The Sims 3: Dragon Valley

This Dragon Valley guide will give you a chance to meet the residents and contain maps that display all of the rare artifacts, such palladium and special seeds, as well as pictures of all the best locations in the town.

Dragon Valley is the sixteenth planet that can be accessed by players with all expansions and the ninth world that the Sims 3 Store team has produced.

The environment may be bought as part of two different Simpoint Bundles on the Sims 3 Store as of May 30.

The basic edition, which may be purchased by players, grants them access to the town, 100 Simpoints, and the brand-new Baby Dragons premium feature.

The settlement, 1900 additional Simpoints, the dragons, and the new Celtic Lands set—which is exclusive to the gold edition of Dragon Valley—will all be yours if you buy the version. A new venue that blends in perfectly with the surrounding architecture was unveiled simultaneously with the rest of the world.

With the additional 1900 Simpoints you receive with the gold version, you can buy the Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire.

It is stated that the globe is a secret place teeming with dragons and elves.

Dragon Valley had not yet received any of the technology that Captain O’Connell and his men brought with them.

A scientific technique that raised dragons as young dragons was one of the technologies. The town has not lost any more lives because of this technology alone.

The community is making an effort to combine the modern technology that has arrived with the customs of the past several generations that preceded the O’Connells.

Baby Dragons

dragon valley baby 1 The Sims 3: Dragon Valley

Since Hidden Springs, each planet that has been made available on the Sims 3 Store has included exclusive premium content.

In the same way, Dragon Valley grants you access to Baby Dragons.

And who hasn’t wished for their very own baby dragon?

Three distinct varieties of dragonlings—red, green, and purple—are produced from a single egg discovered in buy mode.

A Sim just needs to engage with the egg in some way, such as picking it up or conversing with it, to initiate the hatching process.

Eight topics can be discussed with the egg if you decide to have a conversation with it: existentialism, the egg conundrum, friends, your job, adversaries, fire, and your physical prowess.

The color of the dragon within the egg will change based on what you say to it and how often you say it.

For instance, discussing the weather will increase the likelihood that it is a green baby dragon. The egg will roll around on the floor for six hours, and then it will hatch in a puff of magical smoke, revealing itself to you.

There are a lot of things you can do with your dragon once it hatches. But before anything else, naming your baby dragon is a must if you want the townies to stop stealing it.

Every kind of dragon has particular skills that set them apart from one another. You may play with, feed, and carry all four of them.

If there’s a space nearby that’s large enough, they can even soar around your Sim. Simply click on your young dragon on the ground, your arm, or the floor to initiate these encounters.

A Sim will typically add a dragon to their inventory after engaging with it.

Red Dragons

red 1 The Sims 3: Dragon Valley

Out of all the dragon species, red dragons are the most fierce and courageous. This little man is ideal if you have enemies since he will “Shoot Fireballs” at whomever you choose.

He can use his skill “Fiery Torment” to make another Sim dance at their feet, which will make you laugh a lot.

While they are entertaining, these two skills are not the best for establishing or maintaining friendships.

Your red dragon can discuss the Athletic skill with you while no one else is present to play with, which will give you a little but rapid skill boost.

Purple Dragons

dragon valley pr The Sims 3: Dragon Valley

You can “Summon Someone New” with your Purple Dragon after everyone has fled you for deploying the Red Dragon on them.

When the dragon’s chosen individual shows up at your location, you will instantly make friends with them.

Your purple dragon can call upon your newfound companion from anywhere in the world. Each time they are called upon, your relationship will get much better.

A purple dragon can make friends for you in other ways as well. Sims can learn the charisma talent from purple dragons to aid as well.

Spyro also has the unique power to “Be the Life of the Party!”, which turns any gathering in town into the greatest party of the year.

Green Dragons

dragon valley green The Sims 3: Dragon Valley

Within the dragon family, the gatherers are the Green Dragons. Not only can they “Summon Treasure” once every hour, but they can also cultivate and “Harvest” every plant in your area.

Your Sim’s inventory will automatically be updated with the harvested produce. He’s so skilled at gardening that he won’t mind showing your Sim the ropes.

Associated with both hunger and bladder demands, the “Mark of the Green Dragon” is specific to this kind of dragon and prevents your Sim from having to eat or go to the toilet for as long as the moodlet is active.

Armored Black Dragon

dragon valley bl The Sims 3: Dragon Valley

The Armored Black Dragon is the final species of dragon. This small dragon is connected to curses and death.

They have the ability to “Summon Ghosts” to torment you wherever you are in addition to “Summon Death Flowers” whenever they like.

The black dragon, encircled by death and mystery, is prepared to impart with your Sim what little he has learnt about reasoning.

Still, it’s not the finest part. The ability of a black dragon to inflict a “Phantasmal Curse” on other Sims is the best feature.

If you possess Supernatural abilities, this curse can transform the recipient into a zombie; if not, it will simply curse them.

Places In Dragon Valley

Dragon Valley’s vast open expanses are among its outstanding features.

Lots from previous expansions will never automatically place in town on lots that are too large or angled to the point where your Sims have to run to the back in order to walk in, according to world builders.

There are 22 vacant lots accessible across the municipality that can accommodate the majority of your needs if you decide to place a missing EP property. You may find them all on the town’s northern side.

The majority of Dragon Valley’s significant structures, parks, and rabbit holes are located near the valley’s center.

However, there are a few places that are not in the town center. This map will help you locate the majority of them. To view a larger version of the image, just click on it.

dragon valley The Sims 3: Dragon Valley

1: 59 Ardmore Avenue is Miser McCann’s Restaurant (Bistro).

Miser McCann’s is only going to serve you a flawlessly poured pint, nothing more. Although the service and food aren’t really good, it’s the most elegant establishment in town!

2: Bookstore Tome Traders — 57 Ardmore Avenue

Treat yourself to a book from Tome Traders to celebrate your lifelong passion of reading.

3: City Hall, located at 55 Ardmore Avenue

The town’s center is located here. This building is rather empty, but everything around it happens.

4: Hospital (Hospital) Slainte Chugat Harmony — 53 Ardmore Avenue

This hospital relies on the skilled and knowledgeable hands of the local healers rather than the “latest equipment” to accomplish its healing miracles.

5: Elm Grove Practice Pit Gymnasium (Gym) — 41

6: Elm Grove Library — Freedom Books

7: Big Park, or Playful Park — 83 Claddagh Court

8: 84 Claddagh Court, the City Cairn Memorial Lot (Graveyard)

9: 51 Elm Grove Community Garden (Small Park)

10: Science Facility for Myth, Legend, Lore, and Facts — 40 Grove Elm

Lore is nothing new to the MLLFF—in fact, they accept it as gospel! Lessons from the past can teach us a lot, and no lesson is too minor.

11: 42 Elm Grove’s Heart and History Art Gallery

12: Military (Military Base & Police Station) and Garda Police — 44 Grove Elm

The military and police are more useful for planning attacks than for preventing crime. Adult Dragons were a formidable opponent, so the villagers must be ready.

13: Like-Minded People, Inc. (Company) — 46 Grove Elm

Greed has no place in our small village. Everyone who works here is aware that ethical business methods and just compensation are necessary to improve the lot of the average person.

14: 50 Elm Grove — The Local Grocer (Grocery Store & Diner)

Every time a cook has to go shopping, they always advise people to visit “the local grocer”. The other grocery stores in the town became personal farmers as a result of this confusion.

15: Theatrical World’s Theatre — 13 Clover Drive

Some of the world’s top entertainment may be found at The World’s Theatre!

16: 11 Clover Drive, Swimmer’s Safety Practice Pool

17: Unity Day Spa (Spa) – Omnipresent — 10 Clover Drive

Sims goes to the “Spa” in order to experience a sense of unity with the earthly and aquatic wisdom.

18: McCafferty’s Pub, 72 Shillelagh Street, Visitors Welcome

19: 7 MIthrilen Manor Feudal Fishing Spot (Fishing Spot)

Dragon Valley Beautiful Vista Lots

BV BonusAddressLot Info
+20100 O’Connell HeightsOccupied House – O’Conell
+1758 Balor BendOccupied House – Eames
+1532 Lugh LaneEmpty Lot 64 x 64
+1410 Clover DriveThe Town’s Day Spa
+1370 Oak GroveOccupied House – Grey
+1240 Cian RoadCrios Pond
+1091 Dagda DriveEmpty House – Cozy Cottage
+930 Clover DriveOccupied House – Lochlan
+835 Aibell AvenueEmpty Lot 30 x 30
+764 Oak GroveEmpty Lot 64 x 64
+720 Clover DriveDragon Tavern
+519 Clover DriveEmpty Lot 30 x 40
+517 Clover DriveEmpty Lot 30 x 30
+466 Oak GroveEmpty Lot 30 x 30
+221 Clover DriveEmpty House – Cozy & Content

Dragon Valley Collectibles Location

dragon valley 1 The Sims 3: Dragon Valley

Most people are usually curious about the best places to go in a new town. Special seeds are required for gardeners.

Fishermen should be aware of the spawning locations of the deathfish.

It would be wise for inventors to gather the palladium and pink diamonds in advance. Here are maps with color-coded push pins indicating the locations of all the rare items in Dragon Valley.

To view a larger version of the map, simply click on the image if it appears too small for you.

dragon valley 2 The Sims 3: Dragon Valley
dragon valley 3 The Sims 3: Dragon Valley
dragon valley 4 The Sims 3: Dragon Valley

Final Words

Greetings from Dragon Valley, a fantastical and mythical place.

Even though no adult dragons have scared this quiet village in years, it’s not time to give up.

The elf Sims of Dragon Valley are trying to make sure that their military is strong, their people are equipped for emergencies, and their scientific methods for keeping the dragonlings tiny are maintained.

Although the skies are bright for the time being, a struggle for control of the town is simmering beneath the surface between the Mithrilen and O’Connell families.

Which side will you support when tradition vs progress is at stake?

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