Cribs are available with blue, red and green mattresses

It also has rockers on the legs that make it easier to place your Sim infant to bed.

It has a heart-shaped head, footboards and feet to ensure that your little bundle is literally and symbolically surrounded by love.

8. Heyden Nursery

f09d2dfbe2e2d6d09e1f64bf5b16676d 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

Do you want to keep a minimalist aesthetic but your new baby is causing problems?

Michelleabstuff’s cribsCC may be the right fit for your next nursery.

These minimalist, elegant cribs will fit in any space with just a touch of colour.

Although the crib’s legs are higher than others, they are still shorter than many. Fortunately, the panels are also taller so your baby won’t fall to his early grave.

The cribs also come with a matching, comfortable-looking chair, so that your Sim doesn’t have to hover over the baby all night.

7. Victoria Nursery Baby Crib

victoria nursery baby crib sims mod 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

You can’t deny that a warm, cosy crib is magical no matter how artistic or cool you may be.

CC creator Severinka offers another slice of baby heaven with these Victoria Nursery crib designs.

It has soothing floral and polka-dotted patterns and plenty of space for crawling around. This crib is the perfect choice for babies who want to sleep in it all day.

They are not wrong to want to. If they were making these for adults in real life, I would choose this bed for neglecting my responsibilities.

6. Hanging Cribs

hanging cribs sims mod 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

We all know that bedtime is one of the most boring parts of a baby’s day. Fallenstar1119 might have the solution for you Sims.

These Hanging Cribs will make your Sim baby giggle so much that they fall asleep.

These babies look at first glance like death traps. Sim babies are actually made of pixels, not real flesh and bones.

You can choose from different colours to make the panels easy on the eyes. There are many designs to choose from for your baby’s imagination, including a sky filled with planes and a sea full of boats.

Don’t believe me? This CC could be the one that gets you into virtual parenting.

5. Nana Nursery Baby Crib

nana nursery crib sims mod 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

This is the third appearance of Severinka on this list. It’s a good thing.

These cribs are just like the Victoria Nursery Baby Crib. They have no-nonsense designs.

It can be ordered in pure white, pure chocolate or white with brown accents.

The grey mattress is the same in all variations. This shows how pleasing neutral colours can look when used properly.

4. Basket Baby Crib

baby crib sims mod 1 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

The Sims are essentially a huge virtual dollhouse if you think about it.

These cribs, which are set in wooden frames with rockers, are the most comfortable baby baskets you will ever see.

This baby crib will allow you to go back in time to simpler times when you could only play with Ken and Barbie dolls.

3. Sweet Buddies Nursery

sweet buddies nursery sims mod 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

This Sweet Buddies Nursery crib is the CC that will give your Sim baby a fairytale sleep.

This crib, despite its muted colours and its white veil, looks like something out of an old-school fairytale.

It features images of small animals and a branch that holds up a white veil.

This CC does not include poison apples or sketchy Prince Charmings.

2. Boho Crib

boho crib sims mod 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

This Boho Crib CC is the perfect choice for your little hipster-in-training.

Its unique design and minimalist wooden mesh structure could easily be mistaken for a sculpture at a modern art museum.

A colourful blanket is casually placed over the crib to add an effortless touch of cool.

This is the essential item that your hipster child will need before the vast vinyl collection and the artisan cold brew.

1. Evalina Nursery Crib

evelina nursery crib sims mod 20 Best Baby Crib CC & Mods For Sims 4

Do you want your Sim to be able to go camping with your Sim?

Severinka once again brings us a crib to die with the Evalina Nursery Set.

This set includes a crib, an indoor teepee and a twin-sized mattress for older siblings.

This CC set is perfect for slumber parties and will be the talk of all your baby’s playdates.

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