21 Best Websites to Watch Korean Drama

As a K- drama lover I must tell you one thing, finding Drama is not only thing you need to worry about but finding good website for watching Korean drama series with subtitles that’s even harder.

We stumble upon on many websites in our Korean drama website hunt every day But, for your guys I have 21 Websites to Watch Korean Drama with subtitles.

, and we have created this list that will save you time now lets get back on the list without wasting any more time.

So, Here are 21 best Websites to Watch Korean Drama online.

21. WeTV


WeTv one of the amazing platforms to watch Korean and other Asian original popular shows, Drama, and variety shows.

It turned out to be in a flash famous among all the sites to watch Korean shows in Asia.

WeTV not only restricted to the website but it is additionally running as an App. Also, despite paid shows, there are many free programs.

20. Kissasian


This site is truly one of the best regarding free online Korean drama content among different sites. The Collection of the show is very high.

Despite the fact that the site gives all kinds of shows from old school to new ones with great quality highlights and updated subtitles.

An extraordinary aspect concerning this site is, it is accessible in the vast majority of the nations over the globe and is allowed to watch with no sign-in required.

19. Fastdrama


The FastDrama is a site that goes under a nice stage where you can discover well-known shows, particularly with great video quality.

The site is likewise accessible in many nations. The main hurdle is the advertisements that comes many times in between your shows and also unable to skip.

But this is also a free site which is exceptionally simple for us and doesn’t need any sign-in.

18. Dramafast


The Dramafast is a site that comes under a detailed platform where you can discover limited drama easier than other websites.

The site is legitimate and practically accessible in many nations. This is additionally a free site and doesn’t need sign-in.

However, the main obstruction is the promotion that interferes with you.

17. Dramacool

Dramacool 21 Best Websites to Watch Korean Drama

This site has a decent selection of drama with a different genre. The quality of the drama is excellent and simple to explore between scenes.

The sound quality of the drama and its subtitle is essential. This site is legal and is free. The UI is simple. Besides, this site is safe with the most different sites when coming as far as underage users.

Subsequently this site is suggested for underage clients for safe viewing of your number one Korean drama.

16. Viu


This site has a highly favorable point with the top-notch genre of drama with great subtitles and quality video.

Viewing drama needn’t bother with any membership or an account. The site additionally gives offline content to users.

On-air drama is uploaded quickly alongside subtitles. It is considered the most secure among the k-drama sites.

15. Netflix


Netflix is another competitor in the rundown of k-drama and has a decent offer. The subtitles are simpler with no obstacle. This site has a paid subscription and accessible in almost every country.

In spite of the fact that the site requires payment when it comes to sign-in, and it is justified. Despite this, the site not shows Korean drama but another Asian drama as well.

This site additionally has a download and offline review choice which makes things a lot simpler when in a hurry. Furthermore, to wrap things up the security is on a high level.

14. Viki


Viki is a website with more than 200+ drama in the bucket list and apart from Netflix this site also owns its copyright.

The site with the copyright also categorised some drama under his list as “Viki originals” for fame.

This site is also somewhat same to the other website in term of showing paid and free content on the site with the quality experience.

This website is also available in-app format for your gadgets. And this site only stream Korean drama.

13. Kdramahood

Kdramahood 21 Best Websites to Watch Korean Drama

Kdramahood is one of the famous sites, thanks to its advertising expertise and ability to pop-up almost everywhere.

The high-definition sound and video quality has another top-notch on the site.

Few drawback on the site  are quite distracting when it comes to searching any drama it is quite complex and other one is hunting process is also little tiresome.

12. Dramafire


 Dramafire is the site that has a special reward of accessibility in the app design. There is a fair measure of show list in its library and with great type spread.

The streaming is likewise fair and better than a few if not the best. The accessibility of offline content is an exceptional treat on this site.

However, the overall work and quality of the drama are on par with other websites.

11. Asiancrush


Asiancrush has a wide variety of shows and movies from many Asian countries. This site is accessible just in North America and is legal to utilize.

The user can likewise go premium to avoid all the advertisements and for better quality review. The subtitles with simple vocabulary are the plus point.

The nature of the substance is improved by enabling HD choices for premium users. The site is a lot trusted and is safe to use.

10. Kshow123


The Website does not have more drama in the tank but famous for TV shows and game show, it has good quality and easily understandable subtitles.

Like other website this site  is also safe to access and secure to watch Korean drama with no required sign-in.

This website is unlikely not same as other website and quite difficult to use.

09. Ondramanice


The Dramanice website has a different fanbase in the list of the drama that are traditional Korean drama viewers.

The variety of drama was categorized by the different genres. The modest and simple design of the website make it more distinctive.

In spite of the fact that the subtitles have slow updates, yet it worth the wait. But, the change in the domain make the website more tough to find.

08. Myasiantv


This new website streaming and downloading HD dramas are notably fast and convenient and has almost all the news releases with covered subtitles.

This new quick growing site is free and does not require user to sign-in.

The flow of the drama is neat and as a newbie in this list this site really does’t have any old gems in the trunk.

07. Hulu


Hulu is the online site for streaming and downloading distinctive content in the most secure manner beside Netflix. This site highlight the usefulness for both paid and unpaid clients with somewhat the same advantages.

But the misfortune was, the site is not available in many countries which made no difference at all. 

The rundown of drama accessible to watch varies depending upon the kind of membership you picked, and where you live.

06. Dramabus


This site has a colossal fanbase of global watchers. The instant availability of new drama alongside the subtitles of the drama makes it more recommendable.

Regardless of focusing basically on TV shows, the site additionally has an immense quantity of drama in his pocket.

The inclusion of other Asian dialects is admirably considerate and has a positive impact on watchers.

05. Kocowa


This is a membership-based site with loads of advantages to the top-notch users.

However, the content has a moment update with good quality subtitles, and the content is updated within a day of broadcasting and that is the major advantage of the site.

This site is just accessible for North and South American users. This popular and most used site is totally safe to get into it and is mostly recommended to the paid user.

04. Viewasian


With the monstrous library, this site has more Asian drama including Korean and basic design make the site truly outstanding in term of Binge-watching and hunting for any drama.

But then this component makes the hunt a lot simpler and efficient.

Like different sites, this site is likewise safe to access, no sign-in, and free to open in various nations.

03. Boxasian


This website, is like other website to watch Korean drama, and has numerous list of drama in it.

The website, boxasian, includes Chinese, Taiwanese and Cantonese, and Korean drama, with equally good subtitles and video quality.

The subtitles quality is very good so that the non-native English speakers, can easily follow the flow of the plot.

02. Hancinema


In contrast to another site, this site is more of a database than the website to watch Korean show. The site consists of an enormous information base of the link with quality subtitles.

Despite of being a link giving site, the popularity of the site is continually rising. The user can experience a wide range of drama, new and old, and furthermore freely accessible with safe access.

But, the pop-up advertisements may feel distracted however the additional feature for the user is to subscribe to the newsletter to get more updates and news.

01. Gooddrama


The website Gooddrama has an alternate technique for displaying the show list. The site doesn’t need any sign-in and also has free accessible for drama lovers.

Despite the fact that the advertisement is adult rate. But, with the lack of aesthetical features, the site is more ideal as compared to other.

Subtitles and quality of the video is sufficient and simple to follow. Regardless of certain shows having somewhat helpless sound quality, the web page is liked, contrasted with different sites.

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