Sims 4: Good Vampire Jobs

There are numerous methods to earn simoleons in The Sims 4.

Both hobbies and careers can be quite profitable if you pursue a good vampire job and offer your Sims the opportunity to earn plenty of simoleons for a fulfilling life, but my focus is on generating income through more imaginative means.

I have a keen interest in earning money as an Occult Sim.

I’ve always found it challenging to balance my regular hobbies or career with my Sims’ supernatural lifestyles.

I am interested in exploring supernatural elements and would like to find ways to earn money that align with my Sims’ occult lifestyles.

Today, I will share some effective methods to earn money as a vampire in The Sims 4.

There are ethical and unethical methods.

Here are Some of the Good Vampire Jobs

5. Sell Vampire Concoctions

good vampire 5 Sims 4: Good Vampire Jobs

To achieve this, your good vampire should focus on mastering Vampire Lore and dedicating significant time to gardening.

The effort will be well worth it in the end! You can earn a good amount of simoleons by selling the cocktails that your vampire has brewed.

Your good vampires will become skilled in specialized mixology techniques as they progress in their Vampire Lore talent. You can discover all these recipes, which are suitable for any bar, by reaching level 15.

Gardening is required as specific plants are necessary for each recipe.

We will require a substantial amount of garlic! They will feel quite unhappy for the remainder of the evening without the Garlic Immunity ability, so it is definitely essential.

If you have the Get To Work expansion pack, you can set up a retail shop.

Alternatively, you can sell your creations using a market table from any expansion pack. It’s okay if you don’t have any expansions, though! Just provide beverages available for purchase.

Reasons Why Selling Vampire Concoctions is Ideal for Good Vampires:

  • For all the recipes your vampire can create, focus on leveling up the Vampire Lore skill to its highest level.
  • They will improve their gardening skills and increase their chances of selling valuable ingredients for a high price.
  • By using expansion packs, players have the option to set up a market stall or venture into a retail business, which can bring in higher profits compared to selling items directly from inventory.
  • You don’t have to go outside during the day since it’s easy to do at night.

4. Secret Agent

good vampire 4 Sims 4: Good Vampire Jobs

Once you reach Secret Agent level 10, your vampire’s working hours will be from 2:00 PM to 12:00 AM. They can easily walk from home to work, allowing them to sleep in until it’s time to start their day.

The world is full of possibilities when they return at noon! It’s common knowledge that vampires have a strong aversion to daylight.

This career is a perfect match for them. You can also earn a significant amount of money!

Reasons Why Secret Agent is Perfect for Vampires:

  • They work from 2 p.m. to midnight, so they only need to step out in the sunlight on their way to work. This implies there is no requirement to venture outdoors during daylight hours.
  • Arrive back at midnight and enjoy the entire night to engage in other activities, like playing the pipe organ to earn some additional simoleons.
  • Becoming a secret agent can lead to a lucrative career, ensuring your vampire’s financial success.

3. Freelancing

good vampire 3 Sims 4: Good Vampire Jobs

One possible job for a vampire who can’t go out during the day is freelancing. They offer very flexible work schedules, enabling employees to work at night and rest during the day.

As a Freelancer, your vampire can select their preferred skill to specialize in and make a substantial income! They can also practice their less desirable behaviors, such as hacking into mainframes.

Individuals can generate income through various avenues like publishing and licensing books, hacking mainframes, developing apps, and leveraging their freelance skills.

Why Freelancing is perfect for creatures of the night:

  • Your vampire can perform their activities at any time, so they don’t need to go outside during the day.
  • Freelancers have access to a diverse set of skills, which can determine whether they excel or fall short in their work.
  • One way to increase earnings is by receiving royalties and enhancing skills in hacking objects.

2. Criminal

good vampire 2 Sims 4: Good Vampire Jobs

Arriving at work late at night and leaving early the next morning is common practice for a criminal. This is perfect for vampires who can’t go out during the day!

Considering that vampires are not typically seen as “good” creatures, this profession is perfect for them. They can hone their wicked skills and reap significant rewards in the process! Meanwhile, the CEO will earn §445 per hour and won’t even have to work outdoors.

Reasons Criminal is Perfect for Vampires:

  • Working at night means you don’t have to worry about going out during the day.
  • Unpleasant interactions are second nature to vampires due to their inherent malevolence. To progress in this career, exhibit unkind behavior.

1. Pipe Organist

good vampire 1 Sims 4: Good Vampire Jobs

Exciting new musical instruments featured in the Vampires game pack include pipe organs. During the night, vampires have plenty of free time, so it’s crucial for them to maximize it.

While playing the pipe organ is a delightful pastime, it would be unproductive if no income were generated from it.

Take your vampire outside at night to practice their skills; maybe they can learn some tips from passersby.

It can also be quite generously compensated!

Your vampire could potentially gain fame with the Get Famous expansion pack, boosting their income significantly. If you prefer not to perform regularly, you can still earn daily royalties by writing songs that can be licensed.

Reasons why Pipe Organist is perfect for Vampires:

  • Because vampires cannot go out during the day, they have the opportunity to work all night and make a living.
  • When you’re on stage, gather advice from the crowd and make a good amount of cash when you excel.
  • They have the opportunity to achieve fame and increase their simoleons with the Get Famous expansion pack.
  • When your vampire reaches level 8 in the Pipe Organ skill, they can start licensing the songs they write to receive royalties, which will boost their revenue.

Final Words

I hope I’ve provided you with some fresh ideas for exploring vampires in different and profitable ways!

How do vampires sustain themselves?

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