17 Best Tekken 7 Mods to Install?

Tekken 7 is well worth your time, even if you have just a passing interest in the plot.

Additionally, Tekken 7 made the series’ official PC debut, allowing fans to customize the game informally.

Unfortunately, given the current state of the modding tools, there isn’t much that can be modified about the game.

However, the greatest mods that have been made try their hardest to ensure that Heihachi and Kazuya’s fight provides a proper end to their individual stories.

Hopefully a satisfying conclusion.

17. Junny Character

JUNNY CHARACTER 17 Best Tekken 7 Mods to Install?

The Junny Character Select Mod is an improved version of a character select aesthetic update, similar to the Tomio Fujisawa Character Select.

Every time you switch between characters, Junny’s artwork transforms the chosen character’s visuals into a contemporary anime character, making it entertaining to look at.

The character images in this mod are of the highest quality, with lossless compression, and will astound you every time you glance at Alisa.

We’re referring to any character you see, cough.

This mod has a lot to offer, which will appeal to fans of Junny’s artwork.

16. Personalization at Bowling Alley

Personalization at Bowling Alley 17 Best Tekken 7 Mods to Install?

Been using the same customized room for too long?

Want to update the space to make it more appealing and modern?

The bowling room customization mod is the only option you need.

The bowling alley level from the Tekken bowling DLC is stripped down and used in the bowling room.

Change how your player appears on a bowling alley instead of the usual and boring customization room.

15. Mishima Arena No.

Mishima Arena No. 17 Best Tekken 7 Mods to Install?

The Mishima Building has a spectacular appearance on its own.

However, it is improbable that the wealthy Mishima family doesn’t own a legitimate arena.

In actuality, they actually have one.

The Mishima Arena is a fantastic stage mod that completely transforms the Mishima Building into a raucous arena.

And all they want is for you to win each and every game you play.

Something you ought to do without a doubt.

The finest thing you can do is give these visitors—who have come from all around the world—what they desire.

14. Jungle Castle Outpost

T7 Stage Jungle Outpost 2 17 Best Tekken 7 Mods to Install?

Do you recall the late 1990s, when every 3D fighting game demanded a wilderness-themed stage?

Those times are at last returning!

The King of the Iron First event is held in the jungle thanks to a modified stage called the Jungle Castle Outpost.

The stage comes in two different versions, a daytime version, and a nighttime version.

Additionally, both are web-friendly.

Therefore, you will be able to use it as the background of your online triumphs and perhaps even screenshot them.

13. Blue Galaxy Purple

wallpapersden.com jin kazama tekken 7 wxl 1 17 Best Tekken 7 Mods to Install?

Nothing is more lovely than a starry night sky as well as blood on the ground!

Purple Galaxy Azure 2 is not the most difficult Tekken 7 stage ever created.

But it has one of the nicest looks.

This set of stage variations can be downloaded, each of which modifies a few minor aspects.

To make things even more epic, however, I’d personally choose the one with mountains.

12. Trace Arena

tk7arenastg011 17 Best Tekken 7 Mods to Install?

Are you sick of seeing the identical Arena?

Or perhaps the boisterous crowd’s yells no longer excite you the way they once did?

It’s time to modify the stage, no issue.

Trace Arena modifies the Arena mod by subtly changing a few of its components.

To be honest, hardly many changes on the stage.

However, the slightly modified aesthetics ought to last for another 10,000 matches or so.

11. First, Forgotten City

First Forgotten City 17 Best Tekken 7 Mods to Install?

The Forgotten City is the mother of all Tekken 7 modified levels that have ever been made available.

Why do you inquire?

No vanilla stage served as the inspiration for this modified one.

It was created from the ground up, utilizing 3D models, excellent texturing, and stunning lighting.

This produces a distinctive ambiance that wouldn’t be out of place in NieR-style video games!

Shame 2B won’t be appearing in Tekken 7

10. Honmaru

Honmaru 1 17 Best Tekken 7 Mods to Install?

You’re sick of the same old dojos and arenas.

Want something new after thousands of clashes at the current levels?

Purchase Honmaru to state your want for something fresh.

This stage may have appeared in the game’s story mode, but you may now play the Honmaru stage in the arcade, multiplayer, and online modes.

It is an excellent review.

If your opponent does not have the same mod as you, they will see an existing stage on their screen instead of Honmaru when you play online.

9. Men’s Tux

Mens Tux 1 17 Best Tekken 7 Mods to Install?

Get the male tuxedo mod if you’ve never played a shabby character and want your player to seem as sauve as ever like the classic villains wearing a suit and tie.

A three-piece suit and tie, which would be nothing short of a head-turning moment at any function, are substituted for the fancy armor and undesirable clothing items by the mod.

Not every male character wears a suit.

Only a few characters—Bryan, Eddy, Feng, Heihachi, Hwoarang, Jin, Lars, Law, and Paul—have their clothes improved.

How cool is it that Devil Jin may even be seen wandering around in a beautiful suit and tie?

8. Character of Tomio Fujisawa

Character of Tomio Fujisawa 17 Best Tekken 7 Mods to Install?

Many of us play arcade games often in an effort to improve so that we may easily defeat our foes.

However, prolonged play or practice can be exhausting, and staring at the same character selection symbols can become monotonous.

Tomio Fujisawa’s character choice and battle icon mod let you change things up.

It’s truly breathtaking to look at the artwork that takes the place of the typical character pick symbols.

To be honest, even the smallest visual changes are welcome when you are repeatedly looking at the same object.

7. The Korean Saber Pack of Alisa

The Korean Saber Pack of Alisa 17 Best Tekken 7 Mods to Install?

One of our favorite game characters is the dangerous Alisa droid, despite her charming appearance.

It can be fascinating to observe the mechanics that take over when playing with Alisa.

Whatever name you give them, the swords or chainsaws do not fit Alisa’s overall aesthetic.

Therefore, owning Alisa’s Korean sabre pack will enable you to swap out those awful chainsaws for lightsabers.

Having this mod is a blessing since it allows us to now play Tekken 7 with Alisa and experience what the Koreans are having fun with.

These lightsabers were first seen in the Korean version of the game.

6. Mishima Building Daylight

During the Day And at Night 17 Best Tekken 7 Mods to Install?

As we’ve previously said, repetitive environments can make some tasks monotonous.

Even the Mishima building, a famous location in the Tekken universe, can get visually boring after more than 1,000 fights.

Change the lighting within the Mishima building with the daytime and nighttime mod to make the arena where combat takes place feel fresh.

Every time, a different win or loss is experienced thanks to the stage’s altered lighting and backing music.

5. Devil Jin Skin

Devil Jin Skin 17 Best Tekken 7 Mods to Install?

The fanbase was pleased with how several characters’ appearances and garb in Tekken 7 were upgraded.

However, many believed that the demon jin’s appearance was unflattering.

Many of us thought that Devil Jin was more authentically nasty in the previous Tekken 5, thus seeing him in Tekken 7 did not really win us over.

Get the Devil Jin Tekken mod if you wish to regain the original wicked appearance of pale skin and golden eyes.

Even though the skin doesn’t make the devil jin OP, your opponents will undoubtedly cower in fright.

4. Endless Utopia

Tekken 7 2 17 Best Tekken 7 Mods to Install?

Try endless utopia when discussing constantly shifting graphics.

The Elysium stage from Soul Calibur 5 captured our hearts.

The most anticipated boss battle took place in Elysium’s showcase of celestial art, which was nothing short of breathtaking.

Recreate that in Tekken 7, but with endless utopia to take it to a whole new level.

The modification gives Elysium a little more white light, which makes the scene and the battle gorgeous.

You will have to give it your best in the fight of a lifetime due to the mirrored surface, the gloomy skies, and the entrancing distance.

3. Alisa Neon Mint

Alisa Neon Mint 17 Best Tekken 7 Mods to Install?

Another mod for Alisa?

You can already guess where this is going: otakus are smitten with Alisa and her “innocence.”

Get Alisa neon mint mod if you’re not a big lover of lightsabers and would prefer something more eye-catching or bright.

We adore the mod since it alters the lighting on Alisa’s chainsaws and gives her wings neon lights.

Alisa, please be more futuristic and heavenly!

2. Geometric Plane Mod

Geometric Plane Mod 17 Best Tekken 7 Mods to Install?

Have you ever seen the lights change before?

We suggest purchasing a geometric plane mod if you haven’t already.

Fight in a room full of geometric shapes; the only way out of this pit of a stage is to finish the battle as quickly as you can.

Use the geometric plane mod to add a sense of mystery, perplexity, and lighting to your game.

1. Jungle Castle Outpost

04 jungle castle outpost tekken7 17 Best Tekken 7 Mods to Install?

Ever wished for the return of 2-D fighting games yet disliked the contemporary gaming graphics?

Wished to recreate the typical jungle battling scenario from the 1990s?

Get the outpost in the jungle mod.

To add some excitement, have your players engage in combat in the middle of the jungle.

The level in the mod comes in two variations: one is the jungle in day mode, while the other is the jungle in night mode.

Even better, you may play on this stage with others online thanks to the mod’s compatibility with the internet.

But until they have the mod installed, they won’t be experiencing the jungle the same way you would.

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