Super Mario Run Hosting New Crossover With Recently-Released Switch Game

For the second time, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, which was just recently released, is collaborating with Super Mario Run to bring about a crossover event that will bring about new levels and decorations.

Following the surge in popularity that Super Mario Run has received over the past few months, this crossover event shows a continuation of support.

Thanks to a series of successful crossover events, Super Mario Run, which was released in late 2016, has been able to find its footing in recent months.

A crossover event was held between Super Mario Run and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door in March 2024, and between Super Mario Run and Princess Peach: Showtime in the previous month.

Both of these events were held in celebration of the crossover game’s release, and they allowed players of Super Mario Run to complete themed missions and unlock special statues that depicted items and characters from their respective titles, as well as increasing the amount of medals that players could receive for completing different levels.

In honour of the release of Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD on the Switch, Nintendo has provided fans of the Mario series with the opportunity to earn some spooky rewards in Super Mario Run. This is a celebration of the release of the series.

To unlock statues that are all based on iconic imagery from Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, players of Super Mario Run can complete nine different missions that are themed around the game.

Players have a limited time to unlock these rewards by completing these missions and assisting Luigi in his “ghastly foils” The launch of the most recent Loads of Coins event also coincides with this crossover event.

This event provides a boost in the amount of coin rewards that players can receive by winning at Toad Rally. However, players will still receive the same amount of coins as they would normally receive if they lose.

Super Mario Run x Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD Crossover Event Details

  • 1.5x the coin reward when players win at Toad Rally (available until July 12)
  • In-game statues based on Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD (available until August 1)
    • Luigi & Poltergust 5000 Statue (complete three missions)
    • King Boo Statue (complete six missions)
    • Fleeing Polterpup & Luigi Statue (complete nine missions)

Super Mario Run is considered to be a mainline entry in the Super Mario games, but the game’s stat us as a mobile title frequently results in a certain level of dismissal in the eyes of fans.

Nintendo has taken measures to make Super Mario Run more approachable, while at the same time adding additional content such as this for fans to enjoy.

The game is priced at a price that is surprisingly high in comparison to the rest of the mobile games currently available on the market.

That being a Mario fan is currently an exciting time has been demonstrated over the course of the past few years, and it does not appear that this momentum will be stopping any time soon.

It is evident that Nintendo considers Super Mario Run to be an important entry in the series, as it continues to receive updates and events to this day, nearly eight years after it was first released.

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