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Fellow Traveller made Suzerain, a paid simulation, adventure, and strategy video game.

The player in this game must play the role of Anton Rayne, the president of Sord land.

The goal of the game is for the player to lead their country in the right way. To sustain position, this game enables the player to speak with the specific people of his country.

Being the ruler means the player has to deal with things like inflation, the economic crisis, terrorism, corruption, and unemployment.

The player must visit other countries to build relationships and make plans in addition to dealing with these problems.

14. 80 Days


A paid role-playing, strategy, and adventure video game called 80 Days was made by Inkle Ltd.

The story of the game is about a character named Phileas Fogg. The character’s job is to find their way around the whole game world in eighty days.

You have to pick the route and choose whether you want to travel by steam train, submarine, or airship before you can play the game.

This game has 170 cities that the player can freely explore. It’s a “open-world” game.

Furthermore, this game enables player competition. The player must play this game alone because 80 Days is a single-player game.

13. This Is the President

This Is the President 14 Games Like Suzerain

SuperPAC made This Is the President, a paid adventure, political thriller, and strategy video game.

The player must play the role of a newly elected leader in this game.

To escape punishment for all the crimes committed in the past, the player must complete a mission.

The game enables the player to hire both official and unofficial staff to deal with the old problems.

The player in this game must fight against the establishment, the media, rivals, and leaders from other countries.

The player cannot play this game with his friends because it supports single-player mode.

The player is rewarded with points for completing the problems in this open world game.

12. We. The Revolution

We The Revolution Banner 14 Games Like Suzerain

We. Polyslash created The Revolution, a paid strategy, choices matter, and a simulation video game.

The player can experience political gameplay in this game, which takes place in a blood-soaked and historically themed-world.

The player must make intelligent decisions while playing the game. The player has to collect survival, adventure, and resource management game elements in this game.

The player must assume the role of the judge and decide who will perish and who may live.

We. The player must play this game alone because it supports single-player play. Additionally, this game enables the player to look at evidence and make new friends while playing.

11. Long Live The Queen

Long Live The Queen 1 14 Games Like Suzerain

Good health, A paid role-playing, anime-based, simulation, and adventure video game called “The Queen” was made by Hanako Games.

The story of the game is about a princess who is training to take over as queen of the kingdom after her mother dies.

The task of the player in this game is to keep the princess alive until she turns 15 and becomes queen.

The player can plan the princess’s weekly lessons on a variety of topics, such as logistics, foreign affairs, self-defense, expression, magic, and military matters.

This game also has a lot of different characters, so the player can pick the ones they like best to play. Long Live The Queen offers crystal clear details, great game mechanics, great graphics, and powerful soundtracks.

10. The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante

the life and suffering of sir brante 1 1 14 Games Like Suzerain

The paid independent role-playing and strategy video game The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante was made by Sever.

The world in which this game takes place is brutal and filthy, and its gods are unrelenting.

A man who must challenge the established order is the focus of the game’s story. The player must set out on a journey, deal with challenges, and make decisions in this game.

All of the character’s decisions affect not only himself but also the people he cares about. Additionally, the player can play this game alone because it supports a single-player mode.

The game has an open world, and the player has to explore it to find their way.

9. Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda 14 Games Like Suzerain

The action and adventure video game Hidden Agenda costs money and was made by Supermassive Games.

The player in this game must take on the role of Becky Marney or Felicity Graves.

The case of a serial killer needs to be solved by both Becky Marney, a murder detective, and Felicity Graves, a district attorney. The end of the story in this game is decided by quick-time events.

Players can play this game alone or with friends because it supports both single-player and multiplayer modes.

In addition, the game supports two different modes: story mode and competitive mode.

The controls for Hidden Agenda are easy to get hooked on, the game play is exciting, and the player experience is superb.

8. Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium 14 Games Like Suzerain

A paid strategy, simulation, and role-playing video game called Disco Elysium was made by ZA/UM. The player in this game must play the role of a detective whose job it is to look into crimes like murder.

The player must possess unique skills and the ability to spot murder to identify the murderer. The player receives points for correctly identifying the murder and concluding the investigation.

This game enables the player to design his character using the 80 clothes and other items. The player must collect the tare while playing the game to win a million prizes.

In addition, this game gives the player a lot of different guns, flashlights, and boom boxes. The player is free to move around and explore the whole game world because it is open world.

7. Crisis in the Kremlin

Crisis in the Kremlin 14 Games Like Suzerain

Kremlingames made Crisis in the Kremlin, a paid strategy, indie, and simulation video game. The player in this game must rule the Soviet Union during the perestroika era.

The player in this game can play the role of three different characters: the conservative Yegor Ligachyov, the reformist Mikhail Gorbachev, and the nationalist Boris Yeltsin.

The player must manage multiple governing tasks while playing the game, such as work week budgets and civil rights.

The player can engage in diplomatic activity and rule the council of ministers in addition to managing Civil Rights Week and budgets. The player must play this game alone because it supports a single-player mode.

6. Ostalgie

Ostalgie 14 Games Like Suzerain

A paid indie simulation and strategy video game called Ostalgie was made by Kremlingames.

The player in this game must play the role of a leader of a socialist state like Afghanistan, Cuba, or North Korea in the year 1989. The player has to fight both enemies inside and outside the game.

Additionally, the player must play this game alone because it only supports single-player mode.

It is up to the player to build buildings and improve diplomatic ties while playing the game.

Ostalgie enables the player to assist the USSR and PRC’s conservatives in speeding up forms.

5. Legacy of Mao

mao legacy 0219 09 14 Games Like Suzerain

A paid simulation, political sim, and strategy video game called Legacy of Mao was made by Kremlingames.

In the year 1976, when this game takes place, rough times for public critics and hongweibing are ending.

The player must play the role of a leader who must oversee the China People’s Republic. The player can compete for leadership and fix things with the USSR while playing the game.

In addition, this game enables the player to handle different situations without dishonoring his state.

The player must rebuild the economic side and build a new system as a leader.

The Legacy of Mao only supports single-player games, so the player must play this game alone.

4. Sunless Skies

sunless skies review 1548774534762 14 Games Like Suzerain

Paying role-playing, independent, and survival video game Sunless Skies was made by Failbetter Games.

The player in this game must explore the game world from above.

The player can interact with both long and short stories while playing the game, and these interactions may result in rewards that are either negative or favorable.

The player must fight and destroy other players in addition to interacting.

For fighting enemies in this game, the player is given a variety of weapons.

The game also enables the player to collect pets like cats and pangolins. The player must play Sunless Skies alone because it is a single-player game.

3. Dictator – Rule the World

maxresdefault 1 14 Games Like Suzerain

Strategy, adventure, and single-player video games are all in Dictator: Rule the World.

The player has to be a cruel dictator and run two different menus throughout the game.

In the first one, the player is in charge of the economy of the country and must decide things like how long they stay in power, how much money is given to projects, and so on.

There are three social classes in the game: the police, the citizens, and the upper class.

The player must consider all three aspects and make informed decisions.

The game brings a different representative from each class to the player every turn, and the player must make crucial decisions. Whatever decisions are made will determine the future of the republic.

2. Modern Age – President Simulator

81oL9tQ8WqL 14 Games Like Suzerain

Developed by Oxiwyle, Modern Age: President Simulator is a Strategy, Management, and Single Player Red Side Video Game for Android.

The player who plays the game is in charge of running the country by handling all of the affairs.

The game has a lot of countries, and the player can play as any country they want.

The player must explore new technologies and enlarge his domain. For his rights, the player has to fight other countries sometimes.

To take his country to the top, the player must be a powerful leader and motivational speaker.

The player has to make sure that military units are ready and that spies are sent to find out what the other country’s rules are.

1. Win the White House

unnamed 1 14 Games Like Suzerain

Win the White House is an adventure, simulation, political, and single player video game for the mobile platform that was made and released by iCivics.

The game takes place in the United States, and the player’s job is to run his presidential campaign and beat his opponents by planning how to beat them.

The player has to be able to argue well in the assembly and stand up to the cabinet members.

To persuade people to vote for them, the player must also raise money, run media campaigns, and make personal appearances.

The player must visit various states and battle for electoral votes in this game. The player will eventually be able to understand how the media shapes public opinion and be able to think about the challenges a president faces during election time.

If you want to win the White House game, you have to deal with basic situations like different issues, multiple characters, personal cabinet campaigns, and talking to the media.

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