Low Grip tires in GTA Online: All you need to know

Drive is a key part of the Grand Theft Auto 5 experience, which is not surprising given that the name of the game includes the term “Auto.” However, because Rockstar has been concentrating on other aspects of the game’s development, the process of drifting in the game has not been especially straightforward.

GTA TYRES Low Grip tires in GTA Online: All you need to know

This was the case in the past; however, with the release of the Los Santos Tuners update for Grand Theft Auto Online, a modification was inserted into the game that contained low grip tires. This alteration was implemented.

If you have these tires, you will have a much easier time sliding around corners, just like you would in a movie about action sports.

However, despite the fact that the tires are excellent, a significant number of players are interested in learning where they may acquire low-grip tires for Grand Theft Auto Online. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as you might think it is!


Getting low grip tires in Grand Theft Auto Online requires you to first get into the car that you plan to equip with the tires, and then proceed to the LS Car Meet warehouse.

Once you have the tires, you can then acquire them. The business is located in the areas of Cypress Flats, East Los Santos, and Popular Street, for the advantage of individuals who are not aware of its location.

In the event that you do not already possess a membership to the automobile meet, you will be needed to pay a charge of fifty thousand dollars in order to acquire one.

In spite of the fact that anything like this would appear to be a lot, there are a great many different approaches to make money by playing online games.

It will be necessary for you to access the menu for your vehicle once you have settled in thoroughly. Within the interaction menu, it is one of the options that can be chosen from among the available possibilities.

It is recommended that you look for the option to modify your vehicle when the menu displays. In the event that you do not have access to that particular option, you should be able to resolve the issue by leaving the meeting and then coming back to it from a different location.

Once you have reached the modding menu, which offers elements that are comparable to those of other vehicle customization options, all that is required of you is to select Wheels, then Tires, and finally Low Grip Tires. In order to acquire them, you will be need to pay GTA $50K.

When you have completed the installation of the low grip tires in Grand Theft Auto Online, you have successfully completed the installation.

In spite of the fact that they were developed specifically for drifting, the tires are not appropriate for any other activity. Your aim of winning races is going to be difficult to achieve if you are driving on tires that have a low grip. This is because you will have a difficult time achieving your goal.

If you have this new set of wheels, it will be quite easy for you to spin out of control. On the other hand, these are the best options for drift kings in the Grand Theft Auto Online environment since they enable them to drive all over the streets and around corners in a manner that is not permitted by the law.


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