Sims 4: Castle CC, Mods, & Lots

Building castles is a natural part of The Sims 4 experience.

Being the most accommodating option in the series, numerous skilled CC‘ers have crafted breathtaking castles – both unique and influenced by structures in movies, television, and games.

Regrettably (and without any blame on the creators), many of these builds lack furnishings due to the limited availability of furniture suitable for castles.

And although that’s accurate in-game, we’re thrilled to reveal some castle CC items that will enhance the beauty of those castle builds even further (and we’ll even provide some pre-made lots here, in case you prefer not to build a castle from scratch).

Here are Some of The Best Sims 4 Castle CC, Mods, & Lots

15. Breath Of The Wild Hyrule Castle

15 1 Sims 4: Castle CC, Mods, & Lots

Those familiar with The Legend of Zelda series will easily recognize this expansive castle from the most recent installment, Breath of the Wild.

This custom Hyrule Castle by SatiSim is an incredibly accurate recreation of the game’s castle, both inside and out.

We are truly impressed by the tremendous effort and skill that went into completing this enormous project. We are delighted to highly recommend the incredible final product for download.

Additionally, you have the option to conveniently download this collection directly from the gallery!

Simply search for SatiSim and locate the lot name (it will be on a 64×64 lot). No custom content was used, but it’s recommended to have the same packs as the creator to fully enjoy the lot.

14. Castle Stokesay

14 1 Sims 4: Castle CC, Mods, & Lots

When it comes to Germany, this Castle Stokesay lot by Velouriah is a magnificent estate designed with Windenburg in mind.

This 30×40 lot is ideal for historical Simmers who prefer a more traditional setting, as it offers a charming absence of electronics.

Sims rely on candles for illumination and books for their amusement, among other things.

This download is perfect for those who are looking for a ready-made home for their specific gameplay needs. It saves you the time and effort of building one from scratch.

All you need is Get Together to use it.

And even though the lot comes with a hefty price tag, there’s no problem that can’t be solved by freerealestate!

13. Castle Build Mode Set

13 1 Sims 4: Castle CC, Mods, & Lots

Let’s kick off this list with the Castle Build Mode Set by FelixAndre.

Here are some exterior decor items that add a unique touch to castles and sprawling mansions:

The building features two story gothic windows, a pinnacle, a buttress, gothic vaults, and a gable.

It also features a dome, arch, and window reminiscent of Scherwin Castle, a captivating castle situated in Germany.

This set is perfect for those who want to elevate their aesthetic and take their castle-building skills to new heights.

12. Atelier Castle Set

11 1 Sims 4: Castle CC, Mods, & Lots

Introducing another masterpiece from FelixAndres, drawing inspiration from the magnificent Scherwin Castle in Germany.

The Atelier Castle Set includes a total of 11 items that can be used in both build and buy mode.

The build mode items consist of a tower and tower base, a roof window, and three different types of wallpaper.

The buy mode includes two chairs, a statue, plants, a candle, and a custom fireplace.

Every item comes with a range of swatches, ranging from one to 20. To make use of these swatches, you’ll need to have the Vampires and Dine Out packs in your possession.

11. Rococo Portraits

Castle CC 11 Sims 4: Castle CC, Mods, & Lots

The Rococo style of fashion and art played a crucial role in shaping the aesthetics of the 18th century.

If you were a fan of The Sims during that time, you’ll definitely appreciate these Rococo Portraits by HistoricalSimsLife.

This set of six portraits features Sims created by the artist, showcasing three men and three women who exude an air of elegance and sophistication.

Everyone is dressed in a way that perfectly suits the time period, enhancing the immersive experience.

You’ll be able to locate these in the buy mode under paintings, priced at §500.

10. Palace Dining Set

10 5 Sims 4: Castle CC, Mods, & Lots

What is a castle without grandeur and regality?

StrangeStorytellerSims’s palace CC dining set is a magnificent collection of 8 exquisite furnishings that would perfectly adorn the grandest castles in the realm.

Take your pick from a variety of options including two dining tables (small and large), dining chairs, a wine table, fireplace, and more.

There are an impressive 151 swatches in this collection, but my preferred color scheme is the timeless gold and blue.

9. Castle Dress CC

Castle CC 9 Sims 4: Castle CC, Mods, & Lots

We’ve explored castles and their various decorations.

But let’s shift our focus to the world of fashion.

This custom castle dress from HeavendyCC is absolutely stunning, featuring a trailing hemline and an elegant open v-neck.

The nipped waist and bell-shaped skirt are designed to flatter all figures.

This dress is perfect for sending your royal Sims to a glamorous ball or dinner party, where they’re sure to make a stunning impression.

It’s also compatible with Maxis-Match style, offers a selection of seven colors, and can be used with the base game.

8. Cinderella Castle

8 castle cc Sims 4: Castle CC, Mods, & Lots

This Cinderella Castle build created by Cm_11778 is a true masterpiece of Disney magic, whether you choose to include the infamous stepmother and stepsisters or let Cinderella luxuriate alone. It captures the essence of Disney perfection.

The castle is situated on a 50×50 lot and boasts five generously-sized bedrooms, three bathrooms, a formal dining room, a music room, and numerous other features.

If you’re interested, this incredible masterpiece comes with a price tag of approximately §270,000.

Well, it’s worth mentioning that it’s base-game compatible and doesn’t require any custom content!

7. More Fireplace Sets

Castle CC 7 Sims 4: Castle CC, Mods, & Lots

Fireplaces were a common feature in the living quarters of castles.

And the more luxurious, the better.

We have previously shared several custom fireplace CC for The Sims 4, but AnnaQuinn’s Fireplace Sets pack provides an additional option:

A fireplace and matching mantelpiece adorned with intricate gold accents and exquisite detailing.

This game features top-notch quality, and the fireplace mantelpiece is cleverly designed as a wall decal.

Make sure to have Seasons and City Living installed before adding this to your game.

We have a total of three swatches for the mantelpiece and six for the fireplace. But as always, feel free to inform us if you come across anything else while playing.

6. Famous Bust Sculptures

Castle CC 6 Sims 4: Castle CC, Mods, & Lots

If you’re interested in having some real-life historical figures showcased in your castle, then you should definitely take a look at these 10 Famous Bust Sculptures.

This collection of busts features a diverse range of renowned individuals from history, including Adonis, Hercules, and Charles Dickens. It is a collaborative effort between creators Scan The World, Tom Flynn, and Museo Nazionale.

These meshes are of high quality, but they are not quite alpha level. They would easily blend in with any style of gameplay.

Each bust is available in three different swatches – gray, golden, and darken. Plus, they are compatible with the base game.

5. Crustal Chandeliers Set

Castle CC 5 Sims 4: Castle CC, Mods, & Lots

The third entry on our list is from StrangeStorytellerSim, and we want to emphasize just how remarkable this creator is at crafting historical CC.

This Crystal Chandelier CC is absolutely stunning.

Adorned with sparkling crystals and a multitude of flickering candles, this exquisite piece is the perfect complement to the dining room or main entrance of any castle.

It comes in three different sizes and offers a wide range of 66 color options. Plus, it’s compatible with the base game.

4. Sectional Library

Castle CC 4 Sims 4: Castle CC, Mods, & Lots

We consider it completely official, even though it may not be explicitly stated:

A library is an essential component of any castle.

Introducing another creation by StrangeStorytellerSim, the “Sectional Library”.

This impressive collection boasts a staggering 68 items, featuring expansive bookshelves that reach from floor to ceiling, a grand desk, library steps, and many other remarkable pieces.

If that’s not exciting enough, the entire set can be enjoyed without needing any additional expansion packs.

Just the base game is all you need to use it!

3. TS4 Historical Portraits

Castle CC 3 Sims 4: Castle CC, Mods, & Lots

The art within castles is truly captivating.

Art provides a glimpse into the rich history of every castle.

HistoryLover’s custom historical portraits feature vintage-themed photos of Sims with a Maxis-Match style.

They will bring a sense of intrigue and curiosity to your castle walls.

One great aspect of this set is that it allows for a lot of flexibility in terms of the Sims’ historical backgrounds. You can have Sims from different eras in history, which adds a lot of room for creative play.

The artwork features a delightful collection of four Sims along with an adorable dog and cat, resulting in a charming set of six portraits.

These can be found in the painting category in buy mode for §500.

2. Fountainebleau Boiserie For TS4

Castle CC 2 Sims 4: Castle CC, Mods, & Lots

When we think of castles, we often imagine the beautiful wallpaper and paintings adorning the walls.

There are not many wallpapers made by EA that meet the requirements.

The Fontainebleau Boiserie wallpaper set by RegalSims is a delightful present for creators of custom content castles.

This white and gold wallpaper draws inspiration from the interior design of a room created for Marie Antionette. It showcases a variety of designs, including angel-like imagery and foliage, making it a perfect choice for any base-game setting.

Additionally, there are two distinct paintings that will beautifully complement the wallpaper.

1. Beauty and The Beast Castle

Castle CC 1 Sims 4: Castle CC, Mods, & Lots

Welcome, Disney fans!

This incredible masterpiece by MychQQQ is a stunning replica of the magical castle from Disney’s beloved film, Beauty and the Beast.

This 64×64 lot is beautifully furnished, with furniture that closely resembles or matches its source material.

Here, you’ll find four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two living rooms, and the renowned kitchen with the impressively long dining table – all included.

And although it’s the priciest lot on this list, coming in at a total price of §630,000, it’s definitely worth every simoleon.

Don’t forget to review the creator notes and required categories prior to downloading!

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