12 Games Like Outward

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Outward is an action, adventure, third-person shooter, open-world survival, co-op, and multiplayer game that can be played online.

It’s a role-playing game that simulates many aspects of survival, like hunger, cold, illness, thirst, heat, and fatigue.

When you lose your health in a fight, bad things can happen, like being captured by your enemies.

With an auto-save system and a magic and sorcery system made just for you, you can play.

By conducting a search for NPCs or hiring specialists to receive training, it is possible to enhance skills and data.

Some creatures will destroy the big city if you don’t kill them.

Stay hydrated, protect yourself from diseases, and shield yourself from dangerous creatures and environments.

12. Road to Eden


Online co-op, single-player, multiplayer, action, adventure, and open world survival game Road to Eden. Aliens have destroyed the world in this third-person shooter game.

The last hope for humanity is Project Eden, which was created after 99% of the human population was destroyed in an instant.

On this long and dangerous journey, you will work with the other survivors.

Making items like walls, traps, furniture, doors, windows, work stations, fabricators, castles, and more is possible using various types of blocks.

Fight your way through the randomly generated dungeons, caves, gutters, and bunkers. Find rare items like weapons and other items you need to stay alive by looting.

11. Night of the dead

Night of the dead 12 Games Like Outward

A third-person shooter survival game with multiplayer, action, adventure, and an open world. In this game, you play as Lucy, a girl who wakes up in a zombie-cove red city after being used in an experiment.

To escape the remote location, you will have to survive for the rest of your life, explore the island, and speak with the group of survivors.

There will be items for your survival in every house, including weapons, customs, and more.

Escape by locating clues in various items.

You can find valuable materials for building and improving strong bases by cutting down trees, mining rocks, and collecting specimens. Gather and cook food by farming and hunting.

10. Nightingale

Nightingale 12 Games Like Outward

Nightingale is an action, adventure, realistic, open-world survival crafting, first-person shooter, co-op, and multiplayer game that you can play online.

Through ethereal portals, you can create, craft, battle, and discover various kinds of scary circles.

As you open portals to the depths of Fae’s land, be prepared to walk through the Faewild forest, the shimmering deserts, the scary swamps, and the shady red.

In times of trouble, cook, build a shelter, and get strength to keep going.

As well as rare resources found in the depth of the circle, make tools for cutting down trees, ores, and plants.

Learn new strategies and gather the gear you need to stay alive, like weapons and other items.

You can use different styles and sets of tiles to design and build your impressive estate.

Battle against scary creatures hidden in the portal network work with friends.

9. Grounded

Grounded 1536x864 1 12 Games Like Outward

The video game Grounded is an online co-op, single-player, multiplayer, adventure, and open world survival game.

You can choose between First-Person and Third-Person while playing.

The world is big, beautiful, and dangerous, especially for microbes. Smaller than an ant, the main characters in this game are trying to stay alive in the backyard.

Players must consume enough food and water, or they will become dehydrated, go hungry, and lose all of their health.

Beings like bees, spiders, ladybugs, and dust particles live in the backyard, and these bugs and insects like to eat players. Collect grass and dewdrops.

The game gets harder and the enemies become more dangerous as you explore new areas.

Through gathering resources, you can create different tools, nets, and weapons that can be used to defeat enemies.


ATLAS 12 Games Like Outward

ATLAS is a multiplayer action, adventure, and open world survival pirates game that you can play online.

Build a ship, gather crew, sail the high seas, and become a legend in the pirate world in this amazing game about pirates.

To survive as long as possible in this game, players can change things about their pirates, like their skins.

Four Vitamin levels should be kept up by eating meat, fruits, vegetables, and fish. Islands are full of creatures, and some of the more dangerous ones can provide resources after being defeated.

Gathering enough resources to chop down trees and break rocks is necessary to make something.

Ship building is possible by making parts and stocking up on weapons and food.

7. V Rising

V Rising 1536x836 1 12 Games Like Outward

V Rising is an action, adventure, and open world survival video game that can be played online with up to four players.

Build your castle and use people as your obedient servants in your quest to grow your vampire kingdom.

Get up like a weak vampire after the land sleep, look for blood, and regain your strength by hiding from the scorching sun.

Learn about a huge world full of danger and horror. Travel through Lush Forests, Dark Caves, and Open Countryside to discover valuable resources.

After dark, as a vampire, you can roam and hunt your prey. With friends, see the world.

In a game of power, blood, and lies, you can attack other players’ castles or act as a diplomat.

Learn to use powerful spells obtained by defeating powerful enemies, as well as deadly weapons with evil abilities.

6. 7 days to die

7 days to die 12 Games Like Outward

According to The Fun pimps, 7 Days to Die is a paid survival, action-adventure, and first-person shooting video game.

The world wide destruction that follows the Third World War is the focus of the game.

The main objective of this game is for the player to survive as long as possible.

In the game, humans are mutating into dangerous mutants due to a nuclear apocalypse.

In order to survive, the player must avoid facing them and shoot them down if they get close.

This game gives players experience points that they can use to unlock new features.

It enables players to make different items, control their hunger levels, and search for the necessary red resources.

Due to the open world of the game, players can easily explore it.

5. Final Fantasy VII

capsule 616x353 8 12 Games Like Outward

The 1997 role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII was made by Square and released by Sony Computer Entertainment.

The game only supports single player mode and takes place in a fantasy world. In the Final Fantasy series, it is the seventh wonderful try.

The protagonist, Cloud Strife, is a hired gun who has just recently joined an organization to fight the megacorporation using natural resources as fuel.

To find Sephiroth, a powerful antagonist who has decided to destroy his planet, the organization sends the protagonist and his friends on an epic adventure.

The protagonist must build a close relationship with his companions during the exploration, including Aerith Gainsborough, who has a secret to save the world.

The game takes place in an open environment and gives the character a sword to use against enemies.

With its numerous Achievements, Cloud Saves, Character Boosters, Customization, and other features, Final Fantasy VII offers a lot to its players.

4. Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic 1536x864 1 12 Games Like Outward

Deep Rock Galactic is an action, exploration, first-person shooter video game that can be played by one or more players.

On Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and 5, you can use it.

You will play the role of a space dwarf and participate in various missions like stealing alien eggs, mining specific minerals, killing targets, and more.

Play with an infinite number of carefully create caves and monsters in dangerous environments.

Digging a massive cave system full of dangerous enemies and resources, team up to fight your way through.

Get your goal by destroying everything. Gatling guns, flamethrowers, portable platform launchers, and other high-tech weapons and gadgets are all around.

The underground caves are full of scary things and valuable resources. Beat enemies and finish missions to get crafting materials.

3. Valheim

Valheim 1536x864 1 12 Games Like Outward

Online Co-op, Single Player, Multiplayer, Action, Adventure, and Sandbox Player Survival Video Game is called Valheim. Both Microsoft Windows and Linux can be used to run it.

A mechanized world inspired by Norse myths serves as the setting for this brutal quest and survival game for players.

To prove your worth at Odin, build powerful and destructive weapons, construct sizable houses, and eliminate house enemies.

Discover unique environments, gather valuable resources, and learn secrets as you explore a world that is rife with mystery.

Look for a lost land and fight monsters that want to kill you. Customize inside and outside buildings, defend, grow, and upgrade your base.

You can explore the ocean, which offers wealth and monsters to fight for, and drive boats and ships to reach remote areas. Use different blocking styles, weapons, dodges, and piercings.

2. Subnautica

subnautica banner 01 ps4 us 18oct18 1140x641 1 12 Games Like Outward

Action-adventure, survival, and single-player video game Subnautica was made by Unknown Worlds Entertainment and costs money.

To survive as long as possible, the player must survive in the game’s futuristic aquatic world.

The player ship crashes into the ocean, which puts them in lots of danger, according to the game’s story.

In this game, players can gather multiple resources and create a variety of weapons.

In this game, there are various modes like freedom mode, creative mode, and survival mode.

The player is provided with in-game points after completing multiple challenging tasks.

These in-game points let the player unlock different achievements and other features.

1. Lost Kingdoms II

lostkingdoms2 sq 1646011944142 12 Games Like Outward

Lost Kingdoms II is an Acton Role-playing, Single and Multiplayer video game for the GameCube that was created by FromSoftware and released by Activision.

It’s the second game in the Lost Kingdoms series, and gameplay is based around action cards.

The superb story that drives the game is how Katia, a queen, saves the Kingdom of Argwyll and brings peat to the kingdom.

Using a powerful runestone, every queen can keep the peace in their kingdoms and conquer their enemies.

The magical stone offers the power to take control of lots of powerful and horrifying monsters.

But after a while, the stone’s power ran out, and now monsters threat the world. A skilled craftsman in the kingdom discovers how to build a fake runestone to protect the land.

You take on the role of Tara Grimface, the protagonist, who is an orphan, warrior, and thief.

In the start, the protagonist tries to help a group of bandits, but soon, you will need to assist her in discovering her past and saving the land of Argwyll from the treats.

Each of the over 226 cards offers a unique skill. The wonderful game to play is Lost Kingdoms II, which has superb mechanics, addictive gameplay, and exciting sounds.

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