11 Funniest Anime Characters Of All Time

For millions of years, people have been trying to figure out how to get someone’s attention without stepping on something…that’s where the funny part comes in.

Any kind of media is great, but you need to add comedy, no matter how small.

We chose 11 of the funniest anime characters and wrote about what makes them funny for you to enjoy. Anime makes it possible for a character’s funny side to shine through for the audience to enjoy.

11. Kon – Bleach

kon being funniest

Even though Bleach is the most action-packed show, it does have some funny scenes. Most of the best ones come from Kon.

Tite Kubo, the author of Bleach, said in an interview that he made Kon because he wanted to make a random character that had nothing to do with anything else. It looks like that random character turned out to be one of the funniest in the anime world.

In addition, Tite said that he liked Kon a lot and that he would love to switch places with Kon for a day because he is such a lively person.

Whether he’s just walking around the streets, falling in love with girls, or getting into silly fights with Ichigo, Kon makes the world more fun, even though death is around every corner.

10. Kotaro Katsura/Gintama

Kotaro Katsura 11 Funniest Anime Characters Of All Time

Our helper character Katsura can always break the stress with her bad language. He is the funniest person in the world whenever he’s on TV. Even better, his particular brand of humor goes really well with the anime!

Being connected to Gin is hard for him, but he handles it well so that he doesn’t get lost.

You can always find him in the strangest settings. He shows his wanted poster with great confidence instead of his ID when he goes to buy drink in one scene where he is asked for ID.

9. Ristarte/Cautious Hero

Ristarte Cautious Hero 11 Funniest Anime Characters Of All Time

We all know what a goddess looks like; they’re beautiful and calm. But Ristarte is different. Even though she’s cute and waifu-worthy, she can act like an old man or a horny woman at times.

Not only does she follow Seiya around, but she is also after him. Him being the serious hero that he is, she breaks up the stress with her funny moments. She is always the punching bag when it comes to jokes; they are either aimed at her or she starts them.

8. Happy/Fairy Tail

happy 11 Funniest Anime Characters Of All Time

Throughout this series, this blue cat will make you laugh. Happy comes from a place called Edolas where cats can talk, which he does.

Happy is always making fun of Lucy and adoring Carla. In one of my favorite scenes, Erza was feeling strongly about Jellal and how their love is not allowed.

Just as she turned away from the moon, Happy drew a heart in the sand and broke it in half. She then threw him into the sky. He knows how to get other people to do what he wants.

7. Inosuke Hashibara – Demon Slayer

Inosuke Hashibira From Demon Slayer 11 Funniest Anime Characters Of All Time

With his amazing two-sword skills, Inosuke Hashibara, who wore a mask that looked like a wild boar, ate devils for breakfast without fear.

But what’s even more amazing is how funny he is for Demon Slayer fans. He loves to brag about how great he is at Beast Breathing and how much better he is than other Slayers.

It’s fun to watch Inosuke because he does crazy things that make us laugh, especially when he’s with Tanjiro and Zenitsu. The two of them bring much-needed laughter to a world full of scary Demons by going on silly journeys.

6. Saiki Kusuo – The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.

Kusuo Saiki 1 11 Funniest Anime Characters Of All Time

Saiki Kusuo is an interesting character in The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. because he is both shy and able to read minds. He used to be friendly, but he ended up hiding the fact that he was psychic. Saiki is very good at helping people without them knowing. He is also very shy and doesn’t want praise. All he wants is a simple life.

That’s not all of his personality, though. He’s also kind of weird, like how he gets fooled by online stores and loves coffee jelly. The show is hilarious, and Saiki’s weird friends like Riki and Kokomi make it even better. Every episode of the series is a hilarious mess, and Saiki’s serious looks make even normal things very funny.

5. Monkey D. Luffy – One Piece

funny luffy

The silly moves and surprising stunts that Monkey D. Luffy does make us laugh and spread out like rubber all the way to our sides. Luffy is always surprising, whether he’s imitating other people, fighting with Zoro and the others in a fun way, or doing something really out of the ordinary, like pushing zombies back into their graves instead of getting scared.

But when he goes into fight mode, his anger is real—even his strongest enemies feel the shaking. With his funny personality and unwavering drive, Luffy is the perfect mix of a fearless warrior and someone who makes you laugh.

4. Saitama – One Punch Man

saitama 11 Funniest Anime Characters Of All Time

Saitama With his bald head and shiny hat, Saitama is a comedy hero in his own ignorant world, but he doesn’t know how funny he is.

Think of a guy who has the power to destroy worlds but can’t catch a mosquito or get to the store on time. There you have it: Saitama, a great hero.

What’s even more funny? Bad guys are trying hard to hurt him while he keeps that blank face. Their work vs. his blank stare is pure gold. And the best part? His punches are very funny; just one tap and they’re out. Saitama is a funny force that can turn both everyday problems and epic fights into very funny shows.

3. Might Guy/NARUTO

Might Guy From Naruto 1 11 Funniest Anime Characters Of All Time

That person is Might Guy. He’s really strong, but he’s also a silly clown.

Because he has a big personality, he’s always trying to get better and train, even if that means doing things that aren’t the norm. He thinks of himself as Kakashi-sensei’s best friend, so he’s always messing around with him and including him in his crazy plans.

He also loves to battle Kakashi in any way possible.

2. Usopp/ONE PIECE

Usopp 1 11 Funniest Anime Characters Of All Time

Usopp is funny all the time; he’s like a comic full-time. As it turns out, if you search for “Usopp Funny Moments,” fans have found his humor in every possible way.

People know Usopp for how great he is as an engineer and a captain. He always looks tough, but he’s the first person to run away from a problem when the time comes. He made fun of a god too.

You want to be friends with Usopp because you can always do something fun with him.

1. Koro-Sensei – Assassination Classroom

Koro sensei Ova 11 Funniest Anime Characters Of All Time

This strange monster that looks like a giant octopus is a surprise comedy goldmine. The students are after Koro-Sensei, who wins their hearts with unusual lessons that go against the rules. His class promises crazy adventures that will make every day a funny high point. Because his faces change colors and he can be sexual sometimes, he’s a real problem.

The way he is introduced as the moonblower is both ridiculously funny and scary. He fights back by shaving his eyebrows and shows off his motion sickness in a bubble bath on a school trip. Koro-Sensei’s jokes keep the fun going, from the French-kiss technique to temporary tattoos.

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