Is EA No Longer Supporting SimCity?

SimCity, which came out in March 2013, was a major disappointment.

Is EA no longer focusing on SimCity?

When EA unveiled their latest addition to the series, named simply “SimCity” instead of “SimCity 5”, we all couldn’t help but feel thrilled.

Following the triumph of Simcity 4 in 2003, it was clear that the next installment would surpass expectations with improved graphics, enhanced city planning features, and increased enjoyment.

We Were Mistaken…

simcity 1 Is EA No Longer Supporting SimCity?

It’s disappointing to admit that the game was a total letdown, especially as a dedicated Sim and SimCity enthusiast.

Initially, there were network issues, preventing players who purchased the game on the release date from being able to play it offline due to the requirement of a constant internet connection set by EA.

Fortunately, the network issues were resolved, though it did take quite a while.

Nevertheless, there was another issue – the available areas for constructing your city are quite limited.

As you immerse yourself in constructing a bustling city, you may hit a roadblock when you run out of space to expand, especially if there’s a water feature in your limited area.

EA made a statement acknowledging the issue but stated they had no plans to provide players with larger play areas through an update.

They contended that the concept involved players constructing numerous small cities that collaborate with each other.

The Main Rival of SimCity

simcity 2 Is EA No Longer Supporting SimCity?

Next, a major competitor emerged for the unsuccessful game, Cities Skylines. It’s clear that the game, created by Swedish Paradox Interactive, outshined City.

After the positive previews and the disastrous release, is EA abandoning SimCity?

It’s clear that the company has abandoned the city-building game since EA unexpectedly shut down the development studio, Maxis, in 2015, located in Emeryville, California.

This studio was where SimCity was developed and produced, as well as where the popular game Spore was created.

This is where The Sims first originated, so it was surprising when EA announced this significant decision.

Who can say for sure?

There was a decade between the release of SimCity 4 and its unsuccessful successor, SimCity.

Perhaps in the future, EA will take charge and create a new SimCity, building on the lessons learned from the previous missteps with the disastrous SimCity. Only time will reveal the answer!

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