Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 Ending Explained 1

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 Ending, Explained

It’s no secret that war can lead to destruction, oppression, and even death. 

This is the recurring theme that you should have noticed if you’ve been following the fourth season of Attack on Titan. 

This is further highlighted by Episode 8, which shows the aftermath of Paradis Island attacking Marley. 

We didn’t see that plot twist coming. 

Let’s take a closer look at it, shall we? Spoilers below.

Attack on Titan: Season 4 Episode 8 Review

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 Ending, Explained

Reiner and Eren fight it out in their Titan forms. However, the latter temporarily wins the battle. Eren, Mikasa, and the other soldiers retreat to the airship. 

Gabi is furious at the actions of the Paradis soldiers and decides to take matters into her own hands. Falco follows Gabi and tells her the truth about Marley’s attack on Paradis Island several years ago.

Gabi believes it but isn’t convinced and her loss of comrades (including Udo and Zofia) consumes her. After killing a Paradis soldier, she uses his ODM gear and climbs aboard the airship. 

Falco is there to accompany her, as Reiner promised him that he would protect Gabi from the “dark future” ahead. Once she is aboard, Gabi takes Sasha to the camera.

Why has Zeke Switched Sides?

 Zeke Switched Sides

Jean and Connie wrap Sasha in a bandage, while the Paradis soldiers beat the Marleyan children after Gabi tried to kill Jean. 

Zeke then takes the two of them to his office. 

Gabi and Falco are shocked to see Zeke, the Marleyan Warchief, in cahoots alongside the Paradis “devils”. Pieck then recalls that Zeke was the soldier who pushed Porco and Gabi down the hole.

Although Sasha’s death is considered collateral damage by Zeke, Paradis soldiers are still very heartbroken about the loss of their comrade. 

While a part of Zeke can ignore the incident, he realizes this is the price they must pay for their power with the Titans

While we know Zeke is all for freedom for Eldia and his plans, what is his real plan? And why has he lied to the nation of Marley?

We must first look at the powers of Eren, the Founding Titan

Keep in mind, Zeke is of royal blood

This is a deadly combination, as Eren’s founding titan will essentially become god-like when he contacts his royal-blooded half-brother. 

They can control people and alter their memories as well as their bodies. Eren is also not bound by King Fritz’s peaceful ideology.

The manga eponymous, which is closely followed by the anime, gives more details on Zeke’s intentions. 

When the Marley Mid-East War began, Zeke and a few of his friends went to Paradis Island with him in secret. 

The ships were filled with wine and the War Chief’s spinal fluid. This was to be served to Paradis’ highest-ranking officials. 

This shows that Zeke is determined to make the powerful Titans.

There is much to see, but we learn that Zeke wants to sterilize all Eldians so they cannot reproduce. 

Although the reasoning behind this is still controversial, it is believed that if Eldians are unable to give birth, the Titan population will also be affected. 

This could mean that Eldians are not mistreated for the sins committed by their ancestors.

It is also ironic that Zeke after Grisha was imprisoned talks about his desire to liberate Eldia from all forms of mistreatment. 

Although his plan seems extreme, it is clear that oppression and bullying against Eldians would stop if they disappeared. 

Zeke has unique views on the dire situation of his people. It remains to be seen how Zeke and Eren will move forward in Eldia’s favor.