Why Are Your Sims 4 Cheats Not Working?

It’s a game where cheating isn’t a problem. Sims 4 is a game in which cheating isn’t seen as an issue. 

It can actually make the entire simming game more fun. Some gamers might even say that cheating is required! 

With so many enjoyable cheats available it’s an issue when they do not work as expected. 

Here are five reasons your cheats don’t work and the best way to fix each problem!

1. You Don’t Have Testing cheats Enabled.

To make the most cheats that are available in the game start your cheating console following loading the household that you would like to play with CTRL + SHIFT +C

Enter the cheat code testing cheats valid as well as testing cheats then press enter and you’re good to go. 

2. Some Cheats Are Only Designed For PC And Do Not Work On Any Other Platform.

If you are searching for cheat codes on the internet make sure you include the platform you play The Sims 4 on in the search engine. 

Although many cheat codes are identical for each platform the shortcuts to the cheat box differ.

  • Mac users: Press CTRL+SHIFT+C (the identical as Windows)
  • PS4 as well as Xbox One users: Hold all four shoulder buttons simultaneously.

3. The Cheat you entered has been removed from the Game.

After the release of Seasons, the expansion pack numerous cheats were removed. 

These are known as Automation cheats, but they were not intended for the normal Sims player initially. 

These cheats are back and accessible to everyone thanks to Twisted Mexi’s amazing AllCheats mod! Download it directly right here.

4. You have custom content mods in your game.

Mods installed by players can occasionally disrupt the normal play. 

If you’ve recently installed a mod, you can try turning it off or temporarily removing it away from the Mods folder. 

If this doesn’t solve the issue, then repairing the game may aid. 

Open Origin and go to My Games Library. Then, right-click The Sims 4 and select Repair.

5. Other Programs Running In The Background Are Preventing The Game From Running Normally.

There are several applications that have been found to interfere with the functionality that cheaters can use within The Sims 4. 

There are a few of them: Skype, Discord, Gyazo, and Screen Recorder apps. 

This is because the key combination of this cheating console happens to be exactly the same as the ones these apps use. 

In this instance, it’s best to switch the hotkeys to another combination. If this isn’t feasible it is possible to remove the application.

Final Words

Cheats can have a major influence on the Sims 4 gameplay. 

However, sometimes problems will arise and prevent you from enjoying the most enjoyable experience you could get from the game. 

But, it’s important to be aware of how to deal with them and keep playing.

Have fun!!!

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