Sims 4: Best High School Mods

In July 2022, The Sims 4: High School Years was officially launched. With the launch of this twelfth expansion pack for the game, players can revisit high school and guide their teen sims as they explore new features to shape their ideal lives.

However, we believe the most enjoyable way to experience this expansion pack is by incorporating additional mods to enhance the experiences of our teen sims and introducing school-related mods to elevate the gameplay!

We have gathered the top TS4 mods for school and teens that we believe will interest you! Feel free to check out our list below and download all of them!

Here are Some of The Best Sims 4 Better High School Mods

10. ILLKAVELLE: Check Today’s Events and Sneak Out

School Mod 10 Sims 4: Best High School Mods

We occasionally dream of our sims skipping school and going somewhere else with their friends!

Now users can easily do so with this neat mod created by Ilkavelle.

Users will have the option on their phones to “Check Today’s Events.” If an intriguing event is taking place, there’s a chance to slip away and pay a visit.

9. REX: Choose High School Classmates

School Mod 9 Sims 4: Best High School Mods

This mod simplifies the school life of our sims, making it more convenient. Rex developed this mod to stop the game from generating random classmates daily in High School classes.

By using this mod, we can select the “Choose High School Classmates” option and designate certain teens to join our sims in their daily classes.

8. MSQSIMS: Short School Hours For Teenagers Mod

School Mod 8 Sims 4: Best High School Mods

This mod is created by MSQSims. This feature enables a straightforward adjustment for school and teen activities in the game, allowing teenage sims to attend school for a brief duration.

Now, school hours for them are from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Wow!

The teenagers could then dedicate additional time to their part-time jobs or extracurricular activities.

7. SPARKLIMARI: Adult Jobs For Teen

School Mod 7 Sims 4: Best High School Mods

Picture your teenage sims balancing work and school simultaneously for a well-rounded life! Now, users can access this mod developed by Sparklymari, an updated version of the mod originally created by Telford called “Drop Out of Highschool and Get a Real Job.”

With this straightforward mod, your teenage sims can now find employment just like adult sims.

Sure thing! Teenage sims are now able to apply for and work in all careers featured in the game.

6. ILLKAVELLE: Teen Aspirations Bundle Mod

School Mod 6 Sims 4: Best High School Mods

This mod is a fantastic addition to TS4 High School Years! Four new aspirations are now available specifically for teenage sims in the game.

Embark on the Prom Royalty aspiration, where your sim must strive to gain popularity and win the coveted prom crown. Next, the Overachiever aspiration challenges your sim to excel as a student.

Next, the aspiration Towards Independence motivates your sim to face adult decisions at a young age.

Finally, the Teenage Rebellion aspiration is designed for sims who wish to channel their rebellious spirit to navigate their teenage years.

5. ZERBU: Sims 4 Go To School Mod Pack V5

school mod 5 Sims 4: Best High School Mods

This mod, The Go-To School, has been established for a considerable period of time.

Zerbu recently updated this mod to version 5. Similar to the High School Years feature for teen sims, this mod enables children sims to attend a realistic elementary school with classes taught by teacher sims.

Each day brings new and exciting subjects to learn about.

When it comes to the elementary school, you have the option to either design your own school lots or choose from the ones already in the gallery.

4. KIARASIMS4MODS: School Activities Mod

School Mod 4 1 Sims 4: Best High School Mods

This mod by Kiarasims has been around since before The Sims 4: High School Years was released. In the latter, players can have their sims participate in various afterschool activities such as cheerleading, chess, computer, and football.

This mod allows your children and teen sims to participate in post-school activities similar to how adult sims pursue a career. Activities have designated days and hours.

Students at your school can participate in a variety of activities such as ballet, dance club, debate club, karate, volleyball, and the yearbook club!

3. TRIPLIS: Rejoin or Quit School For Teen and Child

school mod 3 Sims 4: Best High School Mods

This mod, created by Triplis, allows sims to leave school at any time and return if they choose to!

Within the Career menu on your phone, you’ll now see the choices to “Join School” or “Quit School” for your sims.

Moreover, a neat aspect of this mod is that your child sims who receive very low grades will not be at risk of being sent away!

Phew, our laid-back sim kids can finally relax.

2. KAWAIISTACIE: Education System Bundle

school mod 2 Sims 4: Best High School Mods

Kawaiistacie, a creator of custom content and mods, developed a school mod that significantly improves the educational aspects and gameplay of The Sims 4.

This bundle includes 4 mods designed for school use. This modification enables toddlers to attend school. This mod enhances school interactions.

This mod enables students to enhance their skills while completing their homework. Meanwhile, the Online Schooling mod allows students to participate in virtual classes.

1. TRIPLIS: Teen Traits Mod

school mod 1 Sims 4: Best High School Mods

This mod from Triplis is simple—it provides 8 new packs of traits specifically for teen sims in the game!

Every pack is intricate and one-of-a-kind, offering fresh teen-related features, enhancements, and emotional states.

There are various trait packs available in this mod that will definitely keep you entertained while dealing with your teens, such as Goody Two Shoes, Emotional Conduit, Walking Punchline, and Frenzied Rebel.

Final Words

The Better School mod enhances the realism of school in Sims 4.

Not every interaction will result in you excelling academically, but likewise, not every interaction will hinder your academic progress.

You have the freedom to select the interactions you engage in and the outcomes you will achieve.

I hope I’ve persuaded you to try out this mod in your own gameplay!

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