10 Best Pokémon Subreddits For Pokemon Fans

Everyone has a good time with Pokémons. The fact that it is unique and has fans all over the world makes it even more amazing and rare.

Pokémon was a series of video games made by Nintendo that first came out in 1996 in Japan.

After becoming the world’s most popular video game series, second only to Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros.

In the world of video games, not every game is as great as Pokémon.

There are many other games on the internet, but I have a list of Pokémon Subreddits for you guys. Join if you like Pokemon right now and have fun.

I don’t know what you guys think of the list, but I’m sure and can promise that if you look through it, you’ll find more things that will make you happy and give you something to do with your time.

10. r/PokemonConspiracies


In support of the moderators of r/IAMA and other subreddits, this one has gone private. These experts on Pokémon try to figure out the truth behind every mystery in the Pokémon series.

Have you ever thought about why some Pokémon characters don’t talk or why they look so different?

And if you’re interested in these kinds of things like I am, you’ll find some great stuff here that’s worth reading.

9. r/PokemonTrades


This subreddit is the only focus on trading with legitimate Pokémon. 

Moderators of this Pokemon subreddit have very strict rules to keep everything in check & clean this subreddit has an absolute ban on selling Pokemon & hacks.

But don’t worry if don’t like rules then I have one more subreddit for you guys r/PokemonPlaza.

8. r/PokemonGiveaway


So, you want to give a boost to your pokedex with minimum or no effort and you also don’t have any thing to offer for your needed Pokemon then this subriddit is best for you.

You can discover a few giveaways of Pokérus-contaminated beasts on the off chance that you want some fast level-ups in new save files then this place is you go to.

7. r/PokemonGo


There is some main subreddit for almost every type of content. For example if you wanted to share with someone about latest updates of the game or maybe you find some bugs while playing or maybe some active events then this is the place to go.

You will also experience a lot more adventurous things by meeting people and sharing your moments. 

6. r/PokeMemes


I know how hard it is to train your Pokémon and teach it everything. But only these Reddit communities work for that purpose.

Here you can find different things, and some of them are hard to understand unless you know a lot about them. These things will make you laugh and teach you how to make your Pokémon better.

This Reddit community won’t help you train your Pokémon, but it will give you something to do in the meantime.

5. r/PkmnTCG


Way back to school playground and stores that are the only places where we can discuss it but all thanks to internet now for this also.

We have a wonderful community where you can help the newbies and keep the PTCG (Pokémon Trading Card Game) community active and healthy.

4. r/ShittyPokestops


Pokemon Go is the most experimental game in the gaming industry. That leads to something reasonable of strange humor.

If you are looking for some of the weird things in Pokemon the this subreddit is the place for you here you can share something like an unreachable pokestops, some descriptions and may be a strange choice for any location.

But the most fun part is sending weird gifts from some kind of absurd Pokestops.

3. r/Pokemon


And now this is the Pokémon subreddit that we can never miss from this list.

These Reddit don’t have anything unique but it’s the most largest Pokémon fan community subreddit and also the most updated.

Breaking news to new milestones or funny memes to fan thories you can find it all in this place.

You also can plan to meet up likewise the other Reddit’s and share your stories with them.

2. r/PokemonGoSnap


This Reddit really has a catch let me tell you how?  On this Reddit, you can capture your Pokémon from lots of interesting places within the game’s AR features.

And let me tell you, this subreddit is one of the most active PokéGO subreddit if you like to be updated.

1. r/TheSilphRoad


So, the top player on the list of Reddit’s is The Silph Road hub that is dedicated to organizing, maintaining, & creating Pokémon GO communities.

Likewise other Reddit here also you can make friends, meet them, and your best experience with them.

This is an awesome Pokemon subreddit which inspire whole reddit communities as well.

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