Pokemon GO Player Catches Rare Pokemon, But There’s a Catch

To their surprise, a Pokemon GO player discovered that the Galarian Zapdos they caught was a nundo. Pokémon GO has more than 800 Pokemon, but some of them are hard to find.

Many encounters with these Pokemon are celebrated by players, and some stories that are funny and unexpected happen at the same time.

Three of the most-wanted Pokemon by Pokemon GO players are Galarian Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

Galarian Birds are in high demand not only because they are Legendary, but also because they are incredibly hard to find and catch. Using Pokemon GO’s Daily Adventure Incense is the only way to find a Galarian Bird.

The Galarian Bird, which has a high flee rate, presents another challenge for the player who succeeds. Getting one of the Galarian Birds is hard, but one Pokemon GO trainer did something unexpected while successfully battling one of these Pokemon wit.

Reddit user Toast2Toasty caught a Galarian Zapdos, but they were shocked to discover that it was a nundo when they looked at the Pokemon’s stats.

The player posted a picture of the Galarian Bird they caught for the first time, which they won after getting out of the Poke Ball three times.

Kanto Zapdos has pointed yellow feathers, but Galarian Zapdos is very different. The Legendary in Galar takes on red-orange plumage, and its legs are longer and stronger than Kantonian Zapdos’.

Pokemon GO Trainer “Lucky and Unlucky” to Catch Nundo Galarian Zapdos

Other players told them in the comments that the nundo Galarian Zapdos is just as rare as the regular version, even though they were upset that they hadn’t been able to catch one.

Shundo Pokemon are highly sought after because they have perfect IVs, making them great for battle. Nundo Pokemon, on the other hand, have no attack, defense, or health points, making them a trainer’s last resort in Pokemon battles.

Despite this, nundo Pokemon are just as rare and valuable because they have zero IVs.

Galarian Birds have appeared in unexpected stories in Pokemon GO before, such as the time Galarian Zapdos was caught with a regular Poke Ball. Another train had an encounter with Galarian Articuno, but it was at the worst possible time because they didn’t have the Master Ball yet.

While they were able to obtain one of the rarest Pokemon in Niantic’s game, Toast2Toasty’s capture was both fun and frustrating because it was in a form that was not good for combat. Even so, it’s still unique, making it a valuable addition for the Pokemon GO trainer.

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