6 Games Like OneShot

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OneShot is an adventure, role-playing, and single-player video game ported to multiple platforms by Future Cat.

It combines metafictional elements with Puzzle and Adventure genres to make the gameplay exciting.

The plot centers on a character who discovers an unknown world that lacks the sun.

The player’s goal is also to revive the sun and save the world. When playing as the character Niko, the game takes place from a top-down viewpoint.

To complete any of the challenging quests, you must first meet certain requirements. While playing the game, the player talks to the computer to find out more about the world and where he is, which the computer says is close to the sun.

6. To the Moon

Games Like OneShot

Adventure, role-playing, and single-player video game To the Moon was made and released by Freebird Games.

The game takes place in a world that is randomly generated and offers an interesting story in which Sigmund Corp. develops a technology that makes fake memories.

To people on their beds, the Corporation offers its services. To improve Johnny’s memory and connect with his old age to relive his childhood, the game allows you to take on the role of the protagonist and explore Johnny’s memories. To find clues, you must explore the areas Johnny lived.

A series of difficult levels, conversations with non-player characters, and points. Using your points and fulfilling your missions, you can unlock new areas.

To fulfill Johnny’s dream of visiting the moon, you must help. To the Moon is the best game to play and enjoy because it has the best mechanics, the most fun gameplay, the most appealing graphics, and the most interesting story.

5. Yume Nikki


In Yume Nikki, the main character is a little girl who needs your help to locate something. The game only has a single player mode, and it leaves you to your own devices to explore the vast world and kill any monsters that appear. Freely explore the dream world.

The story doesn’t tell itself, and the game doesn’t have any specific goals. Each of the available playable characters comes with their personality.

Explore the scene from a top-down viewpoint and battle enemies using multiple weapons to stay alive. The game leaves you with in-game rewards you can use to get more content.

4. Mad Father

Mad Father 6 Games Like OneShot

The adventure, anime, horror, and single-player role-playing video game Mad Father was made by Sen and released by Playism, which also puts out OMORI.

Aya Drevis, an 11-year-old girl who accidentally unravels a set of dark secrets, is the protagonist of the horror mixed adventure game.

As she navigates a world full of vicious monsters and their bosses, she must use knives, hammers, chainsaws, and bottles to protect herself.

You must navigate the world from a top-down viewpoint, fight enemies, earn in-game points, and reach the end to become the master. The game play is not as simple as it appears.

3. LISA: The Painful

LISA The Painful 6 Games Like OneShot

LISA: The Painful is a single player, role-playing, adventure video game that comes with some dark humor. It was released in 2014 and can be played on many platforms, such as Windows and Linux.

The role-playing genre is brought to a post-apocalyptic wasteland in the game, which comes with side-scrolling game play.

You’re thrown into a cute world full of dangerous monsters and their bosses. Everyone who is there wants to make a way to reach the ground. In addition to the game’s beautiful quests, there are several visible characters.

2. Undertale

Undertale 6 Games Like OneShot

Role-playing and single-player video game Undertale was released by Toby Fox in 2015 for several different devices. The game features a kid who got lost and ended up in the underground world.

To get out, he needs your help, but it’s not easy right now. The player encounters various vicious creatures while navigating; some of them are scared.

From a top-down viewpoint, the player moves through the world, and his ultimate goal is to advance the story.

During the game, the player can explore an underground world with towns and caves, and each one has puzzles that need to be solved. The ultimate goal of the game is to defeat vicious monsters in a random battle mode.


OMORI 6 Games Like OneShot

Playism released OMORI, a role-playing and single player video game, for a variety of platforms.

It features stunning game play and centers on a hand-drawn character who navigates the world from a top-down viewpoint.

The game uses psychological horror elements and tells a stunning story about a boy named Sunny.

According to the story, a boy is in his dream world, where he navigates both the real world and the dream world to find out his fears and secrets.

A challenging turn-based battle system awaits you, and the player who has the best strategy will win. Emotions also work as health points for both characters and enemies.

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