12 Games Like Deppart Prototype

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The Deppart Prototype is an entertainment platform that lets users interact with a thrilling game. Users can go on an adventure with the main characters and solve a variety of puzzles to find out what’s going on.

Playing on this platform exposes players to scary moments, unexpected plot twists, and entertaining scenes.

The plot of the game, which can change quickly and unexpectedly, can even be made accessible to visitors, adding to the suspense.

The atmosphere in Deppart Prototype is also kept fun and interesting, even though it has a scary side to it. Players can have an exciting, unpredictable, and occasionally scary gaming experience with just the designs.

12. Other Side

Games Like Deppart Prototype

Other Side is an online platform that provides users with a mind-blowing first-person exploration game that transports them between worlds.

This platform offers a strange and interactive experience, despite having few puzzles, allowing players to draw comparisons to Myst and the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Also, it can let visitors get to the main goal, which is to interact with alien artifacts and enjoy beautiful visuals. Other Side has short gameplay that lasts about a minute.

For the best experience, turn off the lights and put on headphones. Even advanced programming features are available, so it may not work with GPUs that aren’t very powerful.

11. The Horror Within

The Horror Within 12 Games Like Deppart Prototype

Users can play a survival horror video game called The Horror Within, which was made by Shinji Mikami, who also made the Resident Evil series, on one of the most popular gaming platforms.

The platform lets players take on the role of Sebastian Castellanos, the main character, and navigate a twisted, nightmare-like world while avoiding deadly traps and fighting deformed creatures.

Even if the game’s characters and story are criticized, it can still allow visitors to praise it for its atmospheric horror and game play.

Along with exploring changing environments and a safe house, The Horror Within also lets players heal, upgrade their skills, and use different weapons.

Another option is a “completion mode” that can unlock extra features like extra weapons, harder game modes, and a “New Game+” mode.

10. Late Night Mop

Late Night Mop 12 Games Like Deppart Prototype

Late Night Mop is the name of the platform that gives users the task of cleaning a haunted house at night, a unique horror game created by LixianGames that gives the genre a fresh take.

This platform lets its players get great graphics and sound effects, which add to the creepy atmosphere of the house and make the experience more real.

Visitors can even interact with the environment in a complex and well-thought-out game world by using standard WASD commands to navigate.

The scary sound effects in Late Night Mop also add a lot to the tense atmosphere. There are even options for its unique idea, care for small details, and multiple endings, which make it stand out among independent horror games.

9. Last Night

Last Night 12 Games Like Deppart Prototype

Last Night is a huge platform where users can play a post-cyberpunk game made by Odd Tales that puts them in the life of Charlie, a second-class citizen in a game-like world.

This platform lets players enjoy a unique mix of 2D and 3D gameplay, allowing exploration across four different districts in a city with pixel art graphics, drones, and memorable characters.

Every interaction was carefully designed to promote variety and narrative progression, and it can even let its visitors play contextual stealth and gun games.

A personal and rich narrative about a future society is shaped by Last Night’s real-time action dialogue, which influences how NPCs interact. One can even choose a dynamic original soundtrack.

The game aims to offer experiences that are both immersive and thought-provoking that make you question modern life.

8. Last Stop

Last Stop 12 Games Like Deppart Prototype

Last Stop, created by Variable State, is an entertainment-based platform where users can interact with a single – player, third-person adventure video game set in modern London.

This platform lets its players get the game that can connect the lives of multiple main characters, including Donna, a teenager looking for excitement; John, a single parent with debt; and Meena, a professional who is driven by her career.

Visitors can even access characters’ stories that have been shaped by them through dialogue choices and mini-game interactions, which can result in various narrative outcomes.

Last Stop has a fully voice-acted original score by Lyndon Holland, who won a BAFTA. Even across different platforms, including Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, there is the option to offer a unique mix of the mundane and the supernatural.

7. The Baby in Yellow

The Baby in Yellow 12 Games Like Deppart Prototype

The Baby in Yellow is a web-based market place where users can place a suspicious, potentially evil-minded baby and play a Lovecraftian comedy horror game.

This platform lets players read through more than eight chapters in which they must feed, clean, and entertain the baby while trying to keep him under control and avoid his ghostly attempts to take over.

It can even allow visitors to access a mysterious story told across three acts, challenging puzzles, and thrilling chase scenes.

The King in Yellow by Robert Chambers inspired The Baby in Yellow, which was made in 48 hours for a game jam. The game has since been downloaded millions of times on mobile devices.

The amazing babysitting job includes ragdoll physics, hidden collectibles, and the constant threat of jump scares. It tests everyone’s limits and survival skills.

6. Wrong Floor

Wrong Floor 12 Games Like Deppart Prototype

Wrong Floor, the name of the game created by Jacky Lanto, means that users are trapped in a dark basement after an elevator malfunction in an apartment building.

The game is an intense, enclosed horror game. This game lets thousands of players enjoy a few minutes of elevator play while trying to fix the elevator and get away before a scary enemy appears.

It can even let its visitors enter the basement, which is notoriously dark and filthy, heightening the horror with deft use of low light to produce a tense, atmospheric horror experience.

Players might think twice about using an elevator again after playing Wrong Floor’s horror standing game.

You can even choose to go through short, scary scenarios; the game has great jump scares and fights with monsters.

5. Sorry Mom

Sorry Mom 12 Games Like Deppart Prototype

Sorry Mom is a huge platform where users can play an entertaining casual running game where they have to avoid their upset mother due to their picky eating habits.

This platform lets players choose from a variety of unique, cute characters and aim to traverse as many different places as possible.

It can even let its visitors go on a wild run from their neighborhood to places like deserts, oceans, the Arctic, and even space.

Players can save their game play records as funny pictures to keep as mementos with Sorry Mom. There’s even a boost gauge feature that can make the chase more intense, making for an exciting game experience.

4. Sinking Iron: Dive into Lixian

Sinking Iron Dive into Lixian 12 Games Like Deppart Prototype

The Iron Lung and Five Nights at Freddy’s games had a big impact on Sinking Iron: Dive into Lixian, which is about a platform that lets users interact with YouTuber Markiplier’s editor.

This event lets thousands of players put themselves in a submarine’s iron lung and sink into deep water, fighting off threats below the surface while keeping the ship from flooding.

It is worth a try because it can even allow visitors to enjoy fast-paced game play in a tense atmosphere.

Players in Sinking Iron: Dive into Lixian must react to specific audio cues that indicate different threats, combining the dread and fear of Iron Lung with the challenging, reactive game play of Five Nights.

It offers more of a game care challenge than outright scares, and it is even available for Windows and free to play on Itch.io.

3. Night Walk

Night Walk 12 Games Like Deppart Prototype

Night Walk is the name of the market for users offering a 2D side-scrolling arcade game set in a dark fantasy world with horror elements.

This platform game lets thousands of players control an archer as they fight through a single level of enemies and zombies.

It can even allow visitors to play a game that combines the two types of combat, using a bow that requires the character to kneel in order to shoot and jumping to avoid low-flying arrows.

After a long day at work, Night Walk also challenges players to traverse a scary path in a park at night. Depending on their choices, the game has multiple endings.

There are even options to make decisions like whether to save a baby or put their survival first, which makes the game play more difficult and exciting.

2. The Roach Apartment

The Roach Apartment 12 Games Like Deppart Prototype

The Roach Apartment is a web-based market place where users can play a horror video game that was created in 24 hours as a fun project by the developer to scare his sister, with inspiration from No-Snake Hotel and Hotel Remorse.

Despite its name, this platform lets players explore an apartment that seems normal but is actually very scary.

It can even let visitors navigate through rooms that haven’t been used in a long time and are full of old things, all while the creaky floorboards and broken lights create an unsettling atmosphere.

The Roach Apartment also has the scary parts of the game, such as the use of moving shadows and the constant fear of an unsettling event.

The idea that unseen terrors can often be more terrifying than visible ones is reinforced by the availability of the suspense of the unknown to amplify the visible horror experience.

1. Mannequin

Mannequin 12 Games Like Deppart Prototype

Mannequin is an online platform that offers users a psychological horror game where they can move through mannequin-populated stages.

With villainous mannequins moving or changing poses when unnoticed, this platform lets its players in on a unique aspect of enlightening dangerous mannequins.

It can even let its visitors access random evil mannequin levels, a difficult leveling system, and achievements.

A hidden jewel in each stage of Mannequin unlocks new mannequin skins, and the game is further enhanced by a story mode.

As they advance, their figure can change into different shapes, such as a skier, a big-wheeled person, a flying person, or a ball, all of which can be customized with different colors.

There is even the option to fully operate the mannequin to avoid damage.

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