Sims 4: Best Careers With High Salary

There are other factors besides salary that contribute to becoming wealthy in your career.

For example, even if they don’t make it to the top 5 in terms of weekly salary, certain professions provide more valuable rewards for advancing than those ranked higher.

Considering the overall monetary benefits, reward unlocks and Simoleon bonuses should be a key factor to focus on, particularly if your main aim is to increase your Simoleon count.

It’s crucial to delve into the unique aspects of each career, understand what to anticipate, and discover additional perks and rewards that can boost your earnings.

Let’s get right into it and find the top-paying careers in Sims 4.

Here are Some of The Best Careers With a High Salary

10. Social Media (Public Relations): $12,684

10 2 Sims 4: Best Careers With High Salary

Contrary to other Careers in The Sims 4, Social Media expands early in the ranks, requiring players to make a choice between two paths.

Although the Internet Personality branch provides a fair amount of Simoleons, the Public Relations branch offers more money.

Achieving the top rank in this field is crucial in order to advance to the Spin Doctor rank in Public Relations.

By increasing your Writing and Charisma skills, you can earn $453 per hour, totaling $3,171 per week or an impressive $12,684 per month.

9. Diamond Agent (Secret Agent): $12,780

9 Sims 4: Best Careers With High Salary

The Secret Agent is also a career in the base game. It’s interesting that one of its branches has 11 ranks instead of the usual 10.

Similar to other careers in The Sims 4, the Secret Agent career offers two branches: Diamond Agent and Villain.

Both will begin by browsing intelligence as their daily task.

When players reach the final rank of the initial branch, the Sim will have a 15-hour shift three days a week. Simmers earn $284 per hour, totaling $4,260 per day or $12,780 per week.

Developing strong Charisma and Logic Skills is crucial for success in the Diamond Agent branch.

8. Villain (Secret Agent): $12,875

career 8 Sims 4: Best Careers With High Salary

The Secret Agent Career is known for its two branches that offer competitive salaries. The Diamond Agent was previously referenced.

Let’s discuss the Villain branch now.

This branch is perfect for players who enjoy a bit of mischief. To get promoted, you need to increase your Logic and Mischief Skills by engaging in Mischievous Interactions with other Sims.

Reaching rank 11 will grant players a salary of $515/hour, $2,575/day, or $12,875/week. They will work a five-hour shift, five days per week.

This location provides a higher salary and has a significantly shorter work shift compared to the Diamond Agent position.

7. Investor (Business): $12,992

career 7 Sims 4: Best Careers With High Salary

Many find the Business Career dull as Sims spend most of their time completing reports or handling business calls.

It can be quite useful when players conduct research on stocks and then invest in them to earn some extra Simoleons.

Once Sims reach level seven of this Career, they will have two branches to choose from: Investor and Management.

Upon reaching level 10 in the Investor branch, Sims will transition into the role of an Angel Investor, working four days a week for eight hours each day.

They will receive $406 per hour, totaling $3,248 per day or $12,992 per week.

6. Trend Setter (Style Influencer): $13,530

career 2 Sims 4: Best Careers With High Salary

Both branches of the Style Influencer have a competitive salary compared to other careers, with Trend Setter being one of them.

Players can select one once they reach level five in the Style Influencer Career. This branch is ideal for Simmers who enjoy creating unique clothing styles.

Upon reaching the maximum level in the Trend Setter branch, players will begin earning $451 per hour.

That means they are earning $2,706 per day or $13,530 per week, which is quite impressive for a work-from-home career.

Even though it’s remote, there’s still a set schedule: a six-hour shift for five days every week.

5. Civic Planner (Civil Designer): $14,000

career 5 Sims 4: Best Careers With High Salary

The Civil Designer Career is included in the Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack. If players enjoy making plans to transform their neighborhood to be more environmentally conscious or are passionate about recycling and fabrication, this Career is a perfect fit for them.

There are two branches available: Civic Planner and Green Technician. When reaching rank 10, The Civic Planner Simmers will receive $350 per hour, totaling $3,500 per day or $14,000 per week.

The Sim will serve as a City Master Planner for four days a week, working a 10-hour shift. The Sim will be away for most of the day due to a long shift, so please remember that.

4. Botanist (Gardener): $14,700

career 4 Sims 4: Best Careers With High Salary

The Gardener Career is included in the Seasons Expansion Pack. Players have the option to choose between going to work or working from home one hour before their shift begins.

At level four, this career expands into Botanist and Floral Designer paths. The first one is based on the Gardening Skill, while the second one is based on the Flower Arranging Skill.

Regrettably, Botanist is the only branch that provides a good income. At level 10, players are expected to work a seven-hour shift, five days a week.

Their hourly salary will be $420. Put simply, the cost is $2,940 per day or $14,700 per week.

3. Interstellar Smuggler (Astronaut): $14,868

career 3 Sims 4: Best Careers With High Salary

Being an astronaut in The Sims 4 is incredibly engaging and exciting. Players often explore space and engage with extraterrestrial beings.

Given the unpredictable nature of Aliens, Simmers may encounter amusing or frightening scenarios.

This profession offers two options: Interstellar Smuggler and Space Ranger. If you’re looking to venture into space and earn a good income, the first option is the way to go.

When they reach level 10, they will be working nine hours a day, four days a week.

The hourly rate is $413, and the daily rate is $3,717. This allows players to earn $14,868 per week.

2. Stylist (Style Influencer): $15,000

career 6 Sims 4: Best Careers With High Salary

It’s interesting to note that the Stylist branch of the Style Influencer Career offers a higher salary compared to the Trend Setter branch.

Both branches require a variety of skills such as writing, painting, and charisma to advance.

Both branches are quite similar, but the Stylist branch will grant access to certain interactions sooner than the second branch.

Upon reaching rank six in the Style Influencer Career, Simmers will unlock the Stylist branch.

After reaching rank 10, players will need to ensure their Sim works five days a week for six hours each day.

They will receive $500 per hour, $3,000 per day, or $15,000 per week.

1. Officer (Military): $16,880

career 1 Sims 4: Best Careers With High Salary

When The Sims 4 Strangerville came out, numerous new features were introduced. One option is pursuing a Military Career.

This profession currently boasts the highest salary compared to all others.

There are two branches available for Sims to choose from once they reach level six. The salary is equal in both branches.

First up is the Officer branch. Simmers typically work eight hours a day, five days a week.

Regarding the Covert Operator branch, the schedule consists of eight-hour shifts over four days each week. Players receive $422 per hour or $3,376 per day in both branches.

Every week, an officer earns $16,880.

Final Words

Here is our detailed comparison and ranking of the most lucrative careers in Sims 4, which we hope has provided you with some valuable insights.

The selection is varied, catering to all Sims in your neighborhood, offering work-from-home and creative opportunities as well as real-life professions such as Doctors or Attorneys.

You are the expert on your Sim and game objectives, giving you the power to determine what is most valuable to you.

Enjoy your time playing!

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