Is Ark: Survival Evolved Cross-Platform?

Ark: Survival Evolved is a game that has been in development for quite some time. 

It was first released on the following platforms: Linux, Windows, macOS, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in 2017; later on, it was released on Android, IOS, and Nintendo Switch in 2018. 

It’s a survival game that takes players to an underwater world with dinosaurs, as well as other dangers.

A common question: one of the most frequently asked questions is “is Ark cross-platform?” 

This article will address the possibility that Ark: Survival Evolved can be played by friends across different platforms. So, be ready to find out!

Cross-Platform refers to players’ being in a position to play the game on various devices. For example, if a friend is playing on a PC but you’re playing on an Xbox One, then both of you will be able to play together.

Ark: The Survival Evolved A Brief Introduction


Ark Survival Evolved is an enormously multiplayer survival game in which the player has to survive the world by crafting weapons to protect themselves from predatory dinosaurs and other players. The game offers a variety of environments, from forests to deserts.

It is currently possible to find 176 varieties of dinosaurs and more than 100 kinds of weapons available in the game. 

The player can explore any place on a map that is 50 km by 50 km (about 30 miles in size) as they fight against thirst, hunger, and weather-related effects like severe rainfall, sandstorms, injuries caused by animals, as well as other players.

There are caves around the globe to explore. They could contain valuable resources such as metal ore that can be used to make blades and armour out of stone. 

These caves can be filled with dangerous creatures like huge spiders that shoot webs known as “Araneo’s.”

The excitement surrounding Ark has led the game to see a huge increase in popularity, and the game’s developers have created additional servers for players from around the world. 

So, the question is, what makes Ark an open-platform game? A lot of players would like to be able to join forces with friends on various gaming platforms.

Do you think that Ark: Survival Evolved Cross-Platform?

The version of Ark has cross-platform compatibility, but it’s not cross-platform across all platforms

Ark is cross-platform only for iOS and Android players, or Xbox and PC players. 

It isn’t compatible with consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox One because of the limitations of each console.

There are numerous benefits to cross-platform play. These include:

  • One of the main benefits is that it allows developers to cut costs because they don’t need to create separate versions of their games to be compatible with various consoles and platforms (which could be costly).
  • The gaming experience is enhanced due to the fact that the number of players on each server is increasing.
  • It’s much easier to find new players and keep current ones since more people are able to participate with them.
  • Users of different platforms could be able to play games they’ve never played before if the game supports cross-platforming. This benefits the developer by bringing in more players.
  • Also, it reduces the time to develop and means that players will see more updates in a shorter timeframe than games that only focus on one console or platform. This is why the majority of gamers would like Ark Survival Evolved to be cross-platform to allow them to enjoy playing with other players on various platforms without having to be out of the loop.

For more details on the platforms, Ark is compatible with continued reading.

Is Ark Cross-Platform for Android and iOS?

iOS vs Android cover Mr Phone.jpg Is Ark: Survival Evolved Cross-Platform?

Ark Survival can indeed be played cross-platform on iOS as well as Android devices. This means you can use the app on Android and later change to iOS or reverse the switch. 

If your buddy is playing on their Android phone, then you may switch over to an iOS device and play with them.

This news is an immense relief for people who own an Android device and would like to play a game with pals on iOS or in reverse.

Is Ark, the Cross-Platform version of Xbox One that is compatible with PC?

Ark Survival Evolved is indeed cross-platform and compatible with the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC versions. 

That means Xbox One and Windows 10 PC players can play one another.

Are you sure? Is Ark cross-platform Xbox compatible with PS4?

The answer is no. Ark: Survival Evolved isn’t a cross-platform game that works across consoles, which means it’s not available on platforms such as PlayStation as well as Xbox gaming consoles. 

If you’d like to enjoy Ark: Survival Evolved across consoles, it is necessary to purchase the game for the console you intend to play it on.

Is Ark Cross-Platform PlayStation 4/PS5 and PC compatible?

So far, there has been no announcement of Ark being an open-platform game that is available for PlayStation (PS4, PS5) and PC.

This means that, should you wish to play Ark on both PS and PC, it is necessary to purchase the game on both platforms.

Is Ark, the Cross-Platform version of Xbox as well as mobile?

There is no way to say that Ark isn’t cross-platform with Xbox as well as mobile. 

This is because the Xbox is a console that runs Windows Mobile devices, which are handheld devices that operate on Android.

There is no plan soon for Ark for cross-platform play on Xbox and mobile since it will require significant rewriting of the core code.

Is Ark Cross-Platform PS5 compatible with mobile phones?

The answer is no. Ark is not cross-platform for PS5 and Mobile. 

This is because the PlayStation Network (PSN) uses a different version of PHP.

The PlayStation Network (PSN) employs a completely different version of PHP than Android devices.

Is Ark available on both the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch?

This is the answer, “NO.” Ark is not cross-platform for PS4 as well as Nintendo Switch since Sony, as well as Nintendo, are both competitors, and the two console makers have different designs. 

Additionally, Ark isn’t cross-platform for Xbox One and Switch.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Ark compatible with all platforms?

It’s not, Ark is only cross-platform for iOS and Android players, or Xbox or Windows PC. 

This means that for you to enjoy Ark on the Nintendo Switch, the Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch, you need to purchase the game for that platform.

2. What should I do if I wish to play Ark on the PS4/PS5 as well as the PC?

If you’re interested in playing Ark on PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch devices, then there isn’t a way to do it. 

You must purchase Ark for all three platforms to play it.

3. Are you sure that Ark will be cross-platform by 2022?

It’s going to depend on the creators of the games. Certain developers may decide to go cross-platform and others might not. 

There is a chance, so you must test Ark since you don’t know whether they will opt for this option or not.

4. What advantage will I gain? If I am playing on PC and someone else is playing on Xbox?

There is no way to be able to gain an advantage. 

Ark is a game that’s multiplayer, so all players must play by the same rules and cannot gain unfair advantages over their opponents in some way.

5. What number of Ark servers are available?

There are a lot of servers available, and you are likely to find one that will work for you.

Final Words

Ark is cross-platform on iOS, along with Android, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Currently, Ark: Survival Evolved does not cross-platform with other platforms.

I hope this information was useful for those who are curious to know “Is Ark cross-platform in 2022?” It will update this article with the latest information as soon as it is made available. So, be sure to check back regularly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog article. I hope you find it useful. If you have any queries, I invite you to post them in the comments section below.

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