Sims 4 Lover House: Taylor Swift

Simmers have been making their own versions of the Lover House, which is the famous and colorful house in Taylor Swift’s music video for “Lover.”

Look at this! We all know who Taylor Swift is now.

Since she started making music 20 years ago, the American singer-songwriter has put out a lot of albums and songs.

Most of them have been big hits and topped the music charts. Lover was her seventh studio album, which came out in 2019.

She put out a song with the same name on that record. It has a slow waltz beat and is played with piano, drums, vocals, and strings.

The music video for “Lover” came out in August 2019. It shows a sweet couple living in a bright and beautiful dollhouse inside a snow globe.

It was called the “Lover House,” and it became very famous, especially when Taylor Swift brought it with her on her “Eras Tour.”

Plus, tens of thousands of fans made copies of it in art, drawings, and other ways. The Simmers have also made their own versions of the Lover House in the game, it looks like!

Taylor Swift’s Lover House in The Sims 4

Lover House intro Sims 4 Lover House: Taylor Swift

On March 23, 2024, a person on Twitter who goes by the handle @giftedswifted shared two pictures of the Lover House in a tweet.

The picture on the right was a close-up of the Lover House that was in the music video, and the picture on the left seemed to hint at a Lover House build in The Sims 4.

In the description, that Twitter user asked if the Lover House on the left picture was really made in The Sims 4.

Then, in a message to other users, @giftedswifted confirmed what everyone already thought.

The lovely build came from a Simmer named Daniellebuilds. She was kind enough to put her work in The Sims Gallery.

To get to it, just enter the EA ID daniellebuilds. Really cool, right? Now, anyone can put Taylor Swift’s famous house with an attic in The Sims 4.

How Was The Lover’s House Built?

However, the specifics are still being worked out. We found a real movie that shows how Daniellebuilds built the Lover House in the game.

In the video, she started by putting in the base of the house. Then she worked on the living room, the orange-and-yellow room, and other rooms. Look at this:

Lover House Varients

Now, let’s look at other Simmers who have worked hard on building the Lover House on Twitter! Read this tweet from @feverdreamliz:

@letiredlesbian, another Simmer, made the Lover House, which also looked great.

Actually, it looks like we might also try building the Lover House in The Sims 4.

We hope that we can catch even a small part of it. Dear Simmers, have fun simming!

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