Nana Anime Watch Order Guide

Nana, an anime designed to make us question our lives after we reach our 20s. The dreams, hopes, and aspirations that we nurture during our teenage years and then question whether they’re worthwhile.

In the world of manga, it is filled with super-powered teenagers fighting for supremacy to end their battle.

We can also watch Nana, which is a shoujo-based anime specially designed for adults and young millennials who want to watch it. The show hit its emotional triggers more strongly than any other animated film or series.

The show tells the story of two girls who are named Nana. They each have dreams and hopes for what they want to achieve in their lives, but they are bound by brutal realities.

The girls find their true selves only when they embark on the dark and harrowing path of what they would like to be.

The animation was taken from the manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Ai Yazawa.

About Nana

Nana is a well-known manga written by Ai Yazawa. Cookie magazine published it in serial form between 2000 and 2009. The 21 volumes that it had were later printed by Shueisha.

Two girls with identical names, Nana Komatsu and Nana Osaki, can meet coincidentally. Komatsu has relocated to Tokyo to live the dream of college life.

Osaki was a member of a punk rock group and moved to Tokyo to pursue her dream of becoming a professional singer. As they both pursue their desires, their fates become interspersed with theirs.

The first episode of the series was launched in April of 2006 and ran for one season, with three recaps and 47 episodes. There is no news on a new season as well, as the show has been off the air for a decade.

Let’s find out more about this slice-of-lifestyle show and the best way to enjoy it.

Nana Anime Watch Order Guide

Order of Release

  1. TV Series
  • Nana (2006–2007)
  1. Other Media
  • Nana (2005) (Live Action)
  • Nana 2 (2006) (Live Action)

Where Can You Stream Nana in Subtitles or With Dubbing?

The animated series Nana can be streamed via Amazon Prime Video, as well as those who subscribe to Amazon, can stream the show.

People who like subtitles will enjoy it since Amazon does not provide this show with subtitles.

The anime series is returning to full HD format, as Sentai Filmworks has acquired the license.

The anime will be available through select digital channels and is expected to be followed shortly by home videos.

Are you able to download and view Nana offline?

Yes, viewers can download and stream Nana online.

To download episodes on Amazon Prime, one must have access to the Prime Video App for iOS, Android, or Windows.

How long is Required to Entertain Nana?

The show has only released one season, which has over 37 episodes and 3 reviews. 

It will take about 19 hours and 10 minutes to complete the entire season.

The live-action and animated films have a running time of 228 minutes, i.e., the duration is 3 hours 48 minutes.


With only one episode, it is clear that you’ll only have to see the first season to get to know the two Nanas.

The live-action movies do not have a connection to the anime, and they are an entirely different source of their own.

The first season doesn’t conclude the series, and the fans around me are eagerly awaiting news about any future installments of this series.

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